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Vince Coakley Show 7 25 2018 Hour 2

Bring things closer to hold for you. And talk abouts in upstate jail. Actually putting cell phones in the hands of inmates. Leaving while this is really bizarre. Union caddie sheriff David Taylor. So a lot of people don’t understand this in the world are you doing giving inmates phones. A lot of jails this would be considered contraband. Now the phones cost about a hundred dollars. Here’s how this works. The sheriff says his office no longer runs the jail they’ve been working to bring cell mate mobile service to the inmates through a company called lattice incorporated. So the inmates buy the phones the commissary and relatives can add minutes for the inmates to use from 8 AM until 10 PM. For them to make phone calls the real the text from these phones they don’t have any access the outside world other than we allow the NetApp. Devices to come with restrictions like the inability to contacts alleged victims let’s get to know. Good to know they cannot access FaceBook snaps yet none of that stuff. They can’t get on the Internet periods. He says they’re able to monitor. We can view their text messages we can listen to their phone calls. So what’s the point of phone calls. They’re concerned about I don’t inmates. Getting into trouble. This is an effort try to keep them from being idle. It allows them to do something individually instead of in a group inside the facility. They made start giving up problems this the end as we take away. And it’s very important to them I would imagine. By the way to share since they don’t have a contraband cellphone problem in the hope of phones will further prohibit the issue. Facing state prisons. Since this adds another method of safety the facility because it takes away the mr. for the inmates sitting back there 24 hours a day with nothing to do. Fighting different things confronting officers. Now this is time to be spent with games music or reading. It’s been downloaded from access points in the jail they can download the ged program. Suggest to provide recreation you have to provide legal counsel you have to provide access to law books of this future with the cell mate phone. That would allow us to do that. What do you think about this I mean I. I don’t have a problem this at all. And I think he hits on something really important which is tackling. The problem of idleness. Am not a big fan of the G I would love to see. Jail and prison reform this was an issue ear and very near and dear to the heart of Charles Colson remember him he worked for Richard Nixon. Ended up having a born again experience came to Christ and he was he was a great writer and leader. I just to without going down a rabbit trail which pursuant eighty HD like myself can do. Let me just tell you what I’d love to see instead of the jail the prison system. Why don’t we as much as possible. Promote restitution. Let’s say a you Dubai sure robberies. So what you have to do is restore. Through working. At the jail or prison. You have to earn the money back and replace the items. That were stolen. Once that’s done your free ago. I just don’t think it makes sense to just throw people a cage for years. Definitely say idle hands of the bills or as a devil’s workshop. There’s only do so what are they gonna do you know many cases they’re just got to bulk up and then the Google back out commit more crimes. Be more efficient. Over time we about it. So that does that make any sense at all. Less. Who’s paying for these jails in these prisons we are via we’re basically providing CF I think this CN. Make the people pay for their their state. I just I’m not a big fan of punitive things. That really serves no purpose I think the goal to beat. Rehabilitation. At the person in society have learned my lesson I stole this I had to pay it back. And now I’m free. Simple enough. I needed to other crimes. What you have some other issues your child molestation or rape and other things. This gets a little more complicated. But it’s for a lot of these. Crimes I hate. Really don’t think it serves much of a purpose just threw some money in prison. But I do think a lot of times. There’s a danger for us because what we’re looking for many times there we call for justice is really revenge. We want to see that person get fares. C’mon admit it you’ve thought it and I thought it too. Also. I should add about the story Union County South Carolina these phones do not cost Union County taxpayers any money. Effect county receives a percentage of the money from the sale the phones the purchased minutes. This is all part of what the sheriff says. Is a new visitation system which expands the station from Cedras and Sundays. Video visitation allows them to schedule visits. Uninteresting use of technology don’t you think. Let’s get some perspective on this from Carlos what do you think sir. Are going to do about it with anybody in and totally into convenient attention somebody like caller who could or should have