Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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Have you ever screamed this phrase knowing full well it was the dog? It’s safe to say that any human in your home is not a suspect, and you really didn’t have to ask the question much less scream it out loud. It was your adorable, sweet, and loving pup. If you have a dog, you can expect pee to happen. Before the screaming starts, let’s understand why this occurs.

There are four main reasons why a dog may be tinkling in places he shouldn’t.

YOUR PUP ISN’T HOUSETRAINED YET. I’m often asked how I housetrained my dogs. Positive reinforcement and consistency are the key, and NO yelling. Yelling does nothing but make your dog scared of you, and a scared dog doesn’t learn. When the dog does his business outside, I would get excited, use a high pitch voice, sing my good boy song, and dance my way to the treat jar. My dog would get excited and dance around with me while waiting on the treat. Was the song and dance necessary? Probably not, but the positive reinforcement was.

ANXIETY. If your dog soils in the house, he may be suffering separation anxiety, or was never crate trained. Crates are your friend, not a doggy prison. Never use a crate for punishment, and never use it as an 8-10 hour containment box – unless you want an anxious pup. Dogs are den animals and love their own place. Dogs don’t soil where they sleep unless they fear the crate. If anxiety is from the separation, ask advice from a trainer, or try doggy daycare which keeps them mentally stimulated and distracted.

YOUR DOG IS MARKING. Imagine if you were a pup and you were experiencing all kinds of smells in the house that belonged to your human family members. He’s part of your pack so he’s going to claim a piece of the home. So to keep marking to a minimum, clean it up right away using an odor neutralizer, keep new things out of the way, use a male wrap (you can find these on line), and spay/neuter your dog.

YOUR DOG IS SICK OR A SENIOR. If accidents start suddenly, see your vet. There are many health related issues that could be causing this. If he’s a senior, this can be a common issue. See your vet and realize you can use wraps, or just deal with the occasional tinkle………because you love him.

Source: https://dailyjournalonline.com/news/local/who-peed-on-the-floor/article_55ceba72-f480-5c16-a389-15abff5e331e.html

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