Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Training Program Helps Military Vets With Service Dogs Find Jobs

Marine veteran John Tipton found it difficult to find a job with his service dog, Daisy, who was issued to help with post-traumatic stress.

“I think it’s due to a lack of education on a lot of people’s part, employer’s part, what the dog does for me and what the dog does for the total work environment,” Tipton said.

With the help of Next Step, a training program for servicemembers and veterans with service dogs and a pilot career program at Pechanga Resort and Casino, Tipton and Daisy have started working as a six-legged security unit.

The pair interacts with guests, patrols the perimeter of the resort and ensures everything is as it should be, Pechanga Resort Vice President Robert Krauss said.

Training Program Helps Vets With Service Dogs Find Jobs

[DGO]Training Program Helps Vets With Service Dogs Find Jobs

“I really hope that other employers take a look at this and see the program and see all the positive benefits that it does have for them,” Krauss said. 

Pechanga hopes to get 10 canine-veteran units on their staff within the next year. Visit here to apply. 

The four-year-old Labrador retriever-mix and the 22- year Marine have been together for most of the young dog’s life and the Marine says she has changed his demeanor completely.

“She’s opened me up to be myself again — to be John again, not the ‘grumpy grandpa’ like my kids used to call me.”


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