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The Tara Show – 8-15-18 – Hour 3

Okay multiples is question leer at eight all right and if you’re judge. Pill would you be more likely to put solitary confinement. Before their trial time the gee how these sub describe G Heidi is planning it. An attack on American schools I chaired by treating young children to shoot their schoolmates. Michael while a child’s dead body has been found on the compound where the unit train or. Some guy who worked for trump. And may or may not be guilty of tax evasion. Me that’s easy yes he proposed Americans they think you would be tip. Yeah the would be jihadist I think our far greater. Threat and danger to them American public. Then not some rich guy guys that are rich white guy that spent too much on the suits right. So. Plummet toward returning solitary confinement each night. Armed paid eleven million dollars in bond. And then that was revenge. And he was put in solitary confinement allegedly because. He was trying to witness tamper okay pat meanwhile the G patties. On whose compound the dead child was found today are out on bonds. Those justices don’t says it doesn’t Obama judgement did you have a little ankle bracelet on terra. Yet that keeps you. We’ll keep our. But it just record and we did is yet another one of these bizarre absolutely bizarre cases with the FBI that it that it matters so bizarre that you can’t you cannot fathom. It I mean at immigrant DR Broward County at shooter and they you know they they Carla they’re giving detailed examples of how he has guns he’s gonna kill people is threatened to kill people is threaten neighbors. And they take their reports down and then a manager to call center decides to not gonna pursue it. They could’ve authority it’s the floor FBI office that didn’t bother to close the case that don’t have are now. Out and we we’ve had we’ve documented bizarre case after bizarre case after bizarre case here of the FBI and look I know there’s a lot of potential G bodies in the country a lot of potential tears and Anna can go after him. You know but but when somebody. You know rights online hey you know I’m going to shoot up the school. In her own name. And the FBI does do this. I question worse the local county sheriff in this because these folks in New Mexico. Were squatting on this guy’s possibly here’s where it gets crazy okay. Clarion project ever broke a lot in the news about all of this arm and they have done a fantastic investigative report. They’re reading today that led the boy at the four year old can apple in my does ABC FBI had acted. Instead of this is stalling and you Max and told the New Mexico police filing under the compound. On their okay here’s what the FBI knows this this is how insane is it Abdul Gani what high ash. So I need a trade center bombing co conspirator. Whose two mosques have been caught on multiple occasions. Running into weapons training camps to get sit alone ought to get your attention and I put dead on tap your priority list reject that guy. On kidnaps. His shot. In December 22 there’s no doubt there’s no confusion about the Jersey Warren for his arrest. OK in another state. So did the the father’s a rush. Ibn what heist decide who is the son of the Lal wanna be World Trade Center bombing conspirator web. I’d say he’s he’s cannot dissent is a warrant for his arrest OK so he takes the son the four year old son to the contract. And we now violator find out they did an Islamic excuses and want him to his bid to spell his supposed to demons agents are by the excesses and found the body of the four year old Ari. Should the FBI and knows is a warrant for his guys dressed. Check. What are they going to come well if this is why don’t we we had to get we have to ascertain that the boy was there are ready yet but it is she up. No you did but is it compounds. Was not on late engine owned by the G caddies. Got a name Jason bad juror on the list. He begged the FBI to go and if I own an apartment the FBI wants to search and I say yeah goes surgeons mine. Go check out the sentence I don’t care. They don’t need a war. I’m the owner I gave him permission to enter the residents well he gig and he gives them permission he begged them to go win. They just surveil the place. Knowing if the whole time the spot there are different avenues you decide you prove to sons they’re who cares he’s one for kidnapped. Going to get a that is for every U surged more big thing he’s against. Passing should sue us for crying out loud. The most assistance split this a bit. Let’s say a white supremacist group yes sets up a camp on a farmer’s property down there and possum kingdom in southern green vocally then. How long do you think they’re hoping before those books are evicted well let’s see if the leader. Is one for kidnapping his son in another state and there’s an arrest warrant an ear