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The 8 Best Pet Products on Amazon This February – AZ Animals

Amazon says they have everything from A to Z, and it certainly seems true. The number of unique and useful products we find each month on Amazon justifies the time we spend shopping (or so we think!).

For February, we went looking for things that make your life as a pet owner and, by extension, your pets’ lives, better.

  1. VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs
  2. VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

    • Allows for automatic, scheduled feedings.
    • Plugs into wall outlet.
    • Has battery backup in case a power outage occurs.
    • Available in two options: one that stores four liters and another that stores six.
    • Recording option to record a pet call for dinner time.

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Best Overall: Voluas Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs, 4L White Opaque— Save 31%

Best Overall

VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

  • Allows for automatic, scheduled feedings.
  • Plugs into wall outlet.
  • Has battery backup in case a power outage occurs.
  • Available in two options: one that stores four liters and another that stores six.
  • Recording option to record a pet call for dinner time.

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Busy lives mean sometimes we need a little help with keeping schedules, but technology is here to help! You can schedule your pet’s meals at regular times, even if your schedule is chaotic.

The Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder offers a few great features to make your pets happier and life easier:

  • Automatic, scheduled feedings
  • Plugs into the outlet and has a battery backup in case of power outages.
  • Stores four liters of dry food.
  • A recording option lets you record yourself calling your pets for dinner when the feedings occur.

Keeping a crazy schedule doesn’t mean your pets have to eat at weird times. If you get home late and want to make sure fluffy gets fed at a reasonable time, the Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder could be your ticket to a happier (or at least well-fed) pet. Right now, the white opaque four-liter version is discounted by 31%.

It’s easy to clean and set up, making it our pick for the best overall pet product in February.

Best Dog Accessory: Mighty Paw Dog Treat Bag

Best Dog Accessory

Did you get a new dog over the holidays? If so, you’re probably on the lookout for more training supplies. Nothing quite beats a great treat bag to quickly get to the treats you need to reinforce training.

We found a terrific option: it’s a drawstring bag that not only stays open when you need it, but also closes snugly. Durable materials combined with an excellent design make the Mighty Paw Dog Treat Bag a top choice for dog owners. The treat bag has a built-in zippered slot, an open slot, and a clip for your training clicker. You’ll be able to hold up to two cups of your pup’s favorite treats; there’s even a little pocket for poopy bags. It comes with an adjustable strap that you can use either as a belt or a crossbody strap, and the bag itself has a belt clip.

The design plus a reasonable price make the Mighty Paw Dog Treat Bag our pick for the best bog accessory this February.

Best Dog Training Treats: Buddy Biscuits Training Bites with Bacon

Best Dog Training Treats

When it comes to training treats, the best ones are those your dog goes nuts over. And, whether that’s a piece of bacon or a commercial treat, size matters — the smaller the better. Big chunky treats take too long to eat and fill your pup’s belly before you’re even done training.

Buddy Trainers Training Bites make training easier. They’re tiny and only 1.5 calories each, but pack a big flavor punch — they’re exactly the type of treat that a baby dog learning new stuff needs.

These treats are baked in the USA without any grains, soy, corn, or artificial flavors. Small chewy treats with big flavors make the Buddy Trainers Training Bites our pick for the best dog training treat in February.

Best for Cats: Conlun Cat Litter Trapping Mat — Save 14%

Best for Cats

Love your cats, but hate the litter mess? Us too! Luckily, we found a product that should help. The Conlun Cat Litter Trapping Mat has a unique design that gathers the litter your cat tries to scatter so you can toss it out first.

Designed with a honeycomb layer over the top of a waterproof layer, it’s made from soft EVA that’s gentle on paws. The mat comes in two sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your home. This product is easy to use and you could even use it as a feeding mat so you can contain that mess too.

For its wonderful design and great price point, the Conlun Cat Litter Trapping Mat is our pick for the best cat product deal this February at Amazon.

Best for Fish and Aquatic Pets: Shipwreck Aquarium Decoration — Save 26%

Best for Fish and Aquatic Pets

Who doesn’t love a pirate ship? They’ll really be sleeping with the fishies in Davy Jones’ locker.

