Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Welcome mat of state outdoors is our own your radio. And you can match this against. Yeah we started out turner breaks frame you’re trying to as she did you know Tommy springer for more. Is it college for your for more mayor lord mayor of malaria Roddick reelected and am and I am on the Reagan. I’m just like the excitement as the media for new eight year contract all the free beer angering yes as you know. You know how in in prison they treat like serious is a former. You need a radio business the Lou adapters. How much going to headphones egos and that is our former currency here and right now we we are we’re having a market crash is OK I mean my headphones in NATO yet will will figure it out and we got Alex we Alex Garcia. In the house and we’re gonna bring Alex on and tell him but but first. We gotta get the recipe in. Mean it’s. Well today I’m actually borrowing. A recipe. From Carolina sports and mega thing I addressing it this week posted. Mango barbecued shrimp and whole core in the husk only grew real cute she’s some of that whole rock. A guy and I hate you boys down their smug greens this think your ordinary barbecued isn’t hold everything’s Ottawa to get that takes a khaki. Chris the I will donate regularly to pound the Sharia. For years a fresh sweet corn known leave the host go. We this is the kicker right here in the current Caribbean mango marinate okay or Caribbean ever how you were pronouncing it. One large bag of barbecued data chips. Kind yeah. Your opponent as well it is so simple as some springer like you go to rained while while drill try or here again. Disposable aluminum strike that’s more must stop nonstick cooking spray sea salt and coarse ground pepper. You know for what every one has much of that you would put a trip I don’t need to appeal the shrimp. So pampered Tyson and you put the shrimp in a zip lock bag. And cover literally. Liberally. That word you smear campaign can’t even say Giuliani is seriously am I heard so many ideas they just are just some do sprinkling of conservative tea house frankly conservatively and put to strip and a bag and cover more of a lot of the on Caribbean mango marinade I hear again allowed to mayor neither fair writer for four hours or overnight to the better. Are you don’t freak drill too low or medium. I at this time we go to put you Cordoba grill in the husk okay. That needs to go about two to fifteen minutes depending on the group temperatures occur you wanna make sure that’s been done in this trip was not gonna take no time so you start with the court. I. After pat you don’t taking crush. The potato chips finally but not to powder OK if I’m around wrecked here spread the drill try with the nonstick cooking spray. Why spicier taste pick up a little of the crushed potato chips and rowly shrimp. In it before putting them in the group drank. It Torre crunch your taste arrange the shrimp. I only under coach right and then sprinkled him with the crush potato chips takes about three to five minutes depending on the grill temperature in the size of the shrimp. I like to use the medium the board not the big strip account of the medium in between. They seem to stay of the not a tough when you cook them ideas. And the little parts of the trip to start turning reddish pink beach you can see in and then you’ll know it’s ready and then don’t be afraid to a taste as you as you cook. ’cause that’s part of being in the current day that rewards. And it serves more. And it’s a great great sounding recipe in the mix but prefer it. Our gift from a blood is down learn Alabama the bubble golf trip coming up more boom up like this. That’s roadkill cafe or did they get some of that. Come in from Thomas Graham and everything is an homage to shrink as they bag it or got a welcome Alex Garcia to the show Alex is the or. All her president that I hadn’t potent they what are you what’s your butcher title earlier urged deals I think I call myself just basically the founder. Nothing no matter all that Simms found itself is diplomatic. Image you know Clinton math earned her a noun and a real pleasure mouse not a right nobody play at. We have about from now thanks to Anna Lee’s son mark Albright and Cristina. They last weekend install the Porta potty for me yeah how to draw upon on the site and yes likely that too. So you don’t make people gonna bathroom outside in this coup this lower or private property not yeah I don’t I don’t. Well if we don’t tell them that their habits well it’s welcomed the show and I’m it would be give a lot of great response only you know all year. Your a year ads that are run in on the show here it’ll sit outdoors and also salute to service and no it couldn’t wait to get you on the show. And I guess a first question I wanted to ask you is if you’re cook in springer’s. Potato chips barbecue shrimp. It out in the wild. What would you use in place of potato chips Kazaa is don’t grow while. I’m. What we did OK we can grow we can listen we could shop book some I don’t know we chop up some wide. Local Y a nuts and why I don’t know if you’re