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The Eric Hasseltine Show hour 2

Jones and Jimmy. Saving and Alabama’s crimson time. Missed three of us that event on brings you inside the mind arguably the greatest coach in the history of college football. You see. Long career looked into savings turns complaint Peewee football in the hills of West Virginians. We think truth. We’ll open up seeded bag of tricks including a deep examination of his quote process that’s ongoing it’s a work. Progress all the content you’ll find this incredible shocker when you search margins we James Andrew Miller an apple podcast or wherever you download your pots. Argues that the champions premiering August 8 domestic. It’s unless founder back to school there’s never been a better time to enroll at Delhi university you can better quality education into your busy schedule and your budget. People in to a small classes taught us. Christian perspective. 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NE text that work right now to seven to 81 future it’s 1000 dollars. Right here in 99 at ten ESPN. Again the word is dying ZING. Of one hour to get that word insists he’s not Texans drive. Again the word is di. Well last time the word is dying GIs and eats except work like analysis and shoots. It wants coming up we got John Martin talking about his closeness friends. I co on dad doesn’t wanna hear our Martin’s stuff the other might. I turned out Jason John because of the suppan was like egg conversation just come back and aired again hug. Or is the other sports star channel again hash tag Diaz. Please don’t lend spend another 13 minutes later please don’t ask him about who is the lightest. I’m not. Controversy and commercial here amongst us yes. John Martin. Fellows to Jason John. Joins us every Friday joins us now it’s updated. What’s the word it’s so beautiful day in retrospect say. Your Oakland Raiders are on television tonight back abroad chat. Are you excited. Now. Out on net. Case they go to the pre season games and my dad. That a diet up then like my dad and I had season tickets and before there’s this thing called the inter lab net paying whatever. Like and you got the schedules of the way earlier yeah however as I don’t care. Used to basically get the schedule. In May see it on paper but I would find out who they were playing when they sent us our season tickets. And my dad would hand me. The ten tickets there were two or so they were ten and they were like attach you to say east of terror mos of the two pre season games and and the rest. And see who was coming to play the raiders that’s easy. Those are my favorite days of the year. I dad and I sat down and saw it was coming of the games. You have no right side they’re beautiful aren’t I’m sorry that you don’t share my excitement I’m not gonna London in my emotionally caught. From me. You know I’m excited about the new rarely die group there and you know I can’t wait to get a kick off tonight may have with the top five quarterback when healthy and their car at. Afternoon a did you they had top five quarterback absolutely most they know what I like Derek and I let him out about that come on and writers. Tom Brady threw Hillary’s balloon. You got to know me like c’mon he’s not me me he’s not better than big bad. I’ll stop now better than a big fan and debatable whether he’s better than matter I had this shell. Is that you’re tired yet bigger. I can’t believe you’re putting big get out of their car that disrespectful. Let it all they did better than celebrate her zoos second in the N abound as yards last year. What what has delivered ever wanted an early supporter on steered it back on his car for mark and Derek Karr was going to win multiple Al game two years ago before he broke your leg license or more melt those bones are sturdier. It got tracked Eric it is proven track. You know how good that raiders team was. He’s young daughter well like allies to rise later backlash yeah I don’t know what lobbyists say I had Sully. I actually think he’s top ten but I think it’s a battle of young guys that components outside of him Jared go off when healthy Carson winds. Those those three guys are certainly knocking on the door there’s no doubt. Yes I’m excited I would obviously mostly a lot of of their car tonight but I’m ready to try to appellate back you know I know it’s not cool to be a fan of the NFL anymore. But I absolutely am and really why is it not cool to be a fan and beyond melanoma. I Minneapolis takes its man they take a lot it’s pretty much every night you know from both sides. Special if they don’t play especially if they play in Denver I. If you don’t worry about it not been nice I’ve been easy eating lead for the NFL the last couple years but value out I respect everybody. And I respect people on both sides of it bought out you know I love I love professional. I’m a professional football and I’m glad it’s back. I’m waiting for the scheduled to drop it strapped apparently and be able I clicked on the NBA email that I got. So complete game schedule Jamie last year but I think today we were on the link to send their bullets a backpack. Yeah obviously we gotta be careful we can’t we can’t say anything we can’t all nobody played good we don’t doubt it hasn’t been having has been dropped and absolutely drowning in bad dark we don’t know really saying we don’t know who’s playing who. Always go to those 41 game this FedEx form and there’s 41 games not a FedEx Forum that’s all I heard you talking. I say energy talking about. About that those who you’d get at home. Which do you want to games I told you that he there’s guarantee that the goals that lawyers will be there twice. There’s there’s no auditor there’s no two ways guys it’s impossible for it not to be because they were only there once last year. And it rotates. It it it rotates out so I know Golden State will play twice I don’t know the dates as of yet so we will I’ll find out