on property they don’t owner. F five minutes or as long as it takes him to drive there I got news for folks who think they can squad on farmland and out here a good luck with that yeah. Saint populace is yours policies are made up. Sure an enlarged was a why did fugitive. Yet the FBI watch them for two months and did essentially. Nothing. Okay should limit the the department I was in this is desperate situation beat yet that the doesn’t property did they go and Google sir rise wash no like oh my gosh. He’s not only the son of a co conspirator you know for the you know don’t let their World Trade Center Bonnie just want to get to pop up pretty. He’s like see see any apparent is nothing so the F message to look you’ll what are you going. Was Sims UN with a recording. Will say. He’s he’s we. So that I am risks his life. Jason badger to go in their document answer I should be more highs and the kid is there. They should do nothing. Probably somebody I guess pocono is this not known at the kids and there were starving. So the police. Go to the FBI like it was dude yeah I mean this is okay this is it’s it’s eight it’s. It it is completely blew retract this trap is broken glass there’s. Yeah I mean there’s no way to approach this thing without being seen this is in the desert like conditions it’s very dangerous to go in there rate. So. They city of dosing who really need your help to go in there you know I mean hearing that terrorism we got Daschle security that World Trade Center bomb to a guy kidnapping and what what more do you neat. The F Perry she’s going. And so the New Mexico. Police. Hadn’t there police had to go instead may this year called ATF because they know how to storm a place in Waco. They sure did. Now does that just for a moment he will come with again home in fort. Sega’s when he FBI it FBI skis and is is good motivated. They are could not get a warrant forming a forceful and so what do they do they went to Tim Cook of apple. And think he’d tell us what’s on the phone gesture here you go. This is the save apple. That would not give the FBI. Said the information on the same Bernie additionally when Hubble didn’t if not I’ll mess he’s worse than a terrorist. Yet here’s the phone and found. So I mean this far they’re willing to go when they can’t get a war and this is on a four metaphor was the guy that was cooperating with the FBI has turned over everything what do they do they had lost his door down and and you know confiscate everything in his home. Yet in this case where you don’t need a warrant. Where you have completely different kids they’re he’s not here who cares enough. There’s an arrest warrant for dad Huard totally covered two ways to Tuesday if you go when there they would go and the FBI new compound was inhabited by Islamist extremists and they were probably acquiring weapons. Clearing project reports. Instead of searching the property themselves what the FB IDS the neighbor house the property owner Jason badgered wearing hidden camera and risked his life. By approaching me armed Islamic extremist compound. Should approach to caterpillar bulldozer and a six hour I know you know inquiries. This is you know the punt compound its initial restarting mania for more than Mexico authorities finally decided to act on around. What what what are we paying these people I don’t know I I I don’t know I mean I have no idea the same thing about and even though the police are shares office whatever was down mayor did eventually did something. At a certain level what are we paying these people for. You’ve got to property owner that has people squatting on his property these are people that have one of the men has on an actor award for kidnapping. They they’re you know there were suspicions that there were children that are being held. And being starved and being exposed to guns boy that should trigger something from the left right there partisan listens to Islamist. And you know I could think like okay. I’m thinking what. What logical and we don’t the FBI here case a but he logic is disrespect indeed but what logical explanation could be beyond two companies they don’t want another ruby ridge maybe. And they don’t does ruby ridge it’s like white people or white supremacists are crazed of the day if it’s Islamist. Yeah and their black may be they ears are politically correct thing year where they’re afraid that care will come after I. I can’t but even then I mean do you got he got an arrest order for kidnapping and I think discovered on you. You would think. And did this judge that lets these people out on Barack Obama twenty here. That they are no danger to the public. What are we paying these people. I mean where is the justice. For you average hard working American who goes to work every day who pays their taxes who pays or property taxes who pays your car taxes. And only expect is equal protection