a little bit yeah okay all right in their road trip over how man he is still trying to yeah. How model you shrimp out of the solution delivers them right out of the curriculum although we can do that mean we got coffee should we have and there again I liked it so tell us. Little bit about how Earth’s duels that class. That any and it’s a school. And you knew you bill that is wilderness self reliant school. And now you’re not Arnold will be a new set a kind of how were stay away from the word survivalist. And I was trying to describe that is beginning to show in about a third wording in acid survivalist so it’s kind of hard to get away from ever make that distinction. So for wise is different than survival. In this self relies you want to assimilate yourself. Into nature of the outdoors so viable means you just there’s temporarily if you want you would do whatever it takes to get out of the situation. Mine is you wanna state in. So by stain and you can also slide. So daddy is let me paraphrase at best live in off the land. Not live in almost supplies that you bush still open to you can get out of there correct also I did that makes perfect scene. Coming to you my to draw a picture for springer now I gotta tell you I got here again. And it at that if I got I think I’m so as soon in in in net sane what are some of the U you know we we talk a little bit about that. What were probably the most predominant ski you’ll be in springer and I collar sales outdoorsman but I think if we actually. More I mean if we got out doors and citadel look you don’t have all this stuff. I’m we’re going to be hurt near new what do you say most people have lost. Fire. My candidate but he even people who go out into the wilderness and have a a lighter. Or matches whatever it’s amazing to sit there watch them try to make fire when they think they know or they have you could commit student to allow them to do that. Be able to go into woods Adam went for days because of rain or do or whatever. Be able to find dry wood. And make that fire is very difficult but of course it’s at the school we teach made different manual methods and they can fire it’s not just. How to create the flame by how to keep it going and how to move his no one is how to move far from one location to another when you don’t have those matches or lighters or whatever. So and I know springer is a big fan of of the movie what was it a castaway with Tom Hanks yeah. How golf was there are how accurate was it a movie. Pretty accurate except that I think in the movie final call when he is doing what’s called the plow right it just all sudden lights a match and have been that way yeah. No it is it happens very different differently it’s very. Slow you get like an amber. Like what you have immunity your cigarette and you have to coax that amber into flame by using tenders. Which. In that situation he would have the coconut husk right there room to make it to the front. Awesome. In any got any got ever in that. And he did try to keep the exact any again they gave us some oxygen so canceling. Well and you know you had in here late Louis win with all of the you know of the shows that have been on TV which I really can’t stand watching as a whole survival. Thing but it yen naked and just bring you put your clothes back on naked in afraid it’s not and does not list a Celtics and it was that’s the first thing you wanna do when you’re when you’re yourself for linesman does take your clothes off for. Now but it’s up until we want to look at this. Every. But it’s. This is so you know so folks have had some more of an introduction where that end your life you know. Minus the not wearing clothes. I want to give that a try. But I don’t really know have also that’s is that kind of where the idea came from puncture the so folks finish DM. But they don’t really have to have is just like that cools keel. Yeah I mean and we try to be as true to a Somali situation yourself for line situation as possible on school while maintaining safety. Society is always first we we go safety over and over and over we try to keep Israel but I safest possible. Yeah and that’s awesome and I know she also brought some toys which you had some rope and stuff. And now we’re gonna get in all of that in the next couple segments of the show right now are running up on the break. So we’re going to get a break you won’t we come back we’ll also be taking your calls and ticks by the way 1803471063. In 71307. He got a question for Alex when asked about this gorgeous. Anything you guys don’t mind. Right units they have goers 1063 W lord baby just faced out states will be back earlier this out of mr. Alex I’m a — shooters know a little bit more around the studio stayed true. Well. And were back we’re talking where there guest Alex Garcia from Earth’s keels and along with Alex you also need to always into the studio today in new we have to a larger. Springer so tell us a little bit about the year you you may debt but yes. My students come into the school and they detonate those those spent two and a half days would mean. We call it the Paula used to be called