but. You don’t accommodate Eric now. I must be very hard they give a voice literate they don’t like not knowing today amid a must be. How good how can I possibly know the dates are gonna have to schedule before a drop in the I don’t like that I mean honestly like that’s great guy would like I would call the group we better yet what the bill on the voice regret I can’t get a edible or anchor mark. I like why do you hate me so much since nobody hi everybody does like me I have supported your couriers and serve I laughed I love. Audit you know it just a horse like like if it real way out of the there was all the job security you know I’m waiting out waiting for a two officially the kids have just dropped it. The pelicans just drop there’s aides say on the pelicans by the grizzly peace. Yeah without Gerri yeah we didn’t we we can do well they fled they play and three other times do we can start piecing it together the other in other teams. The timberwolves. Dropped theirs as well I’m sure it’s not announcers is logged company now whenever it may be imported a bit magnitude of it played on an NB ATV special is their one and I’m missing it. I don’t know I and the items like the I don’t we don’t get NB ATV in the studio reserve reason. I’m watching Tiger Woods dominate right now at three under par. A nice yeah Tiger Woods is on a ten to start that today so he is climbing myself back into the a makes although he leaders there it and. I eighty gets within four or five shots and makes very wonderful weekend. Of watching golf which will also be discussing the NBA schedule that is still on its way to be released. Do you ever have a problem being I like you get answers to be donated member get rattled from that division. Basically the gist of it from. The national television side is that the grizzlies are not great for national TV even though they were when he when they were winning obviously Glasser is a different scenario. But they never got a lot of national TV games they never were. Prominently feet. Featured on the ABC game of the week and people always seemed to take that personally if you. No I understand that you know the grizzly bear bait and very proud organization and and seven straight out bear to lose is something that they know they should be crowd out. The fact of the matter is upstart league you know that look anybody there can. And it seemed that are going to be on national TV ABC ESPN TNT like you can count on one hand like they’re gonna mostly be. Gotta be the Celtics got to the 76ers. It’s got to be the warriors they’ve got a real lakers it might now be part that would coli. You know this debate that today young accuse them we’ll get to get. It it’s a start late and that and don’t agree they’ve always been. You know that that bill you know the grip there have always been what the term you know greater than the sum of its parts right sir always been a great team they’ve never had an individual. Star galvanizing star that everybody seems like. Market saw the guy that every NBA team once thought their team right say that my column but the fact of the matter is. They’re very very very good players some may even argue great players but they’re just not stars in the end and that sort of definition of the word you know they’re not on the level of ball carrier battle level James are. Staffed KG LeBron. I did not and so you know that’s I don’t take that personally what I would take partially. Stated that the group you don’t have a featured in al-Qaeda game which will be the case a couple of years ago that the audit you know NB ATV and put it. Luckily they all day all they’ve okay Dave Bauer on TNT I got the worst of the bunch I think what the dog back where they play the pelicans every single year. I wish that was different but not that. I think I can get outrage and an apple for about things but. It’s hard to me to get too upset about the grizzlies got it on national television say they want forty. 42 winter games last year but I did they don’t they don’t have any you know sort of hard definitions stars. So I can’t be upset about that. Also our TV crew are local crews better than national guys signed to a list and then anyway. To my clearly there. Yeah I mean that’s that’s I mean that’s always been great if every. Body. Everybody always feels that way about the local guys and that’s that’s were everywhere we we have top knots like Pete Pete and managed Enron and that the TV said they want Russell radio said little Larry that those clowns think. Deserts just of them they’re brutal yet another pages often though why these guys is on radio. Big Ten do you realize details of a better attic and I don’t blame you one bit everybody’s an iMac. It’s but yet to get his name wrong and recording studio phone records in San Antonio’s honk and Gocong RBR yeah order for Iran themselves that they don’t call us or you realize yeah nine. They get invited is dangerously closed as alert as a wonder of reason a big event. Personally when he’s at that. All right so here’s the bad is that you know I have the schedule for. I have. They open at home. Wednesday October 17. At India and not at all on the road at Indiana. Wednesday October 17 they open at home Friday October 19 against Atlanta. The breakdown looks like this you’re ready a unity and does not so many things. I don’t want to go to lit it say each given date and time know how to give you the dashboard right there are. Thirteen back to slash. Two of them are a home and home back to backs. The longest road trip seven days in four games that happens twice long is homestand is five games in eight days January 21 to the 28. The conference opponents that have three matchups. Were you only play them three times incentive for the wanna home to a ways of the two teams that all out of the west only come to Memphis once. Oklahoma City and Phoenix which is kind of disappointing because Oklahoma City draws a crowd in Phoenix with the Andre as the