Friday, 21 January 2022
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Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise: Which is better for your business?

With Windows 10, Microsoft’s flagship operating system is now available ‘as-a-service’, with the vendor calling it the ‘last’ version of the Windows.

This means it will be upgraded a couple of times a year from now on, with the latest being the April 2018 update – more details on that here.


Windows 10 fixed many of the issues users hated about Windows 8, and seems to be successful enough to convert Windows 7 purists. It actually overtook Windows 7 in terms of global usage for the first time in January 2018, according to web analytics company Statcounter.

Due to Windows 10 being a cloud product, apps operate easily across devices, which helps support mobile workers easily and it is the most secure OS available from the vendor.

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