the so model though. And again the words why wasn’t bad connotation so anyway DL students come out and we learn two identify. Beyond different plants I’m sorry the different. Trees are out there available. How to identify good trees to a bad treat provoked. And this one here is. Pickering. And the arrows and I’ve brought our team knows me from river canyon you know the pretty authentic. As far as a Cherokee arrow would be. I’m with the exception of the tip there’s only one in their neck quiver that has regulars don’t have. But beyond that. Because people like to shoot the generals and when I’m doing a demo. I I slice the brown is doing against the ball yet aired yet. Big deal and that is regulars don’t but most of the nose in there just how regular field that. For practice and it would this completely completely blur. That’s what SC caller or accelerate the art but also find that tipping your wall someplace. Yeah Sony says that Erik hands themselves do you do you Flynn nabbed the M is that kind of the way you make those are. You can fling up them. We really don’t have that material around here is to do proper Flint napping. Courses what they used. Back in the day. They also traded for a lot of material but I use river rock and bone so I teach my students to use bone. And how to make up a point from don’t. NN was are you gonna have another boat when hero class coming up for 28 detain or we don’t know this forms on the back to may tonight say inventory if you go so it is once a year. A guy this once a year so once a year for that but some some really cool classes I noticed you got some room we if you. And you know you got several class is a man making baskets and cortege is a native way do you honestly do you ever get an heir to Charleston incident one of those little shanties you gotta have that right next stand. Obvious we Grassley. Yeah I’ve seen Hearn and I’d. You I’ve taught differently you know and and but no we know you don’t talk early she got about 400 dollars in your pocket and that’s correct and that’s wells yen that. Nancy best it is my instructor now she is. Is a guest instructor for the school when she teaches beyond native American way of making baskets. And I teach Hahnemann cortege and we use poplar trees poplar bark among other things to make up. Broke and that this is fishing line here you can see union there has a but to call gorge took. Gamma holders of the radio mikes and don’t concede other your other news so so basically what we’re looking it is very is a a braided twine its costs are works what is it about a hundred feet to TS and. Probably not I’ll say is probably somewhere around sixty doubt one is about sixty to. Met a guy plough are so vesco home you the you you’ve got a little piece of what does that bone as bone against bone and networks is a fish who finished just. It’s just a little piece stuck in near the end of the cold but I grabs onto it. Well what happens that and when you do to be known in the fish takes it is that they would. You hope that they would swallow yeah idea today in a circle hooks in self reliance on that and or there is but we haven’t gotten there yet and it. This is. Once the fish takes this it would be out. Gorge cook would hobble the right throw. And launch and lodged right and that’s how you catch Haskell yeah that’s old school buddy up on the old scope a local or a. Yeah I don’t know. So I didn’t know Skoda his background I knew what I was older three corners nobody casters it’s a rookie so this other corny did you have lord I mean obviously a lot of uses for that but. What is that man is it what’s my dad. Yeah this is just regular cortege. This is I think six or ten feet this is made up poplar just like peel one of what you would do is after you make this you would double it up in this is. That same size but their position on yeah right and and so this boom more like for a cat yeah I can say for a cat yeah this for a pack up catfish. I was goes beyond this and I’m. Totally immoral and what do you have against. You would do this like a trial line for cafe right. And gotten this is a processor you used but you know portage has so many different uses and Karina we take for granted to her just like a vessel or comparable to go out. Any count tool on the things that we wake up and we have our kitchen. Try to come up of those in the woman’s right the very difficult. Yeah is airing how to make your own cell phone and it’s let me know I noticed that there is a class he’s going to be doing and Torrey maintain it really column primitive cooking. It means two things coming up via wow. So you gas three you’ll never write warn others and this. This is going to be cooking without the fuel solely on this in the stuffy spray on I’m on the only kidding this is. Yup we’re going to be teaching. How to smoke making a small crack in small too many also how to cook on. On stone. And also saw was a smoker. Cooker and also cooking using them to. Now I have gone and also says like I’ve got holes is very interesting an awesome. Pot no. Recipe for Coke in over fire I use of force the you can stick it in there