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Lisa Momberger, co-owner of Honey I’m Home, discusses how the company’s growing lineup of honey-glazed buffalo treats and chews are winning over even the pickiest pets with a unique sweet and salty taste.

Published: 08.01.2018

When and how was Honey I’m Home founded? What inspired you to get into the dog chew business? Honey I’m Home officially launched in February 2018, although it was an idea that was being developed over the last couple of years. The inspiration was, of course, a dog. Like many others in the business, you want what’s best for your four-legged furry friend, and our quest was no different. We wanted to find a treat that was a healthy alternative to beef, but also something unique even the pickiest pooches would go nuts over. We definitely hit the mark because so many people who swear their dogs are too picky and probably won’t eat the treat end up picking their jaws off the floor as they watch the treats get devoured.

What makes Honey I’m Home’s dog chews stand out from other products on the market? The biggest differentiator is that we use a special honey glaze on all of our treats and chews, giving them a unique sweet and salty taste dogs go crazy over. Another distinctive difference is that we use buffalo, which we source out of India. Buffalo from India is raised for human consumption, so all our products are made from human-grade ingredients of the highest quality. Additionally, with a population of over 180 million buffalo, we steer clear of contributing to the dissipation American Bison, the population of which is only in the hundreds of thousands. We are very passionate about remaining socially and ecologically conscious as our brand continues to grow.

What are some of Honey I’m Home’s most popular and newest products? What are the key features of these products? Our most popular products have been our 6-in. Bully Sticks and our Horn Core. They are both great chews that cater to small and large dogs, respectively. Our Horn Core is unique because it’s the actual marrow of the horn, so a dog can chew through it, leaving them feeling accomplished and not bored.

We initially started with five products but will have 11 unique SKUs by the end of August, so there’s a lot to be excited about. One of our more unique new products is our udder stick, which smells like dark chocolate. Dogs go crazy for these, and they’re also easy to break into little pieces, making them good training treats. Two of our other exciting new products are Neck-Bone Steaks and Rib Drumsticks. These two treats look like mini versions of what humans eat and everybody deserves a steak and ribs right?

Other than producing a range of high-quality dog chews, how does Honey I’m Home help retailers drive sales? What types of marketing and sales support do you provide for retailers? Our retailers are really important to us, as they are the key to getting our products in the hands of the consumer and in the mouths of dogs—like we say, “From your paws to their jaws!” As a new brand, we have a unique opportunity to test various marketing ideas, and we are more than willing think and play outside the box. We realize that every market is different, so we decided a more collaborative approach works best to avoid creating a promotion, event or campaign that might not drive sales for our retailers. You need all moving parts working together cohesively to drive success, so it’s important to us that everyone has a voice in the endeavor along the way.

What does the future hold for Honey I’m Home? More licks of love from as many dogs as possible! We want to continue to develop our brand for the pet community as a whole. We love what we are doing; so the more we can contribute and participate in the community, the better. We feel like the possibilities are endless, so we’re going to keep creating more new and exciting stuff.  PB


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