under the law. It’s worse. On the New Mexico police today searched the compound as best they could with the limited resources. However today’s after the raid by the New Mexico police the badgers who owned property when the compound to the ground they were shocked by what they found left behind an NBC. News verified this as they sent a reporter out to. The police. Had failed this he’s got this video cameras laptop computer and tactical asked. Lisa please think it to stuff FBI and go about to go there and running a compound anymore. Is so the badgers that is want you to go winning here and the FBS still doesn’t go win. Or conspiracy here here we should GI trick yeah yeah all curious all of that Denny thing. Part of netware. Planning another trade center bombing like dad and the old. Me too busy. Trying to break into Pullman fort spot I guess it’s. Well that would like this to protect it’s no wonder we don’t have a terror attack like every the daily fireworks in this country. But I guess if so why for the San Bernardino shooter can read on FaceBook she’s coming to the two American dying glorious Jihad that doesn’t trip anybody’s wires I suppose this would neither right. Pretty much. Let’s see a lot of people think wow Muster got them around a good lesson at 41 taxed. Text your race your amp. Those of us who were you taking your off when listeners will pay your salaries he can keep us informed and lets see the government force us to work good luck with that. Text your race really reader at ruby ridge didn’t do none NE TF killed his family. Well yes but you know until justice right. Let’s see tense streets cherry yet another sign of the apocalypse. Transgender candidate for governor in Vermont was successful in and hit their campaign. Now are about that they were reading the text Arabs apocalypse I just think well you know it’s for much text your race. I’d love to see a lot of people from the FBI post on their FaceBook page how they’re standing in a glorious unemployment. Line. Add texture is your thinks you’re inside by M on farms with FBI is incompetent is they are we will need all we can accumulate. Apparently eight. Let’s say. Tester race New Mexico shared hip is not fast and furious it’s slow and complacent so says grade easy. Text your share what I wanna know is who provided bail for the G hottest I’m willing to bet it was carry no there was no bail she knows she James 20000 dollars but then she suspended payment. So they went to pay the 20000 dollars if they like skip out. You get that idea dead deal appear regularly America united in Jihad you can. Pretty standard most dates back to toy doesn’t ours is what they said they nabbed the bill bodman made she paid 2000. At 10%. Text your eyes. The FBI is an investigate these chairs there watching over them and protecting their investments they are behind all of this with the CIA how much more evidence do you need. I I go that far. Armed with their you really incompetent. And we have a day you shooter who has. I’m over 200 financial transactions flagged for terror. Edison Tripoli Y Ers. I knew you you can now go on the line. Com and in right did Germany shooter at the school. And I mean I like a big name like in your own name. And the FBI did show a dishonest. And and it would be able Colin nearly did you this yeah he’s gonna kill everybody. He’s been threatening the neighbors he’s telling everybody will listen I’ll shoot up the score I. I’d call use that when he does I don’t have to feel bad. And this is after the FBI’s are even told about the you know the online postings. Which was able to attract to him in out on a break during the show to the incident you know CN Brandon studio Broward County shooter. Using spoke yo dot com about five minutes yet BSE so we can’t point it. Okay will let me help you. The cons again. They had linked to cases in January. The manager to call centers like. Don’t care about this and it closed the case without bothering to call down to the FBI office in Florida and turn it over to Nam. They should folk they just don’t care campaign. Did you stop to it sit every level is not just call me is not just it just didn’t hit the kind of effort you expect them to make just doesn’t happen. Especially not. If you the wrong politically correct grabbing your politically correct group gonna go ahead. We’re on a Jihad means love. I just done. Saturates where’s Jeff Sessions Brit fans sessions are now probably won’t ever went back to sleep. Dexter writes there would be no bill sets. They too would be no bill said if the New Mexico camp refused to bake a cake. No teeth no yeah but that would only be if they weren’t like non Muslim American stuff and I think you don’t have to be to take if you must. I’m pretty sure about that double jacket. Text your rights abolish ice question mark abolish FB lot. Harry meanwhile. We talked much often times about