way tiller learn and in Buena. So and I’m being facetious obviously but it’s how much different I mean you give into cooking over open flame to resist more subtle. Primitive cooking methods. No this is that this is pretty fun to stuff that we’re going to be doing. So it. This situation as I you have anything you haven’t had a time to make the proper pottery for cooking and I thought Ryan. So what we do is we also make its content. Okay Tuesday via Austin this bright so we were just they you know hole. We’re we’re going through mount a process of being able to get the whole hard enough. Be able to put the the things that you wanna eat vegetable matter fish etc. And covered for several hours and you come back after that you’ve gotten a meal for many. Now it’s here is here talking about a sting you feel where your beer in stuff some mean. And obviously. You know folks who may be done that it wonder Campion with bank to take his photo we wrap them up in aluminum for me and put him in near so same type of principal. But we got to look an awful so somehow we gonna cook meat in a steam pot if we don’t have like you said the vessels or the mic to you most rampant opium. Always gross me. Our Rosario Friday and then in the way that we Frye is that we can come up with a it looks like a cross between a stupid and open pit. Well there are a large rock on top and we built a fire underneath. Move it underneath a rock or you can also build a fire on top and then through the debris after just nice and hot and you can meet donor. Which gives you an opportunity also to cap capture decreased because much of the small fishing line here and the Boe in the back. You’re capture that Greece because of so many uses sport. Bryant is WD-40 in the woods since the you know the derby before. I. I don’t know what this cat’s got about unnoticed was that about some Vista because in yeah Obama at least tell me out of my house for dated either. It might do what I and I. I am looking at so we’re talking with Alex Garcia from Earth’s keels and if you wanna kind of follow along at home you can get to earth steals. All one word LLC dot com and look in public and as some of the class is you’ve got going almost a year. We just finished up these survival nice deals despite and the knicks class is going to be be camouflaged movement and stocking. And it sounds like something near its we’ll be right down my Eliot Spitzer with a deer season or or even when Turkey season comes around in the spring. And I take what I don’t warn new I don’t wanna cut that short cause we’re coming upon our break let’s go to our break annual we come back. We’re gonna talk more with Alex Garcia and it will look at Florida’s class all of us for the fiftieth camouflage movement in stock and will be right back. Right out of state outdoors 106 story Debbie already be up stakes talks stations I too am a good teachers a smaller. Believe me. And we’re back. We’re talking with Alex Garcia from Earth’s keels LLC dot com. I highly encourage you to go to their website at her steals LLC dot com. You can look at the class is they’ve got they hear and we were talking before we went to the break about the next go to class is coming up is the camouflaged. Movement and stalking it’s a two day class and all the pricing for the classes in the registrations everything. Is online so you can go there and look at dead this is going to be a the camouflage movement is starting classes not 8 PM on Sunday. And it does that include. Make in jokers and stay in a reminder DL book don’t cut off at some point we we do cut off and but but I would you bring your own thing and things like that it’s always so it is a no reply well yes that is illuminating OK so it’s think it’s a camping out today yeah. Also. Yeah he gets to stay out on this when he gets stale one night yeah. Yeah most classes or more classes run anywhere from one to five days depending on what we’re teaching. Yeah but so you come and go if you want to you can stay overnight. And the purpose of that is we use my time for a lot of training active activities as well. Well what else about the camouflage movement in stalking net net sound like something now really need to take before Turkey decision. That class. Really. Was something that I created a couple of years ago because I just wanted to be able again. The test myself to them and find out how close can I get to dear. And Erie where I live has a lot of deer and I I got an interest in bed I’d gotten better at it I started to. Realize that there is a lot of collateral benefits to learning how to move quietly through woods. One of them is just that sense that you are. Warned. With the outdoors one with the nature. Sony stringer now answers at about a it will I think he’s. No we’re not meeting though he beat. I understand when that. Comments from Tariq sunlight and the sound of the breeze. Sounds trees moving. Was something that you lose either hurting me or helping me be able to get closer to mine too must try. And so. I begin to study up on it and every just about every other Dale’s going around practicing and I gotta get enough