been aware of it. Don’t get the opportunity court that was the crocodile. While you guys. Forward brigade. When it. Mean it was and there. So I agree with that would like to hit with Michael Coleman and able to open a woman and have a copy that would like you’re. Ha ID equal pass on this hey let I do wanna go back to what you said here is in the Kimi made an interest in point. I think it depends on the type of crime that the person commit. If you’re talking about somebody who is committed heinous crime like you described I’d get where you’re coming from so. That is a fair point that you raised subscribe to Craig and pagelet good morning. They’re not the color barrier those aren’t their beat my all of the brother. These are currently at Ottawa. If you can’t bury yourself that your god our dock your lawyer you need to sit Matt’s cell and think about the crime he committed. Thank you sir. All right hey that’s fair enough five break while I may and I understand that’s. Me and it’s awful absolutely awful which you’ve described there are what this. What happened. Your relatives there that’s just beyond the pale which is part of what I was sporting out here I don’t think there are violent crimes. Where you have very different story. We have a nonviolent crime we’ve got somebody who’s committed some sort of petty crime that’s one thing. But. Privileges are not what I’m looking for. For people who have done some pretty heinous things don’t make that very very clear threat to Pete good morning. Pete are you there. Actually disappeared. Oh well beats you try calling back if you like came across story we’re gonna go into a bit. This really. Grabbed my attention. And I’m frankly a little concerned about this. The weight China is wielding its power. With airlines right here in the United States of America. You are it’s gonna blow your mind. What China has gotten the airlines to do. We’re going to talk about this as we continue to broadcast. So interestingly enough we were talking earlier about this release of the trial tapes NBC reporting. And I think this is an important clarification. We cannot confirm whether the use have been edited. What a surprise. And member told Jews involved in this Lanny Davis. Long time friend of the clintons. I mean this guy. Yeah he’s one of those people just really used to not as you mean just so you understand I’m not just nauseated by Democrats I’m nauseated by Republicans to. When you have these paid liars go out there day after day after day after day I don’t care who they work for. And they’re out they’re just shilling for somebody that just not as he is the academy. I don’t care if it’s Bill Clinton George Bush Donald Trump. It’s about can’t just go out there and just speak the truth. And they had two other spending. I I can’t take I really can’t. So to tell you about something really interesting going on. Related to. The airline industry. This really disturbs me when I saw this story. Because this is the kind of thing that’s happening in this country related policy. And now this is happening. In regard to the world policy as well. Money. MO in EY can buy a whole lot of things. Whole Lotta things. What I am referring to in this case. Is. Political policy. You can buy a buy your way. Into forcing corporations. To do your bidding for you. Bloomberg story and this. US airlines plan to accept China’s demands on naming Taiwan. You may ask what is this about. Well the US airlines plan to comply with the Chinese Government demand they revise their website identifications of Taiwan and to reflect China’s claim on the island territory. As you know help the Chinese do not recognize Taiwan as a separate entity they consider a part of China. See this gets in the question of so called chewed China policy. The Chinese are insistent there is one China. That’s them. Taiwan belongs to them. The US carriers affected by this mandate American Airlines group Delta Airlines United Continental Holdings. And Hawaiian Holdings. Will begin to change the Taiwan references over the next day or two. This is according someone who’s asked not to be named. Because discussions among carriers. Private. Before airlines have been hoping for a negotiated resolution between US and Chinese governments ahead of the July 25 deadline. Which is now here. Other airlines including Qantas. Air France KLM and George. George you’re Lufthansa. Have already cooperated with China’s wishers. Here’s what happened in April the civil aviation administration China sent a letter to more than 44 and airlines. Telling them they shouldn’t place China Hong Kong and Taiwan on an equal footing and must refer to China Taiwan and or that China Taiwan region. Maps must display the territories in the same color. As mainland China and the web sites can’t place Taiwan and other categories such as southeast Asia. American air said the airlines making the changes. Like other carriers America is implementing. American is implementing changes to address China’s request. Air travel is global business and we