Thursday, 11 August 2022
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Tell Police to Release Brave Dog Seized for ‘Aggression’ After Saving His Family From Angry Mob!

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Recently, a mob of men showed up at the home of a couple living in Bristol, England. The angry gang members were looking to confront a sex offender who had lived at the residence in the past. But when the couple told the irate men that the individual they were seeking no longer lived there, the men didn’t believe them.

Things quickly turned ugly as the group of 20 males began attacking the innocent man and woman. But fortunately for them, their dog, a Staffy Cross Labrador named Kylo, quickly jumped into action. He was able to intimidate the majority of the men into leaving the premises, but five remained and inflicted serious injuries on the pair. Kylo continued to do everything he could to scare off the remaining assailants until they finally fled the scene.

There’s no telling what might have happened if Kylo hadn’t been there to drive off the horde of violent men. The couple was badly injured and traumatized, but things could have been far worse if their courageous pup didn’t defend them. In fact, there’s a good chance that Kylo may have even saved their lives.

But when police arrived at the couple’s house minutes after the attackers left, Kylo was understandably confused and riled up. Mistaking the good guys for more intruders, he began barking at them, so they locked him in a room. When the police finished interviewing the couple about the horrible incident and went outside, the distraught woman accidentally let Kylo out, at which point he bit two of the officers in an attempt to continue protecting his guardians from harm.

The couple apologized and pled with the police not to take Kylo, who had never been aggressive in the past and was clearly just trying to keep his family safe after they had been brutally attacked minutes earlier. But the officers insisted that they had no choice but to seize Kylo for his behavior.

Weeks later, Kylo is still in police custody and will likely be put down soon. The couple is willing to do anything to get back their beloved dog who put his own safety at risk to save their lives.

If you believe that Kylo deserves to be forgiven for what he did in a moment of panic and reunited with his owners, please sign this petition on Care2 asking the police of Avon and Somerset to reconsider their decision to euthanize the hero dog. Every signature counts in helping to save this brave dog from a fate he doesn’t deserve!

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Image Source: Flickr


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