to loans able to get to within six feet of fear that leaned down why now several times. And it it. And the number one thing one has to have his. Discipline and a patience patience probably be the best. Or thing I can tell you about the here in South Carolina he is they don’t always believe what they see. And they don’t always believe what they hear but they sure enough believe what they Smale and they won’t let you know who you view that. And you need any know there was a deer in area right. Exactly yeah so so that death I guess that would come into the play with a stalking part obviously is you gonna do everything downwind. Exactly U we’re always in your face right out our way a slight and that’s a look one of the things at the students will be learning this this that’s going to be next we can actually today is the last state to sign up for the class. But is how to read the signs of nature and before you go and develop a strategy in on a move into a stock. So. The part of camouflage is really the first part of the class and that’s why it’s named a camouflaged men stalking. So what we’re doing is that where learning the camouflage patterns and what how to self camouflage. And that’s going to be different in every every environment that you’re going to trick. And then once you go into view movement. It’s very slow very meticulous and there’s three different times of boom it’s called the fox walk is the first one we’re learn. The weasel walk and then finally DR Scott Kroll. In the sky crawlers when one is the the technique that you used to get. Allows me to get to him and less than ten feet from a from here. Why now because we as humans are very noisy in the woods Alia Ali where Terri knows it probably while I mean. Yeah let’s look at the team did do two different ways that we on Beers out on a steal one. Mean we did the year before the deer ever Rouse and hopefully we stay steel. And a deer comes a point in from a so they never know where they hear if we Deirdre and the other thing is. We just what they’re doing to rule overrun dogs after an underdog front who have so I mean I’m not not but never as a mom and have a deer hunter myself. Bullets. There’s very few people that I know actually go out stalking. You know trying to stop your dads like us and that’s kind of more of a Turkey thing. Arm in a wanted to touch on another thing too so we don’t run at a time he is. These these programs schools classes that you have or not just random. They are actually part of a greater curriculum. That you offer for a master should bottle this program this morning and I notice there’s two phases in net program in an award tell us a little about that. There are two phases of the first phase is called ground phase the second one’s called the nice phase the ground phase that you have to view you have anywhere up to three years to complete the program is pay as you go. And you have to complete fourteen. Classes and that timeframe. You received the award here beyond. Do you guys can’t see it on the radio but it is home ahead. A much happier but but and and then you go into. An a loan phase which we called in my face and then that phase. You’re in the woods for five days by yourself. You’re given a list of things you have to accomplish. And because we don’t take any game from the private property that moron right. It’s you really being tested on your craftsmanship. For example if you develop a snare. Springs there are some like that. Myself one of my starters who go out and test to snare find if it’s in place correctly and things like that and you’re rewarded with food. Daryle Ward it would during there was food so. If you’re looking for snared Jamaica to capture of Turkey for example yeah. We would give you prompted a prostitute or something along those lines. Not not admit to defend it we have to stay within the walls of the drew more department natural resources absolutely yes think the thing that ambience is the it is I don’t flatter you got guys. I don’t have gone about it. Relax and I mean in terms are in hindsight I am not particularly Bloomberg yeah. It’s art and so so that is they assume India in the in the ground face you. Got a listen to what is it twelve classes they’re fourteen for us is always told mention there’s two more would do well to last. Six weeks or so yeah. Because I just wasn’t feeling comfortable that the ousted who have everything that they need to be armed. So we developed more classes and there we put a man. Tracking his one net and create fire is another. A very important one since you’re asking the question up at the onset you know what’s the most important thing Susan. When you leave the school you’ll be able make fired this and probably about six and some different ways. Let me ask you this the very limited. I mean how watched the naked afraid just just to see if they were actually they’re going to be hot chicks on their naked woman discovered that there were I kind of lost interest and it. But you know the biggest challenge seems to be to those folks is water. Right so is that part of the self reliance class and NASA is finding