abide by the rule in countries where we operate. So another words were go I mean do you want a comparison to this. This would be like let’s say there’d be some bizarre reason. Palestine. Were to establish their own country. And let’s say they’re getting so much business. They tell them you cannot recognize Israel. If you recognize Israel in you call them by Israel. And you call this land anything other than. Palestinians Palestine. We will not allow you to do business. That’s what’s going on here. Teacher and is growing market there’s a lot of people there and for obvious money reasons. These airlines are not not going. To box office. They’re going to comply. The other question that I would immediately raced here where’s the president on this breezy. You know we’re supposedly gonna be getting tough on China. Where’s that where’s the administration. To stand up for the integrity. Of these airlines. And to stand up for the integrity of truth. Taiwan is a sovereign country. Where are you Mr. President. You gotta talk about this one. Or just gonna let China bully. These corporations in the line. And truth becomes. Lost in the process. To really kind of sad isn’t it. That’s the way this works. In the corporate world. But to get your thoughts on this. On the tech’s linemen sounds like chatted just sealed their fate by doing that Israel. Israel. That was just example by the way. This person’s adding a well no more cheap stuff. A lot of you still wanting to talk about the issue of the trump tapes Vince Lanny Davis is the poster boy. For sleazy lawyers. In embarrassment to other bottom feeders. Alan Spartanburg by the way I’d love. The wave mark within refers to these people the slip and fall attorneys. Yeah. If you’re the devil which would you choose to be in the public view Trump’s alleged affair the proof your of your takeover. Of the country five or Kruup deep state. If you had the devil would you care. This wife set I don’t like false binary choices. To the devil’s going to have fun with people in both camps just thought I’d let you know. He hasn’t K year. He didn’t care what she belief. What else do we have here on the text line someone suggesting. Are they giving people phones phones why don’t we give them vocational training. Other countries require inmates to do production labor to sustain the costs to their upkeep as a forward thinking country we should incorporate. Vocational training so their prepare for society when they get out. Is Kevin out of Malden. Also. Any type of communication given inmates at one more step toward freedom. You said no access the Internet they can download educational programs. That’s Internet access yes the inmates can get through the system. Let’s give them books an opinion. That the let’s go low tech is which you’re saying here all right. I was talking about restitution person saying your how about if they pay back double fence yes if that’s the standard you wanna step I’m all for that. But did something practical. Make it something that is productive rather in this rolling people liked each and again I’m talking about non violent crimes please understand. I’m not talking about somebody goes out rapes and murders and I think the person you know ought to be able to either way out that’s not what I’m talking about. That a person say I think we’re too soft on people to prisons along with a daily work they’re required to do they also need to have more executions. Already. Criminals have. Deterrents are straight out fear they stay away from crime well I do agree Q that. We really don’t have much of a deterrent. Doesn’t steer people away enough. And we continue our broadcasts talking about some of the news of the day did you hear this particular story major development. It’ll be curious to see. Where this goes in terms of future court action Supreme Court perhaps. A federal appeals court has ruled. The US constitution’s Second Amendment guarantees a right to openly carry a gun in public for self defense. The fight. Is that Hawaii overstepped its authority to regulate firearms possession outside of the home. This is a big ruling. The ruling by three judge panel on the ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals. This is shocking and of itself then ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals. You would escort is based would take a wild guess where this court is based. Yes San Francisco. This is a shocker. When I saw this story last that it not wait a second year. This is this race and the story is this the onion. No it really is the ninth circuit. This makes the San Francisco based court the sixth US Circuit Court to interpret the Second Amendment that way and could set the issue on a path toward the US Supreme Court. Which is not taken a major gun rights case since 2010. You can bet the the left is going to be up in arms about this no pun intended. Couldn’t resist. The extent of the right to gun ownership is one of the most hotly contested debates going on right now. After a steady stream of mass shootings. This