number one overall pick. Would have been nice the two road teams that you only go to their city once they only go to Denver once and they only visible lakers wants. Now here’s one now this is the one this is one and I also love by an interest and they college games fresh games tired ready. Games trash means you do not play tonight before. And play and the your opponent does your fresh they’re tired there are nine occurrences there. Games tired of the you played tonight before your opponent does not play. That night and plays you the next night there are nine so it’s a split nine to nine games even make thought 64. Daily games. At home you play. Six Monday’s five Tuesday’s twelve Wednesday’s. Seven Friday’s eight Saturday’s three Sundays never play a home game on Thursday. About that while what do they have target urged. Thursday’s TNT our pet at TNT game is Thursday and man a couple of back up games they’ve played two Thursdays on the road. They do not play singled Tuesday game on the road gallop that here’s one it’s good are you ready for this. They are you wanna you wanna ever wonder why Memphis is so is it like why it’s so easy to travel out here’s a centrally located. The minimum amount of miles any team this year is going to travel ready. 46432. Over the season the grizzlies travel 46695. So they’re only 200. And 63 miles more than the least amount of distance traveled. Vs anybody in our conference the maximum. Is 54333. So they do not have a ton of that going. Beautiful that we need to weekly Gary don’t got we have an aging players now wrestle black. Yeah last I hard it’s not addressed looking at the schedule. The grizzlies will. Believe Thanksgiving night they will be in town to delete Thanksgiving night and play in Brooklyn. The next day and then play. On the thirtieth and Brooklyn and MD if that if Thanksgiving I think is Thanksgiving and it’s 12 or the 29. That’s according according bartender. I think maybe it’s one senator is the fourth Thursdays at twice second they’ll be on the road while we on the road in LA that yet as Friday black and they’re playing Friday at 1230. On. On Black Friday. In our local time so 230 here. They rule on Christmas Day be home. They will be home for Christmas Christmas Eve and Christmas Day they travel. I’ll West Coast and they come back on the 23 twice fourth and then they are home until the thirtieth they are gone again New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A cup more than a portal how game called 41 game on the road you know pretty standard I mean I don’t mind that barely get fixed. You know what at home and we can exit on the way out for sure but. Now that I gonna but I gonna draw huge crowd Oklahoma City like you said I mean. I tell you that aren’t good competitive game but. You know to get the warriors twice to get the lakers like the people care about and values you know that those will be honored. Certainly good for critics Orman and that is currently no matter what so that the site. Golden State comes to. Memphis hang on let me find where those are Golden State comes to Memphis on March 27 and April 10 so they are at the end of the schedule. I your opportunity C towards the lakers are here February 20 AS. Is the sect as it appears that our network like it’s a great yeah it was a Saturday and name Monday. All star week is the all star break is balance as at February 14. Through February 21 and the grizzlies opened post all star break at home against the clippers on the 22. And then followed by a road game to single road game to Cleveland back home for two games of next week including the lakers and Chicago is not bad. It’s really not a bad schedule like a lot of Obama at the back to backs. You’re going like one album is in Minnesota Sunday afternoon game to Dallas so you’re gonna have a chance to get. Get some rest. Once a Sunday in Phoenix to go up to Golden State it’s not a long flight and I think by that time they’re on the same time zones they are not losing time New Orleans on the road back home to play the lakers. So yeah not a lot of terrible back to backs they do finish the season with a back to back. At Detroit then coming home to play Golden State. Yeah I like like the start of the year you know I think you know actually that certainly they were kind of been the in a gauntlet so to speak critically Houston and and don’t state twice the start the year at always tough I’ll get a winnable games up front there’s no doubt. All of that could easily start the season you know in the first six games to get before they could actually see that you know I’m kind of let them go down schedules out now I think it’s at the favorable draw the start the year always even doubt of course that. Well I think it’s a good way that it’s great that. The new guy than and calendars that Garrett Temple and Tonto what sort of you know let might get a leg underneath you know some some very portable gamer they’re so yeah I can see why the organization will be police were sure. At Indiana then home and Atlanta at Utah tough game at Sacramento interest staying. Couple days off after that sack game so probably a travel day on the 25 the day off on 26 home against Phoenix only as a Washington. Who could be a problem back on the role they play Utah twice on the road. Within the first ten games which is not easy then now they’ll see Phoenix again though. On the road and enact Golden State at home against Denver Philly and you it’s not and it’s not easy to do that Milwaukee home we had sat. Minnesota doubting there’s a lot of the latest there’s some winnable games early on I get your first twenty games it’s a legitimate shot at dawn. You know ten and 10119911. Whenever dependent on how you. I you’ve played at the better teams but there’s some very winnable games in their that I think if they win. Ten or eleven term hope maybe even twelve of their first point of the dead people feel really good about where the team has. And absolutely a