This pirate ship, like many aquarium decorations, is made from resin and is quite large. It’s 22 inches long, nearly 15 inches tall, and just under six inches wide. The size makes it more suitable for aquariums 20 gallons and bigger. Customers mention that the quality is nicer than you often find; additionally, the edges were already smooth and needed no extra sanding to make it aquarium-ready.

The size, details, and great discount make the Shipwreck Aquarium Decoration our pick for the best fish product in February.

Best Deal for Small Animals: Amakunft Portable Small Animals Playpen, Blue — Save 17%

Little guys need outside time too! This portable playpen allows them a little play time outside of their enclosure for some enrichment time.

The playpen comes in several sizes and colors, but it’s the small blue one that is discounted. The polyester fabric is over a frame that pops open when you need it, then folds flat for storage. We don’t recommend leaving your little guys in this unsupervised, because they could chew through the fabric. However, toss in some hay, a water bowl, and maybe a puzzle toy, and it’s playtime!

We love the cute design that lets guinea pigs and other small pets have their day outside in safety — it makes the Amakunft Portable Small Animals Playpen our pick for the best small animals product in February.

Best for Backyard Chickens: Eaton Pet & Pasture Premium Laying Hen Nesting Pads

Best for Backyard Chickens

Chickens are a hoot to watch as they cluck and scratch their way across the yard. If you have ever had chickens, you know the great joy they seem to take in laying a great, big egg!

Providing your backyard chickens a great place to lay eggs means you’ll be less likely to have an ”Easter egg hunt” every time you need to collect them. Eaton’s Premium Laying Hen Nesting Pads can help do just that — they’re flexible enough to smush into the corners and almost pillow-soft for your birds.

An extra benefit is that these nesting pads make cleanup easy. If there’s anything about having laying hens that’s not fun, it’s the cleanup. A nesting pad like this makes keeping their nesting area clean because you can just pull out the pad and toss it out.

For pure convenience, Eaton Pet & Pasture Premium Laying Hen Nesting Pads are our pick for the best backyard chicken product this February.

Best for Reptiles: Kathson 3-Piece Reptile Vines and Plants — Save 5%

Best for Reptiles

Reptiles need enrichment too! We pull our ball pythons out pretty regularly for some outside time, but why not make their terrarium into an enrichment zone too?

Faux vines and leaves offer terrific cover and climbing opportunities for reptiles from snakes to chameleons. The set includes a bendable jungle vine with metal core for shaping to your preference, faux fern leaf bunch, and pothos-type leaves. All of these together combine to give your reptiles a variety of textures and hiding spots.

We like that the wire core makes these faux vines and leaf bunches flexible enough to sculpt and stay in that position when you walk away. The Kathson 3-piece Reptile Vines and Plants is our pick for the best reptile product this February.

How to Save Money with Amazon

Amazon offers several ways to save; they even have a coupons section in each department. Our favorites are the lightning deals — super-special discounts that are only available for a short period of time or until they sell the number authorized.

That said, for things you buy every month, a terrific choice is their Subscribe & Save program. You can set up a regular shipment of things like food or medications for your pets so you never run out of favorite treats or flea medications.

See the best January deals on Amazon here!

The 8 Best Pet Products on Amazon This February FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do you find the best prices on Amazon?

Usually, Amazon’s prices are competitive, and the free 2-day and faster shipping for Prime members makes it even better. However, there are a couple of ways to save even more.

Their lightning deals are one our favorites — super special deals that are only available for a few hours or until customers purchase a certain number of the item. These are often 25% off but we have seen even deeper discounts.

The other option is the coupon section. You’d be amazed at the deals you find just by scrolling through the different departments.

Is the Amazon Prime membership worth the money?

Well, it depends, but for people who like to stream movies, TV shows, and music then it’s definitely worth the price. Add that to the sometimes same-day shipping available to Prime members and it becomes a steal of a deal.

What is Amazon’s return or refund policy?

For most things, it’s 30 days. They sometimes extend it during the holidays for gifts that need returning though, so look for the return-by date in your order history.

Some items, like electronics, can’t be returned unless they arrived broken or damaged.


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