a mean anybody can find water continues Larry drinkable water. Right and and. And yes. When you distilled down the classes are comes down to that there is three categories that we’re trying to hit preserving body temperature. Or body temperature. Of finding and distilled water. And forging for food so every class that you take is part of those three categories. And water here in South Carolina we don’t really have to weigh that much about it there’s always water somewhere around however making that more drinkable. Is another thing and that’s what we teach you how to use something that you may be carrying. To make that water drinkable. Like for example. If you have and a regular old plastic bottle with a cap on it you’ve got two ways in the quarter at their one is using solar. This by the sun. Yeah the although a lot of you know most about and they also are steal and a missile still a lot of in and within six hours you have drinkable water. Or you can use the same took a bottle to make a filter. And I must tell you while you Sosa you yourself you posters and I did in a plastic bottle and leave it in navy and believe it in a car early and all the people there. And you hear good hundred dollars maybe isn’t and that’s bad for you. There’s just no secret is that the bottle has to have a you can look at the bottom of the bottle has that little. Pyramids looking three arrows thing SAF recycle the number one in the middle. Yeah the number one and up also understand that the number seven when you view them. Non PDA. We’ll see now the sense about how good news right there absolutely have a real quick to I had out takes are here. We have any classes on the weather do you. I don’t know how that how would you I guess I just let let us now have do we Killen now maybe forecasting weather went out the united. Go to your phone via bright you know that that’s. Thing is it’s funny because many must do is come to class and they Buick. We wanna find out what the weather is like we just pull out our iPhone and hidden and no weather and we have an update immediately. But no the answer is no not yet we I yelled at if I found a hundred people that would. Either class I ride on us which is a NASA resale but has to be marketable yes. I slid onto this for some of them have been asked when we always start harder and then when there’s don’t give my dad. You know I mean yeah that makes this considers it a bit numb I’m thinking along lines of you know like your attitude if you’re if you’re along the coast I mean. Pretty much you can still hear the pain and a lot monthly is. There’s probably going to says no because of the Clinton disguise or didn’t darken a better take shelter but you know we don’t we don’t really have sultan. You know when you’re out to worsens. I’m thinking more like you your launch codes dislike is that hurricane Forman or is it is going to be. Burst or a thunderstorm yet. Rent an interest in. But it’s let’s let’s go to break let’s get that ink is only get off time in I knew this is going to be great send it wherever I don’t know frankly we still got a squeezed. Account of advancing in a parting shot and in so we’re gonna talk a little bit more Alex Garcia from her skills. Ross are gonna give you some contact information known give intentionally Alex ’cause me and you thugs need to get involved this stuff. Absolutely right here own upstate outdoors 1063 Debbie your media stakes talks station where we are. Having a great town and learn a seven at the same time stay didn’t. I welcome back I’m still not doors list jumped into the calendar oh man it’s all right we got a couple coming up or October askew in August the third the sixth annual Brandon Braude an evening in a slow memorial celebration. Unless we’re really going on at the Anderson sports and entertainment center for tickets are you need to contact her body coach Cheryl Jones hit a six floor. 226. Good gracious. 6775. Or you can go to their FaceBook. Web site the outdoor dream foundation and all the information as players will also same guy hunting heritage banquet in Spartanburg. It’s going to be at the logic like Bowen commons enough border sprains and all howling around. And if you’re interested in that in Haiti cholera body around and 864 or five nano were 750. That also can be located on the end a BC have. Website go to South Carolina an obvious annual pop right up and you ice. Coming up August the fourteenth now listen folks there was only limited of point five participants in this and they’ve got fifteen album field so if you’re arrested you need to get out of this and get over it and tell me wanna be there and asked the free especially the NR. Youth wing shooting clinic August 14 8:30. AM until 2 PM in Greenwood. They’re gonna teach all kind of good stuff about dove hunt against Clinton cleaning and preparing your own does and for more information please contact Marianne. And AM hey guess oh in him at DNR dot SC dot gov. We got another. Get together going north. The QB MIA the ninth annual foothills studio rice sportsman banquet this will be going owning Greenville south Carolina at the