Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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Town considers jail time for pet owners whose dogs won’t stop barking

A city in Ohio is mulling over a plan to jail pet owners if they can’t keep their dogs from barking.

According to Fox 8, the ordinance would apply to repeat offenders. After the first offense, the fee would increase from $100 to $250. Also, it would allow for the possibility of 60 days in jail.


“What we want to see is a stiffer penalty so that repeat offenders of the ordinance will think twice before allowing the dog to continue to disturb the neighborhood,” said Councilman Russ Neal, who is leading the effort.

Safety committee Chairman Donnie Kammer proposed punishment of up to $1,000 fee for repeat offenders.

“I would like to see it tougher, especially when residents are calling the city; they are asking for help in regards to the barking dogs, and the animal warden might go out and educate that dog owner, but if we need individuals that want to testify, I believe we need a stiffer penalty,” Kammer said.

The various proposals are still in discussion within the council.


Source: https://www.wmur.com/article/town-considers-jail-time-for-pet-owners-whose-dogs-wont-stop-barking/23472030

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