Dog attacks on postmen are no laughing matter with almost 2,300 posties attacked by dogs last year – with attacks peaking in summer.

The Royal Mail revealed that, although the total number of attacks fell by 8%, there were increases in several areas of the country.

Postal workers bitten by dogs have been left with permanent and disabling injuries, with more than 44 attacks every week despite years of campaigns aimed at protecting employees.

Stop your dogs biting us, plead postmen after 2,300 attacks in one year

Dog attacks are no joke (Picture Getty)

The worst areas for attacks last year were Torquay, Stockport, Oldham, St Albans, Slough, Colchester, Blackburn, Llandudno, Hemel Hempstead and Hull.

Shaun Davis, of Royal Mail, said: ‘Our research continues to show that attacks happen most often in the summer, so we are continuing our campaign to appeal to customers to help us cut attacks across the UK.

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‘I am pleased that the overall dog attacks numbers continue to fall, but I am still very concerned that in some postcodes attacks are on the increase. I am appealing to dog owners to think twice when the postman calls.


‘People should remember that 82% of attacks happen at the front door or in the garden, so this is not just a Royal Mail issue – many other delivery and utility companies and local authorities face the same problem.’

UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 26: Postman Paul Haslegrave is greeted by a dog as he delivers letters on his rounds in Virginia Waters, Surrey, U.K., on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009. The leaders of eight U.K. labor unions with 2.5 million members attacked the government's plan to sell a stake in Royal Mail Group Plc, the state-owned postal service, to a commercial investor, the Guardian reported. (Photo by Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

No laughing matter (Getty)

Dave Joyce, of the Communication Workers Union, said: ‘The failure of some dog owners to control their animals remains a major concern for postal workers and the public.

‘Seven postal workers are attacked by dogs every working day of the year, which is unacceptable.