decision by the way it was 221. The panel found high Hawaii actually infringed on the rights of plaintiff George young when it. Twice denied him a permit the state requires to openly carry a gun in public. Here’s what was communicated. By judge. Dire mood. Scanlon. But for better or for worse the Second Amendment does protect a right to carry affair firearm in public for self defense. The state attorney. So this ruling would undermine Hawaii’s strong gun control law and our commitment to protect the public. He added state local authorities would consult on what further action to take. By the way the ninth circuit ruled in 2016. The Second Amendment did not guarantee rate carry concealed firearms in public. In a case originating in Southern California. This Supreme Court declined to rule on that decision last year. By the way. You can bet this is going to. Be a major factor in the decision. The vote coming up on the Supreme Court nominee. So. This is just a matter of time before this comes from for the Supreme Court. So keep your eyes on this. This affirmation. From the court could be very very important for the future. Let’s talk about some economic news. CBC has a very interesting story. And this is a reality check story. I wanna be very clear and I try to scare anybody with this but I think. We need to heads up on this I was quite disturbed to see this. Southern California home sales crash. A warning sign to the nation. Reason I bring this up I think back to 20082009. You know what happened the real estate market. You very where so many of these loans. These bad loans originated. Many of them were homes in California. And this contagion spread to the rest of the nation. Here’s what’s happening California Southern California specifically. Sales of both new and existing houses and condominiums dropped eleven point 8% year over year. As prices shot to a record high. Median price for all Southern California homes sold in June. A record. I’ve got to put this out there published Utica average home sells for California in guesses. Oh boy that would be nice. Canada IE the key Charles is the one who’s on the money said half a million. 536250. During do you wonder how in the world people out there make a leaving. A mean. What can I buy out there a box. Live in my taste dog house by the way haven’t. My take story little bit they run. By the way does have a happy ending thank goodness. So. The increase in the price was seven point 3%. In the past California one of the largest housing markets in the nation has been a predictor of for the rest of the country we hope not in this kicks. This is quite ominous. Soak southern California’s hit the brakes in June falling to the lowest reading for the month in four years four years. Sales of both new and existing houses and condominiums dropped 1140% Europe per year. We mentioned prices have shot up. Sales fell one point 1% compared with may. So this meet this this weakness this weakness I mean is actually in a parent. Manifestation mainly in newly built homes. Which are below the June average. Part of this Cisco builders are putting up your homes so there’s less to sell. There’s also if you were affordable homes you’re here this as a common issue. In cities like Charlotte Greenfield. People complaining about. Being priced out of the market. 536. Outs 150 dollars is a lot to pay for house. And I daresay. You can probably find. A similar home. For half that price here in the Carolinas very easily. So something to consider. Let us quickly. Take a look at the day in history our good friend Alonso is off for the day. So we’re going to puts. Our friends here in the studio on the spots to answer a few questions. When I eventually find what the questions card that would be helpful wouldn’t it. That’s one more page year and we have four items on the list. Beginning in 1946. All of you contestants may try for this to that we don’t have any busters. 1946. The first underwater atomic explosion happens where we talked about this couple weeks ago. Because we are talking about a particular garment. There’s a hint. Where did this take place anyone. Big TV told that is correct. US test back in 1946. 1952. This became a commonwealth of the US. This has been in the news a lot lately to what is it that great Porto Rico is right. 