Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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The First 5 Things You Need To Train Your New Puppy To Do

So you’ve brought home an adorable puppy and envision a life full of rainbows and happy days. But wait! Before anything else, it’s your responsibility as a dog owner to make sure your pet gets the proper puppy training both inside and outside the home.

Not all dog training exercises are equal. Some are more useful than others. Here are the first 5 things you need to train your new puppy to do.

  1. Sit

The command “sit” is arguably the easiest dog trick in the book. The good thing about this command is that it serves as the precursor to the other essential tricks you’ll be teaching your young canine along the way. Teaching your dog to sit comes in handy whenever you need your pet to be still long enough to put on a leash, answer the door or putting finishing touches on your meal.

You’ll need a tasty treat to start. Hold the treat near your dog’s nose to catch his or her attention. Once your puppy starts sniffing and making a grab for it, hold the treat up high and out of reach. When your dog naturally assumes the sitting position, say the words “sit” clearly and then give the treat. Reward your pup profusely so he will be motivated to do it again. Rinse and repeat until your dog gets it.

  1. Potty Training

It’s important to establish house breaking rules in place to prevent accidents and annoyances along the way. Potty training your new pup will require patience, a quiet place and plenty of pee pads for dogs.

Choose a spot in your home that your puppy can easily go to on their own. If you have the time, you can observe your pup as he or she plays around. Then your dog will at one point frantically walk around and have the “jitters”. Guide your pet to the correct area and have them do their business.

Praise profusely and reward consistently for a successful potty training. Don’t be disheartened if your dog doesn’t do it right the first time around- simply lead him to the right spot and clean up the mess quickly. You’ll just need to supervise and correct as needed.

  1. Come

The command “come” can be a lifesaver if you’re outside and want your puppy to come to you straight away. Your dog should drop everything they’re doing, pay attention to you and walk or run towards you whenever you say this.

The best way to teach this is to have your dog wear a collar and a leash. Have your dog “sit” while facing you. Then, crouch down to your puppy’s eye level and say the words “come” while giving a gentle tug at the leash and the collar. When your dog responds and comes towards you, reward profusely with treats and loud praise.

You may remove the leash and collar if your dog has sufficiently mastered the trick. Try this in an enclosed area with as few distractions as possible. Repeat until you’re comfortable enough to walk outdoors with your dog off the leash.

  1. Socialize

A well-socialized dog is a well-adjusted dog who will be a delight to family members, guests and other people. Unless you’re training your puppy to be a guard dog, it pays to invest in properly socializing your dog with other canines and people.

This exercise is done best while your pet is at a young age. Schedule in at least once a week of outdoor walk in the nearby park or anywhere dogs are allowed. Walk your puppy around the neighborhood on a collar and leash and let them interact with people and animals. Socializing your puppy builds up his or her confidence, makes them well-adjusted to social environments and helps them calm down when faced with new experiences.

  1. Respond To Their Name

Have you thought of a name for your new puppy yet? If not, come up with one as soon as possible. Your pup learning his or her name may not be much, but it signals the start of a beautiful relationship between man and dog. Over time (and through repetition), your pup will know his or her name and will come running towards you whenever you say it.

Source: http://t2conline.com/the-first-5-things-you-need-to-train-your-new-puppy-to-do/

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