the crazy girlfriend. You know the one Alexandria. Courts what is it okay sea of Cortez for Tikrit his appease I don’t know whatever the hyphenated one. How she’s got this crazy group she’s beautiful but you got this crazy girlfriend dies. She’s on like you know you meter you think well I have hit the jackpot. Why is known dating parent and four days later you’re like. I know what Chris up front. Well. Apparently they’re raising crazy girlfriend last four days which is a long term relationship for today’s young people. Maybe explain here or new steady guy similar to know if this is true in the journal of sex research to see this. Finds emotionally unstable. Women by a crazy girlfriends are dead are in bad. I can give you any more details not alone is the station license you can read the study your cells. Yet many have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable. This from the journal again and sex research so I guess they know right. When scored let your unemotional stability tests. The guys they Wear with more more likely to say they had a good. Sex life. You can. Yeah at this means Geist you went. It Q she know what. We’re what are you Seneca she drags him to death than he or she hits her husband drags him to death and that she is like what twelve years in prison for that. You can’t. You have great sex. And then you’re gonna in an going to pick a track. It’s done to Q when you see Kellen muscle give up from her. And now for the field led segments. Of the hour. How do you deal is or what’s going on in our economy. Great now. I do we have racked up so many of these now that she’d like you almost can’t even. In the process it. Com but new all business confidence survey. Require recorded these second. Highest ever small business confidence level. An attempt to process that in your mind to a ferment I just. The last one. That the last time it was this hot. I mean in this study. Was 1980 tree. Small business optimism survey second highest reading. In history. And hit well late in 1983 today it’s one a seven point nine. Now this is C National Federation of Independent Business is very new and old and very respected it. At assembly that does all kinds of surveys small businesses has every year for decades. And when you look at that in this latest read from his although this pain and any celebration for for the report. Four point 1% second quarter GDP grew at small business owners beg to disagree at least is not as a sector of the economy Ministry’s performance over the last 21 months. Is unprecedented. Based on reports for the past 45. Years. By hundreds of thousands of NFIB’s member firms. Owners have never been so optimistic. For so long. Consumer sentiment is at record levels consumer spending which accounts 7% of our economy posted 4% growth in Q2. I listen this what recourse tire worker compensation gained point. From June 2 and 32% of all third preference is 35%. Of small businesses. Reported that they had raised wages 35% globes. And can’t you even listening to show. In the last year I saw the labor did the wage curb begin to bend not. Hadn’t done that. Consistently you could make you turn and I freaked. Do you really adjusted for inflation Americans hadn’t gotten a wage hikes since. In in what does since the year 2000 it’d stop growing when you adjust for inflation. This is unprecedented seven was never supposed to happen again. 35% of all businesses have raised wages 22% more play and where to raise wages. I just. You know I mean does it thirty years main street economic. Now Britain. And the mainstream economic engine for thirty years has been stalled by US economic policy that favors Wall Street. And stern. And is awesome. To watch. And and for this to continue. By the way at president she paying of China. Is haven’t really hard time veneman against some of this as we go on in Asia. He actually has members of his own Communist Party which is evident criticizing it. As they feel he’s gone way out on a limb and trucks about to cut that limb off. And the reason is he beginning to see this would watch for this in mainstream media reporting because it’s starting to creep in you’ve known this if you listen shop in Chinese for year. Semi pro Edward to. That you know I had listed Chinese. Have deliberately attempted to kill off our industries by subsidizing Chinese products to government subsidized. At below the cost to make them no one can compete with that that’s not capitalist machine emanate. Till the industry like they did with the aluminum industry guess what China comes in buys the factories here and elsewhere and they pretty steely man they have no competition is nobody’s gonna start just to kill again. Liberal lot of money you do that. And the Chinese economy is grossly over leverage they cannot I mean they are so intact and I went talks about. Are you gonna do is throw a match in a haystack