1978. Does anybody know who baby Louise Brown is born in England baby Louise Brown 1970 eights. Oh Charles and this one this may be too. Too old for a Charles. Not quite. Because we’re up against our break. We will have to save the answer for after the break and the next question. And we’ll also talk about another adventure story or. More like miss adventure story forward latte. That’s coming up. And we continue to final stretch of the broadcast here we were going through questions for the day in history. And I mentioned baby Louise Brown born in England what is the significance. Of this baby born in 1978. Indeed no guesses no guesses. How about the first test tube baby law. Yet there was so long ago was it. And we have a rather unfortunate story. That occurred on this date in 2000. And I would just give you a hint it was the into pretty much the end of this. Particular. Airplanes. It’s now being used anymore. What crashed on Tuesday. The Concord. One of the supersonic concorde passenger jets crashed. After take off outside of Paris. Am. Yet knows quite a story for sure when that occurred in. This is supposed to be a quantum leap into supersonic travel and which seem to step too weak for some reason. I was gonna tell you a lot take story. This dollar. Is. It’s just full of so many adventures or misadventures most of the time when things like that Siberian Huskies are known for. Is there escape artists fact if you see there’s this video viral video. For ran past few days. They have these puppies. I don’t know if it’s in a head shop percent were there in these classy closures. And they’ve got this they show. Her or for the use glass enclosures next to each other. Siberian Husky in glass number wise. It’s jumps over 23 and four something like that to get tough food and five I’ve seen he was on. Is crazy. But it luckiest but it doesn’t surprise me because that’s what they do they escape. So. Imagine my surprise this morning. When IA was getting out. Out of beds. Ants I heard the doorbell that who in the world will be ringing my doorbell at this hour of the morning. And I opened the door and looked out the window first and didn’t recognize trucked in particular but it went to the door. It was one of my neighbors. He says I catcher dog chews out and highly creek parkway. Which is a four lane wrote. That. All my goodness my first thought was I hope she’s okay shouldn’t hit that should what is my dog by the way by the way of background. One of the things I’ve had to do is an extra security measure. Yes we take good care for and understand she doesn’t stay sitting on a chain all day but she’s on a lead. As an extra measure of security. In addition to our fans because they escape so much. So we put her outside we put her on this lead. And she may stay out there for a little while most of the time she’s inside. So last night she decided she wanted to stay outside. I was quite shocked. When his neighbor says I’ve got your dog. Like what is this about so we columns. And the first thing I did actually before he broader at the door I ran outside about. What happens the leaked. It’s broken. It’s broke and just below the collar. Was like maybe an inch well maybe four or five inches of that lead is left. Hooked on school Kirk are he has pulled and pulled and pulled and tell gave way. So. That’s what happened so. Having to replace that. Just glad that she’s okay. But this is also old I think it’s going to be three or four years old so she’s probably been pulling and pulling on the sting for so long. So that’s how she escaped and meted out fortunately neighbor. Recognized during and immediately brought her back home so for that it’s certainly very thankful. That he starts mean if you go and you do a search and the Internet you confine our ceremonial dale husky on the roof of somebody’s house. Ira how got there but it was up on the roof escape artists will Houdini old they are they they. I’ve seen video of they’re off wanted to animal shelter. And they had one of those six feet tall chain link fences the dog literally climbed all the way to the top and jumped. Jumped over. I mean this. These are the kind of antiques. That they are responsible for it again tonight elaborate Google. Goodness I don’t I am to be designer dog person I think what I did see the other day I ran into somebody. Who had the when a posting I cannot believe I forgot the name of the dog. But there these. This stingy that’s what it is I’ve never seen a Basenji before in person. Adorable little dog look it up. But these dogs I don’t think they bark at all. They’re very quiet. And it’s funny it was a Republican side this woman she had fallen asleep and the dogs just sleeping sitting in while watching in her lap you know. It’s almost like the dog is guarding or something like that it’s. It is kind of crazy so. That was. And usually experience to start start my day hopefully it’s not a preview of coming attractions. For the rest of the day because god forbid. I do not need anymore adventure. I’m sure a lot of people here in that it needed venture either one more quick thing before ego. In the category of ways to waste your money. Did you hear there’s this new thing called towel cuddling. And people are spending 300 dollars for a ninety minute session with now. The coddled the cal cuddle now yes. You’ve heard of cat yoga bunny yoga even goat cuddling now it’s Howell cuddling. A farm in upstate New York is suffering this. Farm lovers can actually bring. Relaxation. Healing. Awareness about your body language. Comfort mindful lists. All these wonderful qualities. 300 dollars. Days ago I was a kid I’ll recommend it yeah probably cal tippy. Tap. Have agreed Dave votes.


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