Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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VERIFY: Should you leave your TV on for your dog?

Dogs are fascinated with television screens, but have you ever heard that leaving your television on during the day can make your dog less anxious?

Abby Kousouris set out to verify.

Dr. Vernard Hodges says separation anxiety is a big deal.

Dr. Hodges added that three or four patients each day ask him how they can help their furry family members cope.

“I’ve seen dogs that have almost eaten through doors,” said Hodges.

Chicken nugget, a one-year-old golden doodle, is Maggie Conerly’s better half.

She says two months ago she started turning on the television for Nugget after he started chewing on the walls of her apartment.

“Hopefully he won’t resort to chewing on the walls again,” said Conerly.

We wanted to see how it works so we put a camera inside her apartment on two separate days- one with the television on and one day without.

[embedded content]

We asked Brittanie Gray, behavior specialist for dogs, what she saw looking at the videos.

“He just had the same pattern of being on the couch when she left, getting up going to the window, and watching the car,” said Gray.

Gray says television can distract a dog, but ultimately won’t change their behavior.

Gray says the best way to relieve your dog’s anxiety is proper training- with a crate and rewards for being calm.

“It gives them some mental stimulation but they know it’s not a person,” said Dr. Hodges.

Hodges says if turning the television on works for you, do it, but if not, medicine is a last resort.

We verified that some pooches may get sucked into television, but the experts say it’s not effective at managing your dog’s anxiety.

Gray says they are hosting a two-day seminar on November 17 and 18. You can contact her at 478-365-5983 if you’d like to sign up.

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