in the whole single bird. Anti begin to see this crap creep in the main street economic reporting what you’ve been hearing here on the show. The China’s goose is cooked which should I 7% of our economy is. You know in America. What I try to we depend on export would depend on exports. Which we did. Not depend but have more in export component to our economy. We sit back and wait for them to burn and we are. And it’s awesome. But there’s still understand aren’t trying to explain this to you because you’re gonna begin to hear a lot about this and I I want you to have heard of first on the shows that she could understand what’s going on here. This country took a double hit to the gut. NAFTA was the first hit the NAFTA alone did not do NAFTA was devastate but it didn’t do. It was the double hit of Clinton and doing NAFTA. And then fighting for the Chinese to be inducted into the World Trade Organization. That gave them first world trading status. Instead of all the old rules that had a blocked them from trading a lot of ways. And so are when China entered the WTO. The star by Bill Clinton and all the right geniuses. Was and how does this LeClair administration to that there would be American manufacturing jobs lost. Time to try the did that did the dead dig defectors and overseas but that was not idiot big idea because as a member of the a big thing because as the map a member of the WTO. China had opened the largest market. Not terms of dollars but in terms of human beings it op unearthed box. As it was got it be a wash we would gain millions of jobs net and it would be. So everybody got it Al di Arie was is to be grade in your cart capitalism can undermine the Communists and everything. And beside themselves on the back then everybody start taking money from the Chinese through K street. Dianne feinstein’s got a seventeen million dollar mansion a five million dollar. A Hawaiian vacation home she didn’t have before to the Chinese Communist subsidize her husband’s investments in discipline that it should be illegal but it’s not your Democrat. Or I’m you know like Mitch McConnell he Joseph Biden. And gen John Kerry signs you know Biden Kerry go to Qaeda China a week later they’ve got a billion dollar investment did two sons do with China how that’s not a legal well it is really luscious everyone in north. Sierra paid off rate. So what China did when they went into the WTO was at the hands up and joke. We have access to your markets to American aqsa stars screw you and then they stole all of our manufacturing jobs we can get to and to their markets. That’s why this was such a disaster there’s no balance. And that the weight violates the WTO’s rules put all our politicians are paid to look the other way. What trump didn’t tape he’s not looking the other way. Had devastating this was okay. Mom did just EB some idea it in a four decades between 1960 in 2000 US manufacturing employment was stable. In the ten years after we join the WTO between 2000 and Arab League after China join the WTO between 202010. Manufacturing employment drop biased or six million manufacturing jobs wiped out each. It is I did a Great Depression we lost 31%. Of our jobs this was a third. It was devastating. And so when you let me hear people like Kevin harris’ journal white house council backed Ed economic advisors saying this. It begins to makes Sen this year. I can say that economically. China needs still entered the community of nations they need to start acting like the other developed nations the five. You know invented this new gizmo and then you’d be shocked if the German government stole it from me and then he proceeded to German sort of company would my stolen idea. The Chinese government’s doing that kind of thing all the time and yet there in the WTO. So shut it really needs it to make up its mind today wannabe in the community of nations they wanna be a part of the WTO just behave like everybody else or don’t take. And if they don’t then we need the community of nations are gonna have to think about what are we gonna do about that we continue to let them stay in the WTO and so on and and it seems to me like cooler heads should prevail and as you said I think they’re a lot of cooler heads in China right now. Then Irsay and if he’s Serb presidency. Maybe we should reconsider this path that we’re our. I certainly hope that they do vigorous physically the other they have never did they could have a lot to contribute to a prosperous global economy. If they would stop intellectual property theft send. You know non tariff barriers and although sort of crazy stuff they did her damage themselves. And non tariff barriers. To this one mainstream now. Aunt and that is a good the bush went missing than ever and show me shoot even Lindsay gray sank. That’s the only way you’ll bring about change stood WTO does it work when it comes to China. Now