matter that that’s what you want you know I don’t know I don’t think. You know give it sort of how new look this team will be getting in so many different senses. You know you you wanna have time. You know to assess figured out. You know I knew about how to do that against seem like scenic and like Atlanta ominous as part of the part of the deal and so dot you know and so little time to get some sort of work. You know December in the meat of the schedule. In theory you know by LP and you know you’ve got a good idea of who you are what you wanna do it. So I think the beginning of the schedule that we give you actually do that. Had a great weekend sir and sleep well knowing that Connor is very angry by the way now so you have out there we’ll do I body. I John Martin right there joining us on the program John gas away. Ever doubt basketball for ESPN we will bring him on for quick segment. And head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Jamie Baker’s step gonna join us at 340 what’s up. Real quick mark Carol Crawford has agreed to change in deal with the grizzlies judge yeah it’s not yet know he shot his way into that. He’s taught us that we share a pleasure I think that’s a friend that’s a very. They what they do not get to the semi finals in Las Vegas without him. He literally was just lighting guys up and every time he shot. The entire bench thought it was gonna like they were on pockets I’d just everytime she. And I think it’ll last in the loss against Portland. He just didn’t get the look some may LA it was. Didn’t get the same type looks they really started though they were chasing him. You can hear the Portland coach is saying find eighteen find eighteen is I think that’s the memory or supermarket aisle that’s awesome that’ll be. That’ll be a thrill for sure I’m in Saudi CNB in. Incredibly difficult to make a roster was as many players they have side but just to be there be able to suit up or. Three home pre season games we’ll be family and friends there and if he can play right down the road. It’s for the hustle they can pick him up on that on that side of it. Lot of people around on the canal mount in the DOJ where the secret games. Secret cancel the C talk about yesterday what if this anger against other secret games yet to seek and games in Vegas. Yeah those are done now other done now get those done on those are some really make. Other salary that they did president and those are some really only I just when you’re in Vegas in my they’ll bring an international team and I’ll go play. I can high school with and just hire referees and catcher no fanfare as the guys that didn’t get a ton of minutes ago play those. And that every team doesn’t like other teams are like now we’re not put our guys out there period. But a lot of teams of apple take a break when we come back John ghastly talking college basketball that’s next night he’s in an enemy has been Memphis. 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Restrictions apply when did you performance starter Internet for new customers according taxes and he’s an extra incentive to change after agreement regular rates apply. Carrion to co. Digital sale Friday and Saturday only select ten Catholic priests. 99 cents a plus high end digital coupon at Kroger. Host of the grizzlies and the Aircastle time show. John dazzling Dennis Dowd basketball or EST. And he joins us now let’s shut down. Not too much just. They cannot all it’s going with the NCA and it century long reform program. It’s going to go. He had apparently except for everybody that’s around NCAA basketball are those ever participated in including former NBA players and our coaches that are basically saying. They didn’t really dig a big exert college. Cosmetic inconsequential did you not really addressing. The issue here. The other one they taught me and I want your thoughts on this first. Basically both the NBA in USA basketball said this totally blind sided us all of these rules. They’re trying to make like is the NCAA. Like and it’s infrastructure. So arrogant that they didn’t think hey maybe we should call. USA basketball and and and the NBA and say hey. These are the changes were proposing. To try to eliminate some of the problems in our game what do you guys think because it does have an impact on you guys as well. Yeah I eat I do. Give the NCAA sufficient credit to make that even the NCAA don’t understand. One and done it is an NBA creature and so those eligibility rules will be set by the NBA and by the players association and the NCAA just as open. Bart very much in keeping with what each and that blows. Humorous. They would be an about turn to C. Madam sir okay USA basketball ordered to. Select the most. The league basketball players and those are the ones look at Harry some embassy USA basketball player. What you know we got it right. I don’t know you guys tell us who it is and then they’ll get to take agent role locate banks banks are better than on us guys. There is one that one did like his 51 in not fifty yet. And his parents or go away my kid could dominate that other ones that you dislike it nation he can’t get one tomorrow. It would be like if they’ve served or go way you know dugout so it was the top 25 or errors about the court and I didn’t know that. Since art not a responsibility dugout plus. Salute well. It was an interesting roll out and let’s you know lose sight of the fact I mean this all stems from. Actually so almost a year ago coming up to the day and I hope major. FBI. Investigation and series rushed. It’s like an earthquake happens and the MTA is working on on flood prevention bench young slugger Reggie look good. What we’re talking about Lewis was an earthquake and show thank most people can agree on the steps were. Need to be taken to address you know those fundamental issues. There are facing. Not only men’s basketball but also coached football and they would just DO or more. Natural bland. You know professional