Monday, 25 October 2021
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Vets Warn Dog Owners About Unknown Respiratory Infection Affecting Dogs In North Carolina


Dog lovers in North Carolina are being warned of an unknown repiratory infection that is being spread from amongst dogs in the Raleigh area.

Dr. Harold Pierce with Leesville Animal Hospital tells that he has treated 17 pets with mild symptoms over the last two weeks. Affected dogs develop a cough and show signs of infection, but so far veterinarians have been unable to identify the illness or determine whether the infection is bacterial or viral. Both vaccinated pets and those who are behind on their vaccinations have been affected.

For the moment, dogs are being treated with antibiotics and cough suppressants. Dr. Pierce has not seen any serious complications or death as a result of this illness, but suggests that owners take their dog to see a vet immediately if they notice a cough. He also recommends keeping your dog at home and avoiding dog parks and daycares if possible while this continues to spread – especially if your dog is elderly or has a pre-exisiting condition.

This warning comes only a week after Virginia veterinarians issued an alert about a mysterious epidemic in the Charlottesville area. The disease was described as being similar to whooping cough, causing coughing and sneezing, with some dogs also experiencing fever and lethargy.

Raleigh is only about 150 miles South of Charlottesville, and some of the symptoms described are similar, but there has been no word on whether this is the same illness.



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