Friday, 9 December 2022
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What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #85

– Good evening, everybody, how are you? Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with my "What Would Jeff Do?" dog training tip of the day Tip number 85! Yes, you can punish your dog for growling

Now, amending if you do it now, but a dog at the seminar growled at Angelo, we correct the dog, and I can already hear all the stuff, "Don't correct the dog for growling, "it's trying to give the kid a warning, next thing "it's gonna know from not growling to an outright bite" Bullshit Not only are we gonna correct that growling, we're gonna correct the thought of growling, the thought of biting Now, a lot of it's also contextual So, Angelo's just hanging out, walking around couple meters away from, you know, the dog

The dog growls Angelo's not going towards the dog, Angelo's not teasing or tormenting the dog The dog growls, you punish that "Hey, dog, learn to live in the world with children" So it's a two-way street

Obviously we have to advocate for the dog by saying, "Whoa, stop walking towards my dog with "your hand out like this, even though you got "food in your hands, and you watched one episode "of a dog training show and you think "you're a freaking expert already "Like, stand back" But, that's a different situation But if your dog is just, if you're walking by a playground or if a bicycle goes by you, or if somebody walks by you in a stroller, and you growl? We'll have none of that You can punish it

So, all this imagined harm, all this suppositive stealth-like biting that is always going to happen, we don't see it All we see is dogs become better That's all we do That's all we do Now, are there situations where a dog can growl? Sure, but very, very, very rarely

But you've got to understand pressure sources on dogs You gotta understand that yes, it's a warning, but I was just walking by you, or I've just opened up an umbrella, or I'm just bouncing a basketball, or I'm just riding my bike, like, that's life So, most of the time, the things that people are struggling with growling of absolutely can be punished Punishment extinguishes unwanted behaviors That's what you're looking for

The lack of punishment technically is saying yes, and it's self-rewarding So you have to be super, super careful about that I'm very aware of animal behavior, I'm very aware body language, I'm very aware of what a growling, and a bark, and a lunge mean but I'm also looking for dogs to do better That's the tip of the day Jeff Gellman's Solid K9 Training

Madly in love with you, tip number 85 "What Would Jeff Do?" I'll talk to you tomorrow, take care

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