sports programs such ruthlessly enforced amateurism. They have just been normal blend and the that would help things a lot and the NCAA. You know during a whole lot of other things you know they’ve been heard erection. So these things are actually good and for a tiny number of people are factually that it could even be very good we did in the by its it is it is a bit of an odd spectacle. To see you know one kind of a huge amount happened and a few reforms you know that is increasingly hearing. And different direction entirely it’s if you certainly. Play it’s it’s it’s bizarre to me it you know they try to hold on it is amateurism stuff where. You have corporate sponsors you have. Billions of dollars in TV revenue for football and basketball. You have stadiums regularly sold out. Enormous payouts to universities. And yet these kids that are making all this happen. Can’t do what any other. Young talented American. Entertainer and let’s be honest if you wanna call on all the same I think they’re all entertainers athletes or athletes but it in essence they’re entertainers any other. Entertainer. At the age these kids are in seek professional representation. To help guide them through the minefield that is the real world. It is you and I both dole can chew up and spit these kids out. In a heartbeat because of all the people that will literally take advantage of them and yet we’re sick you’re gone then and now you can have an agent. You can add an agent but he can only pay. For you to come see him and have a dinner with him and talk to your parents but you can’t have an agent to try to show you the pitfalls of like hey here’s what happens when you turn pro and all these other things I mean this makes. No sense whatsoever. And I just think did the easiest fix that this is like. They take it above board. Let let you that they want to pay if if people want funnel a hundred grand on Brian going to go play at Louisville because he’s on and indeed his team. I got political let them do whatever is as well that’s not fair to the other kids O’Brien well better than the other kids they he just days. Is that’s a that’s a fact a light you don’t see Justin Bieber saying and in karaoke competition. He didn’t have to because he was better than those people. Right armed men to all of the above and I would even not. I would even shave one word off of the you know Europe you’re you’re well no doubt HR. It. Inside is they don’t even have to be entertainers at that age and Al-Jazeera and other ordered jurors. Talents I can’t thank those you know you were whatever our talent happens to be you know if we’ve got that age eighteen where the world is saying this will work you know 637. Figures. You look at the total virtual machine. Yup back and be obviously I can be athletes and all over the world we receive these kind of talented athletes you know broad center of a young soccer players abroad you have no no problem with them. Being compensated. Accordingly upon by it brightened even after the about it can be counted aren’t murderers in autos so I was reading the story about a couple of eighteen year old kids from Ireland who just got so good it could they are Brothers twins just got so good at noting that nearly. Started their own business and you know made me mad cash. Let’s find you know we don’t need intercession asylum outside cover important decisions they are not done enough. No you can’t you know your your talents camps find its its natural. Compensation on on an open market no that’s somehow bad. Once we want to we get across our boundary line and I I am a little or reckless most of it’s a good. Even you know misguided. Flurries of activity like the current one. Are inching us further you know we’re closer to that. And the sooner we get there. The batter and will this all realize exactly these it’s a sort of Rambo just Scioscia. Says it’s it’s an open market and the team that he goes to its not like they’re gonna get uncertain as figures or somebody else just go to our own. So they’re they’re the same position so well ball and where I want playing time are gonna go to the other archrival does seem. Playing top. Playing time ruled all Indian college basketball particularly. Immediate short term one and honored to have through environments and it’ll it’ll be fine and the Syria where the bar. I would say this too I mean like let’s be honest. They have Leahy you mentioned the coating they have competitions like science teams in debate teams if you see some kid. If that’s in there coding or doing whatever and apple says this kid is a certified. Genius that will help take us to the next level on the go way. We were gonna pay you like 200000. Dollars a year while your getting your education. And you know it because we want you when you’re down to come work for apple on why you’re in school. When you think of things Ron Meyer has you know how many people of that and allies said that none of that want it if some kid I fly a drone threw up. Brady and Mays in a warehouse better and anybody else. And somebody sees that easing college and yell hey here’s fifty grand to fly our drones nobody cares not one person. And yet it’s if you can throw for ball sixty yards and so wants to give you a hundred grand. The complex quarterback or you can shoot a jumper veteran anybody here’s a hundred grand as to everybody all my gosh it’s the end of the world. It’s got blurted out it makes a ruling everything an hour. And elusive it was it came about completely by accident. If the NCAA have been formed. Over seed based on which have already professionals or. Didn’t get a today it would be completely normal but go to the historical accident. That at the time the NCAA was formed. Football men’s college football there was no real pro football right because of baddest girl actually we’re paying for her decades later and they still can’t you know break out of that you’re bullish. Well they’re boxed them where the key is