Sunday, 16 December 2018
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Tiny dog severely injured after attack during pet training class in Toronto Staff
Published Sunday, October 14, 2018 1:01PM EDT
Last Updated Sunday, October 14, 2018 11:23PM EDT

Warning: Some of the images are graphic and may be difficult for some sensitive viewers.

A tiny dog suffered a severe eye injury after her owner says the puppy was attacked by a larger dog in a Toronto-area PetSmart store.

Julia Huang was “horrified” when she says her 8-month-old Pomeranian named Molly was viciously attacked by a Husky during a pet training class in the North York store on Thursday.

“She was screaming really hard, you can hear her screaming through the store,” she told CTV Toronto. “I can’t imagine how much pain she was going through.”

The pet training session began normally enough, but she says things went bad when the trainer started tossing toys at the dogs. Huang says the Husky went after a toy thrown to Molly.

“The next thing we know, Molly was under the Husky and by the time we rescued her she had one eye dangling from her face,” she described.

Huang rushed the dog to an emergency veterinarian where she underwent surgery Friday morning. Huang said she’ll likely need at least two more, but claims PetSmart won’t pay for them.

In the pet training enrollment form Huang signed in late September, it states that: “PetSmart and its employees are not liable for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of my or my pet’s participation.”

Instead, the form states that anyone seeking damages must “look solely to the pet parent of the pet causing injury or damage for compensation.”

PetSmart did release a statement offering to “cover Molly’s veterinary bills” and also work with the Husky’s owner.

“We were shocked by this unfortunate attack , which occurred while the dogs were in the care of their respective pet parents. Because of policies in place to protect the privacy and sensitive information of our customers, we are unable to give one customer another customer’s personal information. Accordingly, we offered to cover Molly’s veterinary bills, and thereafter, work with the pet parents of the husky on reimbursement of the costs. We continue to be in touch with molly’s pet parents and wish her a speedy recovery,” the statement reads.

The company won’t disclose any information about the owner. The whole ordeal is particularly difficult for Huang and her husband, Michael, as the puppy is more than just a pet to them.

“We call her our daughter,” she said, adding that they’re are frustrated and say they’ve even filed a complaint with the city’s animal services.

“No amount of money or apologies can undo this to Molly,” Huang said.


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