the European Union Japan all these. Nations are being effective unfair Chinese trade practices here’s how this movie ends get a deal with the Europe they heavily subsidized Airbus and that hurts bullet. They have a 10% tariff on cars coming into Europe made in America is two and a half percent if you sell a car in America from Europe. Let’s go to zero as soon as we can get rid of these sets these unite and reform the WTO until China if you wanna stay in the WTO. We’re gonna have new rules you have to abide by it either kick up now. Are we get out wanted to cut the WTO is not working. By the latest from Lindsey Graham who was so opposed to charged here. And most recently six months ago census like it. It’s very slow affects the real wheels economically or grinding slowly but we are winning we’re winning we’re winning I see it every single day in the future is so bright. If we enforced China just forced China to open its economy to us like that ours is open to them. You’re gonna see those six million American factory jobs come back and more self. But as we’re gonna have a more massive market to sell and then we’ve ever had for a by the way Europe to needs to open the doors they’ve begun to copy China as China got away with this stuff. So. Muted turnaround from Lindsey Graham no cherished you sounding just like it trump economic advisor. Good things are happening. Rage. At a lot of common theory are the most important part of their last hour. Half an hour of course these study. Swear I see sex in the whole audience their heads that to attention what what did I miss the import where’s your pride guest. New study said. Not claims. In the journal of sex that’s. Emotionally. I stay unstable women. And men have been sects but I just report the news Duncan enemy coming to staff up. Emotionally unstable woman to decrease your friends. May. And crazy girlfriend used to this was true. At let me Sherry from the tech shiny study was correct. Text your rates alleged that my first wife was not. And we agreed sex like texture to an architecture is an absolutely tested this study is true. Another check your rent so I can’t read that what I another street show you need to listen to cheery they request show about the crazy girlfriend. Rome was to with a break the detection rates. I’m among the twenty year old son told him since his first serious girlfriend that crazy sex with grade but you still have to live with crazy. And is unfortunately the problem. There. Telluride checked hospitals somebody please find out. What uncle uncle Lindsay was treated for a head injury he’s just not then himself lately. This is the guy who was scrimp instead this is batting third and can’t mess with your moment made commands begin to be back. Now he’s like we’re gonna get the train children hear it and then move on to kicking China at the WTO. If you look really closely on television you can see the dog collar around his neck. And at trump is Yankee. You know why don’t she. AC PA be seen is no person he’s trumpeted Trump’s endorsement estate in Tony try this put it this. SL news text during its good tribe so says George. And it takes to raise the hospitals some please find out and I don’t read that takes straight and still not voting for Lindsey Graham I don’t care what he says he does the opposite. And it goes without saying it’s just interesting. To see how trump has spent the mall to his will. Mary when going night is it is an acidic damage to properties agreed idea I think we should kick China added WTO. Polo. I text rates if it. That don’t need this picture does not believe that stakes sex study if the woman is unstable to guide. May be afraid to say the sex is bad look I don’t know I just read I just read the names I don’t I don’t know. I text your grades. And Riddick arrow. Texture is good morning Sarah. To read crime and yeah was fed survey rate. Let Allen know anymore test according Cher are there actual grade sex or just a lot of sex unstable insecure people have a lot of six. But actual meaning is it good sex according to the so. I guess this is why I stick with the crazy girlfriend longer than would be advisable. Another check your rates. Sorry that was 21 trillion it was nineteen trillion won Obama left. And you others said that we were going to increase. Patient gets the precise moment the debt. Now you say everything is great. No. Certainty economy. You just let this must be newcomer to the show I’d I welcome you really show I would invite you to listen to at least six weeks of it. And if you are gonna digest you’ll hear it lead trying to talk me down off the ledge. About our grossly unbalanced. Budgets and the outrage of those budgets. So. Yet no thank you for playing now you got to listen for more than one segment I only gets better you really wouldn’t yeah trust me on that.


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