Saturday, 4 December 2021
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The ‘snoot dog challenge’ is taking over the internet and the videos are hilarious

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If you’ve been on social media in recent weeks, then you’ll probably be familiar with the ‘snoot challenge’.

It’s the viral internet craze which has seen dog owners from all over the world sharing adorable videos of their pets taking part in the challenge. It involves the owner making a circle shape with their hands and the dog putting their nose through the hole. Other times, different shapes are made with their hands or other objects with holes in are used as the frame for the dog to put their snout through.

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It sounds quite silly and it is, but it also happens to be very adorable and endearing. Dogs of all different sizes and breeds have become internet famous for their sweet turn at the task.

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Is the challenge safe for your dog?

In short, yes. Dogs can breathe through their nose and mouth, and the hand is only placed around the snout for a very small amount of time. What’s more, the dog has the complete control to move in or out of the hole with no external force making them do so.

However, the snoot challenge should only be done if your pet is also enjoying it. If they show any anxiety, fear or displeasure towards the snoot game then stop and don’t force them to take part.

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“The snoot challenge can be a great training exercise for you and your dog,” Ali Taylor, head of canine behaviour at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, told “Touch-based training is easy to teach and is an excellent way to bond with your dog, providing it is done correctly.

“As the snoot challenge involves your dog putting their nose into a small space, some dogs may feel uncomfortable. Always make sure that the space for your dog’s nose isn’t restricting their sight or breathing in any way, and never make your dog uncomfortable for the sake of social media likes.”

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How to do the snoot challenge

For your pup to complete the snoot challenge you may have to train them a little if they don’t initially put their nose through the hole you make. You can try using tasty treats placed at the other side of the hole to encourage them. When they have perfected the trick, get filming and share on social media using the hashtag #snoot.


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