Thursday, 18 August 2022
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The Most (and Least) Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

From the elegant Azawakh to the sublime Schipperke, these are the breeds that American Kennel Club experts say are the priciest—and most affordable.

How much is that doggie in the window?

Breeder of dogs with his pets in a courtyardKonstantin Tronin/Shutterstock

Jerry Klein, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer for the American Kennel Club (AKC) says the costs of breeds are up to the breeder. “How and why a certain breed or type of dog can be labeled expensive can be influenced by many factors,” says Dr. Klein. For example, the rarity of the breed due to the expense of finding an appropriate mate for breeding or difficulty and cost of obtaining foundation stock. Society also tends to dictate which breed is in demand. A celebrity, a movie the latest winners of a dog show can prompt more desire to own a specific breed. And of course, there are the general expenses of being a responsible breeder which can vary depending on the breed and specific health requirements of the breed.

Low Chen

portrait of the Little Lion Dog (Lowchen)Svetlana Valoueva/Shutterstock

Average cost: $4,000-$8,000

Mary Burch, PhD, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and director of the AKC Family Dog Program says the Low Chen (pronounced lerv-chun) is also known as the Little Lion Dog. You may not see a Low Chen in your neighborhood, but if you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show you could easily spot this breed with its traditional lion trim, working the crowd carrying its head and tail high. It’s playful and cheery, yet has a calm demeanor; the lion mane requires brushing at least every other day along with a monthly clipping. Grooming and other costs add up. This is how much it really costs to own a dog.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffLiliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock

Average cost: Up to $7,000

This breed is much happier inside, near their family, says Dr. Burch. That’s perfect because it is a big and cuddly dog you could definitely spend a lazy afternoon lounging with. And with its origins as a protector of villages and monasteries, they tend to be aloof with strangers but devoted to their family. Tibetan Mastiffs are good with children—but these may be the best breeds for kids.


Amazing american akita puppy posing in the winter. 7 months old big akita boy.Eve Photography/Shutterstock

Average cost: Up to $4,500

“Before Akitas had an official breed name, they were referred to simply as “snow country dogs,” says Dr. Burch. Their dense undercoat, raised outer layer of fur, and webbing between their toes make Akitas ideal for their bred purpose: Hunters in snowy mountains of Japan. Nowadays, they’re better known for being devoted watchdogs and protectors. They have a tendency to be domineering and aren’t crazy about other dogs or pets; they’re also reserved with strangers. That said, with the right person or family, they are a lovable companion. These are the pet combos that are most likely to hate each other.


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