Thursday, 18 August 2022
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Yellow Grass residents upset over dangerous dog bylaw

Some residents in the town of Yellow Grass are upset over the recent revision and enforcement of a long-standing Animal Control Bylaw, dealing with dangerous dogs.The bylaw originally enacted in June of 2000 banned specific breeds from the town including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.READ MORE: Recovering addicts find kindred spirits in shelter pit bulls: ‘He needed love and I did too’
Story continues belowRecently the bylaw was amended to allow these breeds that are deemed dangerous but put requirements in place to ensure public safety.But some residents like Kelli Watson, who owns an 8-year-old pit bull named Flex, wants to see the breed specific legislation taken out altogether.“I got him before I moved to Yellow Grass and back then the bylaw wasn’t enforced, so I knew [he was banned] but I brought him anyways,” Watson said.In a statement the town said, it wasn’t until recently when the town hired an officer, that the bylaw was actually enforced.READ MORE: Police say they’ll withdraw ticket to homeless man; dog is not a pit-bull typeAccording to the town’s bylaw if Watson wants to keep her dog she must keep him in a steel chain enclosure, and when he’s not in there he must be muzzled and on a leash. Watson is also required to get one million dollar worth of liability insurance.“Any breed can be dangerous,” Watson said. “If my dog was aggressive, I would be the first one to admit it. I want to keep my child safe and I wouldn’t have him in my home with my child if I thought he was aggressive.”But the town says the bylaws are put in place for public safety. Still, Watson points to a recent incident where a boy was bitten by a Border Collie cross, which according to the town’s bylaw, is not considered a dangerous dog.13-year-old Aiden Quigley says he was only returning his neighbours dog that had gotten loose when he was attacked by another dog on the property.READ MORE: Edmonton family fights for tougher bylaws after fatal dog attack“I went over to her house to tell her that her dog is out, her dog had been barking at me but I’ve been there before and its barked at me so I didn’t think much of it,” Quigley said. “So I got to the door, it bit me on [my] leg and then I turned around to run away and it bites me up here,” pointing to his thigh.The dog’s owner Brandy Gosse said she could hear her dog Max aggressively barking and growling from inside the house.“When I went outside, I could see [Aiden] walking across the street and into the park,” Gosse said.Gosse explained that it wasn’t until that day when she found out that her dog had bit Aiden and two-weeks later the Town of Yellow Grass tapped on her door saying she had two weeks to find Max a new home.“I went to the clerk the next day and the clerk had said it was a he said- she said case,” Gosse said.The letter also states that Max had reportedly bitten two other people. While no official report was filed, Gosse admitted that Max bit one other person but says Max was just being protective.“This is a first-time official infraction,” Gosse said.READ MORE: Quebec won’t go ahead with ban on pit bull-type dogsBut in a statement, the town said, “Our bylaw does not tolerate dog bites, as a council we have made the decision that if a dog attacks a person unprovoked, and we believe the two recent bites were unprovoked, that the dog will have to be removed from our community.”Gosse said since the incident she has put up warning signs, bought an enclosure and muzzled Max and though the town hasn’t budged, Gosse said she isn’t getting rid of Max who is part of the family.The town is planning to discuss the bylaw with residents at a future date and said it will likely be revising the bylaw one final time.Watson says while she’s all for having a dangerous dog bylaw, unless the breed specified legislation goes, she will be looking for a new home for Flex.“I wouldn’t muzzle him when he hasn’t shown any aggression, I raised him properly so he won’t,” Watson said.Read the full statement from the town of Yellow Grass here:Source:

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