on a book great churches use it. But again. I’m alone announcement in the room. I illustrations but I never lose hope and we’re we’re gonna get there one of these various sham. It’ll look it’ll work out. Crazy story. With weight forces we talked with John ghastly for a little guy there’s two a Jameel Jones is an assistant they’re here. Apparently he’s been an assistant you know he’s been assistant multiple places. Apparently good guys was in new York and there’s two store two versions of the story he had not heard sand or is now below. Was a gentleman out of ball for a time that apparently late hop on an evening was knocking on windows one report is he thought he was looking for is Hoover. Another report was. Hey. This dude was just drunk and he was knocked it on a bunch of windows if it does turn out that sob oh was like drunken and basically. They felt threatened in this situation Gmail Jones got outed to say something in the guy said something back so we let them up you can’t just hit people we know that. Bly. It’s a whole different narrative it if they felt like this guy I was doing something dangerous or not and on a window on Matt. Looked as someone not some I went 0:3 o’clock in the morning 2 o’clock in the morning. I’m not asking them if they’re out for good intentions and I’m thinking in the worst of the worst that late at night and Jameel Jones basically lays them out with a punch and is that it’s the concrete and he has a big. Sustains a head injury that kills and this is it’s bizarre it’s tragic on every level. And Wake Forest is now caught right in the middle of it. It’s. It’s a terrible tragedy and when I saw that yeah line I gas candidates you know who usually. But things that we argue about in pro sports don’t involve death I’m gonna show. Yeah yeah out of the first first and I heard was these Hoover Hershey and so however. It came to beat is just parables to teach and then. I suspect that will will learn more about. You know what transpired. I mean my gosh with you know great just. Makes you think I mean you don’t know who to go back the old cliche nothing good ever happened after wherever in the end tiger won in the morning or whatever. But ma’am what one conch you know and and getting knocked the paper and it’s just. Usually terrible. Terrible thing and I know that role will learn about the situation in which you know this terrible thing happened. Manned our condolences to shoot that person. And their family because that is just. It’s an unspeakable. Tragedy occurred. But it does take place and will wolf I know and eat them. Actually what see what decision Wake Forest makes and I really unusual situation. He had the top spot and you know offered Jameel Jones he’s caddies they Suzanne what I felt like what I was in danger if he says that and it’s like I. It’s a terrible tragedy like you said that late. We don’t like like he said nothing good out of that that in that one of our team security guys. Who was a long time detective here was actually on one of those like true crime shows were they tell stories of cases that they worked in one of his lines was. They say nothing good ever happens after like 1 o’clock in the morning and in this case it was exactly correct my I was watching TV I Collison who I just saw you on TV and at the same thing he said. Final vote here. Should Rick Pitino changed the name of his horse he had a horse named party cancer that was on our police and Del Mar in California. Yesterday and it’s like. Dude like you live. They air bounced out of Louisville because one of your assistance was hiring hookers and strippers become entertain players and you have they orders. Named party dancer probably not be out there. The best thing ticket Dick and I really don’t think Dolores would ever know the difference to be honest with. Yeah apparently he’s movies. You order the they do agree I think a new one needs to be added bargaining denial or. He’s he’s gone on the old troll mode to track the here and you know I you don’t are Giricek. Relevant statutes I never he’s not under deregulation the more I’m pretty sure nothing America. How you can and cannot name your or so you know more power to your kids you know. Suffolk. If that’s what you are doing it would go go forward and if you can you do what you were irrational. Bradley probably wanna change that name in my opinion that nonetheless still was still fun to talk about John. Always appreciated thanks so it’s Amanda have a great weekend we’ll catch sensitive. I cried John gasoline there from ESP and we’ll take quick break when we come back Jamie Baker’s staff they had. Of the Memphis Grizzlies. 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Good news is it’s easy to Oklahoma models are progressive and save on your car insurance and there’s your opening to remind them who pays the bills around Chirac for. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers just come available hostage situations. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and Sierra canceled times you know. From the Sunbelt. Zero’s where guests who do you. He had done lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone line on 929 FM ESPN. That. The dreaded air horn Ed the PGA championships and ballerina in Saint Louis. So they go back to the studio while whenever their studio set up as there. Ernie Johnson’s onset. Of another guy who I’m not sure who it is. And it took him about 45 seconds just get Andre when Dallas Tom how he seems in no bogeys lawyers again. Daschle little personality. I’d be a little bit more like to head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Jamie Baker’s staff who always has a good chuckle going. Especially when he sees me governor’s offices the highlight of his day. He has to join a radio show announced let’s make of today’s Q&A today the best in sports. Holidays you know. ES. I’d say that’s. I am here vacancies and hang up on me after that comment to be honest with