Saint George Greek orthodox church. And out for more information go to the cutie MA website in the local chapters South Carolina and all the information will be there. Coming up August the 25 we’ve got a benefit. Grew bass and catfish turn McElroy Carlo. And for more information on Matt it’s you can contact could lower I’ve got to blow this stuff but west. And they six or 22120. To seven and master calendar mess for this week. Also we’ve been talking to Alex Garcia the founder of Earth’s deals. And so Alex I don’t have a mess that we mentioned this but you’ve got lay in the it to your doing your classes zones located down in May and pills or South Carolina. So it that’s kind of been prepared for a to do the the self line school there. That’s right and and but that’s more currently that it’s ten half acres it has. A small valley has little hills. And also a great little free flowing very clean. Spring water and so has a creek running through and it runs right by the campsite where everybody stays. Awesome and Alex his folks have been listening and they wanna get in touch with news it is invested direct into the Earth’s deals. Are you also got a FaceBook page which you’ve also got a website it’s Earth’s fuels LLC dot com. That’s right yeah I’m go through the website has my good number there and also. You know dress. And and there’s a list of classes on layered did you intake is also a better description. Of the young master survivalist program it’s also got the pricing in registration and everything like dad. And now miss this is a great thing we appreciate your partnership. Without stayed outdoors because our daily I really think is a good fit because a lot of our listeners on no. And it. And him are really inches stuff like and I know I’m really interested in it because. Not just to have this Q but also I think you could help you with no in which bottled water don’t pay when next time you can’t really cute that you’re as banks right. It’s also have you stressed. Yeah stress reliever yeah and I noticed some of the comments they are too good talking about family and his main and what a great bonding he’s been stuck to what he did with me and may we learned this deal together. It is it is and for me that’s probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve seen father or son or just entire families come out of school. And seeing them working together and keeping whales this. Hi stern stuff that we’re doing now I’ll anywhere in the way that we have to live now I mean one of the first things that we do when you first come to a class. Is we go through a deep pressurization. We just spent about five minutes just to pressure arising from. Stress the life of everyday life and we we do that I try to do before every class. And one of the things that people come back and and mentioned to me after classes the best part of this class today this weekend has been. Those first five minutes. The first five and I can see that the in our parting shot. Check this out Alex. This is don’t make okay listen up. Well I determine grizzly bear pursued it kayaker in a turbulent river. Fortunately enough hands all the Bruin in the last second and kick his paddling game in to overdraft but it isn’t so much blister is after all. The grisly human contact seemed to be increasing in recent years this encounters more than a little unusual. Buddy young Bruin ray into the water and appeared to chase alone packer. Now if you’re looking for video of this ’cause obviously they got an old media you’ve got a wide open spaces dot com. And plan the Isp and the man was waiting for other bugs all float trip who did he was guiding. And when suddenly a young grizzly bear decided hey. I’m I’m just jump in just our swimming toward him. And you see this in a video he finally sees the grizzly bears swimming toward a method other guys like manner is a matter trying to future. And I knew the news or claim that there was a did joke cash shaded the other side of the river. And Bayer was basically just protect demand and you know I grizzly bears or where you don’t but you read about a black bears saying thank and it’s like hey man. Like you so he jumped in the river to chase him off. Fortunately the guy got away and fortunately. They didn’t have to come all the local billion are what they were to come out and euthanize the beard right is that chased down attacker exactly and usually you see alligators your shorts or whatever but. Yeah he is a dangerous business not keep tell and you learn how to believe you fell. And so life ended just a compliment as we got to lift we wanna thank. Alex Garcia from Earth’s keels Alex meaning great show and I also wanna thank Chris whales from being our guest on the show today. You thugs go to. Her steals LLC dot com and did involve this I encourage you to springer that’s in the served exiled brother. We appreciate you being here each and every week god bless Al Lovie and take mound and Alex advice give outside clear your head stress relief. Because that will clench your soul Selena actually let you may.


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