Friday, 14 December 2018
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The Most Popular Dog Names for the Most Popular Dog Breeds of America

It’s no secret that names like Bella, Max, Lucy, and Cooper are popular, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to know the most popular names for the most popular breeds?

Labrador retriever

black labrador Alona Slostina/Shutterstock

According to the Amercian Kennel Club (AKC), the dog breed most popular in America is the Labrador retriever. The yellow, chocolate, and black varieties have been a family favorite for several years. Their super chill temperament towards people and other animals is the hallmark of this breed. And the colors often inspire the following most popular names: Maverick, Hershey, Midnight, Gunner, Kali, Allie, Kona, Kiwi, Chocolate, and Blacky. Note that our research comes via the data generated by that recorded over 290,000 dog names from Seattle, Tacoma, Pittsburgh, New York, and Los Angeles. Cha-Ching! This is how much you can expect to pay for essentials when you own a dog.

Golden retriever

Golden Retriever Dog.sasaluck/Shutterstock

Like the Labrador, the Golden is well suited for a family, especially one that lives near the water. Their lustrous golden coat is water repellent and they actually have webbed feet so a day at the lake is one of their favorite things. They adapt to just about any environment, even apartment living with enough exercise. Just don’t count on them for being much of a guard dog because Murphy, Rusty, Goldie, Tucker, Sunny, Ellie, Abby, Simba, Bailey, and Cooper are more likely to lick intruders than bite them. These are the 14 things every puppy should have.

German shepherd

German Shepherd DogHELL-FOTO/Shutterstock

If you could describe a German shepherd in one word, it would probably be confident. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted to family members, and have an air of aloofness. Their suspicious nature activates their protective mode when strangers approach family members. With trademark qualities of guarding, patrolling and protecting, it’s no wonder popular German favorites are names that exude confidence and bravery like Baron, Sarge, Blitz, Cheyenne, Kaiser, Klaus, Loba, and Ziva are on the list. And Shep and Gretchen made the list too, honoring their German heritage. Here’s how to find the most suitable breed for you.


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