you. Yeah when I started to activate did you hurt too badly did you actually pay I’d drop the call on site now get back the next time school. Sierra solar. He’s seen the schedule. Obviously. Like any entity got to play 41 homes 41 road. But the back to backs have been dropped down. The travel miles for the team overall I mean I know you don’t get an all these the good the logistics of at all. Blake looking at it it’s not bad you do open on the road through the first four on the road but there’s some nice home stands and the league seemingly is taking into account. Opportunities for teams to stay as fresh. As possible give me your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far the of the the layout. Staggering I think it’s important you know when your got guys who are. Pay to performance the level that our guys either. Trying to perform. For the fans’ standpoint you want guys be as aggressive as they possibly can so that they can perform. At the highest level that they possibly can choose you know compete out there and compete for the road fans or whatever may be but. They you know the league has done a really good job of taking steps in that direction. You know spread in the game down a little bit more taken out you know the four’s insides and you know it made back to backs as they possibly could so. And I’m excited about it you know you look at the schedule like you said. You know there are many. But it our longest road trip to the board game trip. I mean about it I believe something like that and so I think you know means of those those two things I’ve gotten a play in your favor in the long run. You know more arrests we get the doubt that we’re gonna play the better for us in the more pressure we can put on people. Well I’d better stay out you saw early because you plan three times in the first twelve twice in Utah. They’re pretty good there there are some tough match just I think any time you look at the west and and what’s happened over the offseason. You just heard just gonna be saying the same thing pretty much every time. Damn that’s a tough game damn that’s a tough game damn they’re good in the west is just absurd it’s not like the east is terrible but. The balance of power continues to stage more focused on the western side of the league right now Alec LeBron joining the lakers and although coli leaves the spurs. Mean Western Conference teams seemingly just about everyone of them got stronger. Yeah there’s no doubt about it there’s an arms are afraid out west and that the way. You know people have to approach it age you know whatever you can do to find an age you gotta be willing to do it and I think. You know you see organizations here I in the Western Conference that especially. Other trying to figure out a way to get past the Golden State Warriors and as long as the warriors are. You know the reigning champs don’t Western Conference teams are pride full they’re gonna try to find ways to beat. The Golden State Warriors so everybody’s on a mission every single summer. It kind of putting unit together on the floor. That can you know disarmament chance so whatever you gotta do. Teams are doing it in in a lot of that. Lot of time to believe they’re taken pieces from the Eastern Conference and taken pieces. You know from other teams and things like that and stick them in one area. You don’t trying to dethrone the champ. So. Jamie Baker’s staff joining us here on the program. Let’s step away from the scheduled for just a sack tough news yesterday for Javon Carter. I know there’s still like it valuations to be done but how how troubling was that beauty here knowing how hard. The young man has work to try to get himself ready for training camp. Is not typical you feel pretty kid. You know the type of kid that he is the type of effort that he puts an end. To regain into competing. You know it it it sucks up to be quite honest with you. For him but you know the good thing for him in. He’s got a good supporting cast of people around in this family there with them the coaching staff and his teammates. Our in our training staff and you know the doctor issues and they’ll put him in. So we’ll make sure that he’s right in with him. You know it’s understanding that we’re gonna do what’s best for his future and not something that’s you know. Our quick fix. And try to get him back here you know what if any on the sword and the most important thing for him as you know we’re trying to prolong his career given an opportunity he’d be the player that we expect him to beat. You know so we’ll do the right things by him for sure. But it is difficult you know it is tough but you know to launch even you know expectations are that he will be bad. Obviously early in the season so. You know we expect in the work as part of his rehab that he does on the court. How much contact you have with the guys during the offseason just say individual contact with every night. I don’t know what if there are rules and regulations but I know you are. A guy that is very hands on your relationships individually with the players mattered to you you we’ve discussed this and I know you have to let the guys do their thing but I I know you also want to know. Them to know what is to be expected of them the day training camp opens in late September. I mean yeah. What I try to do is you know reach out to guys. And different guys obviously have different schedules. How much attention they need in the amount of conversation that we need to have you know the younger guys. We kind of keeping heavier someone. Just to make sure that they’re doing the same that we expect them to do and that the way that we can can help guide them you know. The right way through their career when they’re building their habit in the summer and there are in experience in all seasons with so much down time. For the first time and you know who knows how long so those that we keep you know we keep. Closer tabs on and try to help them. The