Thursday, 23 September 2021
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What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #83

– Hey everybody how are you? Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training with my What Would Jeff Do? dog training tip of the day, tip number 83 A lot of people ask me this question, "Do I leave the prong collar on 24 hours a day?" The answer's absolutely not as you shouldn't have any collar on your dog 24 hours a day

You actually should not have any collar on your dog in a crate or actually when it's unsupervised It actually can get caught on things Prong collar is a training collar though What are you training your dog though? It's not just for walks Now if you choose just to use it for walks, that's fine

But I tell people to use any training device until the dog is under voice control So look at it that way so when would you leave the prong collar on? On the walks When you're doing all of your basic obedience commands In the house, if your dog's not underneath voice control which should actually be having, they should have a leash on attached to the collar but your dog should be walking around randomly around your house Dog shall always be in some sort of obedience command in my opinion, a downer place, outside it's for all the running around

If your dog is awfully shorting around outside, don't have the prong collar on It can get caught on something And I mentioned you not in the crate So it's not a 24 hour a day thing, no collar should be actually Even if you notice in the bottom of the crates the plastic pan they say, "Take off all collars

" A collar can get caught in the little crate slots If you're outside it can get caught in a fence A collar can get hung up on something so be super careful out there Alright, Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training, madly in love with you and what would Jeff do? Dog training tip of the day, tip number 83 Talk to you tomorrow bye

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