Friday, 9 December 2022
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What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #74

– Hey everybody, how are you? Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with my "What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day," Tip Number 74 Okay

Inspired by my buddy Sean O'Shea who's stepping up his game because of all this nonsense going over in the UK where they're trying to ban so many training tools and as far as banning the word "no" in dog training This is the thing Personally, I don't really care how you train your dog, you know If you can train your dog, if you can stop unwanted behaviors, if you can get your dog to be off leash trained, if you can get your dog to walk down the street politely past other dogs, if you can stop your dog from jumping and counter surfing, if you can stop your dog from biting other people, if you can stop inter-dog, same-species aggression, if you can stop your dog from chasing deer, if you can get a dog that doesn't have, stressed out in the car, if you can stop separation anxiety, who gives a shit how you did it? Doesn't matter to me Don't have to train like I do, don't worry about that

But, become educated on different training modalities, become educated on what the tools do and be super careful I was at Tractor Supply yesterday picking up some dressage whips actually, stock yard whips, and there was a little flyer there that says, "Learn," you know, little bulletin board, "Learn modern positive reinforcement training "Don't train with pain

" Which is fine, like if that's the marketing slogan that they wanna use But number one, they're lying Not just them, but the whole industry is lying to you There's nothing modern about positive reinforcement training Like, we reward dogs every single day

Like, a ton, we reward dogs People would be amazed at like, how we use luring, and marking, and a clicker, and positive reinforcement, and like, you know, bridges Like, people would be really, really surprised if you don't know what we do because they focus on just certain tools But the big question you have to ask as a consumer, as a consumer Be careful about the feel-good, la-di-da stuff that makes you look like they can stop all these unwanted behaviors with foofy, loving-doving, stuff

'Cause it can't be done You're being lied to, you're being sold the bill of goods I'm sorry You are Yes, I'm a little bit upset and angry, I'm not upset, but I'm angry

I'm not angry for me My dogs are fine, my clients' dogs are fine I'm highly concerned about families that are left stuck, families that are left hanging, families that are killing their dogs that don't need to kill their dogs Because the training isn't going to work for them Bottom line is, when you want to stop an unwanted behavior, you can't reward something

It's just, you can't So, this concept of don't train with pain, I can't tell you many times I've seen a dog pulling on a flat buckle collar, martingale, slip lead, choking itself out to the point where it's throwing up I can't tell you how many times separation anxiety is not fixed I can't tell you how many owners are in pain This emotional thing that they try to get you on, this ideology of everything is roses and rainbows and is wonderful

It's a bunch of bullshit I'm not saying this to drum up more business We have tons of business We have a seven week waiting list I'm not doing it for that

I'm not doing it so, you like give us money, I'm not doing it so you go to my seminars I'm doing it 'cause frankly the marketplace is being lied to and there's a huge amount of people out there that want to take away how you train your dog They're literally trying to pass laws that you can never say "no" to your dog Fact Do the research

Europe, Australia, the UK, Florida, New York, Canada They literally wanna outlaw "no" They wanna make it law that you can only train your dog one way We're not even talking about tools anymore We're talking about, you can't say "no" to your dog

That's how far deep it's gotten But what they'll tell you is, "No, we just don't want you being mean and abusive" Like, it's, we're apples and oranges guys, it's two separate things Doesn't work that way So anyway, I thought that was important to get out because the conversation needs to be said more, I've got a really good platform, I wanna get it out there, but that's actually a training tip of the day

Educate yourself on what a certain trainer can do for you, and if it can solve your problems, and what the tools actually do before you pass judgment on those tools Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training Madly in love with you, I'll talk to you tomorrow

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