veteran guy you know. Once every two weeks once a month you know will reach out as a conversation. Just to check on and see how they’re doing. The other families are doing and you know those types of things and end. You know recently sent out you know matched that he text message to the guys. You know to let them know what we are expectations are for the first aid training camp from where we expect in the B and you know let them know we’re here to help them get there. You know what guys are on their own. Then we expect him to be there and be prepared to go in the caught up with the rest of the group. You know I’d say it’s I uninteresting. Scenario now because it’s not liking new head coach walking in Q eighteen he’s unfamiliar with how much does that help you in terms of getting ready for what you wanna do. Day one last year I know was tough because. You were close friends with David says dale you are close friends of David says dale. It’s never a way you wanna get an opportunity but you also have a desire to be head coach in this league so now. The interim tag is lifted the good the deal is done you are now in in charge of this in charge of this ship so. It does I I I assume present a little bit of an advantage knowing. The hand you’re already being dealt with some new faces in there about a lot of guys that they were brought in its seemingly fit what you wanna deal on some new faces that have. Very good reputations of basketball IQ and character guys that can help raise the level of this team back to where it’s expected to be. Well I think that the best part about going through last year with the guys. That will be returning as you build trust. And people get to understand one another you know when times are tough. And you know the type of people that you wanna be around. In difficult situations. You know their character shows and so you know what did situation we expect to have this year you know we expect to be a much better basketball team. I’m not. You know have to deal where if you know the injuries and things like that that we went through last year. But knowing that in tough times you can count on one another. Gives you a leg up already. So. You know being able to build that trust and respect one another last year and then having this summer to actually put things together and put a plan in place. You know has been great you know we’ve been extremely Gideon the coaching staff. You know watching a ton of film. You know communicating with one another so that we can. I’d get off to a fast start at the beginning of the season and that you know still be working for questions. And you know black he’s a little bit early but our expectation is wanna get off to a fast start you were preparing now to be that. I can’t thank you enough for the time I know your busy guy this season opens on October 17 in Indiana regular season home opener. Is October 19 pre season starts October 2. I’ll be knocking on your office door before you know it and I know you seemingly cannot wait so two. Well yeah you know I’m machine you know initiation yeah you know how much I know you miss me you live like a half a block away from me and I still haven’t seen you all summer so that’s I know you are definitely. I Jones and hang out right. Yeah I appreciate you look at what time initiate a quick right before I was under Illini golf cart was feeling out steady speeding away from me that was somebody outside knows the appreciate now I know I’m. I appreciate all your time as always you know that and I’ll be at some more time of the family before we. Kick off the wild roller coaster ride of the season very similar front. Our appreciate you guitar pretty easy. Jamie Baker’s step echoes of the Memphis Grizzlies right there. I had to ask that it. We have been so blessed over the years with just great people around us organization and he fits that bill. Tootsie agree he he genuinely. I’ll tell you this. He genuinely cares. About. Everybody that works in that organization on a day to day basis for the team and and people is include people he’s around you know we genuinely cares he’s just a good. Dude and a perfect example and get of that is as many do. Number I lost my father at the end of last season I’d I didn’t tell hardly anybody and I asked my bosses today. People need to know right now need to know we have two more games left let’s just get through it. People find out after its I don’t want coaches players not I’m not. Right after my father passed away. Scott Zachary. Right after that rob Fisher lost his file and to a man JB reach out to each one of us individually. So hey I just found out I’m really sorry if there’s anything actually sent me a Clark and written card Webber does that anymore let you know. Semi handwritten card some might ask me who sent distance from JB. We came and I heard I heard about your father I’m really sorry I wish we would have known I understand though when I was just like. I don’t I saw us and it won’t bug eyes and it you know we have we have games to get through two more to get through was a long season and off I didn’t want you know. Wasn’t looking for that in a tough job you were a tough spot I appreciate that that’s we as. But he genuinely cares and I think he’s just. Terrific. All the way around for the organization and I’m really anxious to see. Well he can do with a full training camp implementing his own staff is on people is nothing is guys we’re here before those ran that by David Tisdale in relationships with all those guys and that’s why. They were on the stuff program run. He by sleep BC’s twice at a ninety curbing what road corner of Herbie Witten and summer CBC’s doesn’t have sales like regular mattresses or furniture store mattress or furniture stores. Because their retail prices everyday or fifty to 80%. Below retail. So disease carries the big name brands like the sort I comfort sort of perfect sleeper. 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