Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Stop puppy whining | Training a nervous dog | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #432

camera's there look at the camera we're live now look right there no this camera they can see you I don't want to look at the camera people want to see you yeah they do they do hey everybody how are you it's Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training and I've got Linda next to me who nobody needs to see that's in your words I'm gonna put a bag over my head I do the show I do the show hey everybody hey hey hey so I do the show because so many people are struggling out there with their dogs yeah and there's so much misinformation out there and I'm actually boy do I've got some just a lot of stuff to talk about I'll probably do that on a different Facebook on YouTube live or a Facebook live or a Q&A but anyway my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training if you're brand new to my world I've got a training facility up in Providence Rhode Island we specialize in aggression rehab and behavior modification we work with some pretty serious dogs but we're also work with you know happy go lucky puppies I personally travel the world I do dog training seminars I was actually just in Long Island this weekend I'm gonna be up and Collingwood Canada we've already got like 35 people there and you know T3 our T3 seminar it's sold out it sold out today so that's really good that's a seven-day intensive that's sold out with with a lot of people anyway if I want to go to T3 do I get a discount no you can't go actually it's it sold out I don't need to go this time I can go some other time you can't so now it's time to ask your dog training questions if you don't understand what I do you're gonna hear me talk a lot about punishment on this show and I would say 10% of what we do at the training center is punishment 90% what we do is like positive reinforcement but I'm not gonna go talk science but what I'm saying is most people ask questions on this show that we reinforce them with usually food praise physical touch sometimes a toy but we don't do a lot of toy stuff at the beginning to to to teach dogs but but when we want to stop an unwanted behavior my two favorite people on YouTube Jeff and Linda Linda I sneak you in so excited to participate in T3 okay watched all your videos on E collar training I cannot find my dog's working level no response it's snug it works no distractions what gives absolutely no reaction alright so you want to make sure that number one that both units are on I would test it off the dog put it on your hand make sure it works the unit also comes with a light a little light switch so you can test it with a light switch also what you're gonna do is is you want to make sure remember your dog's going to do anything we live near a fire station in an urban area so by a fire station but that was a police car but your dog's not going to just do something so remember the remote collar only gives information you still have to give leash pressure to the dog and lead the dog so if you're above 20 you're it's probably not on stun enough it's possibly that it's not making contact if you have a thick fur dog you need thick fur contact points that's really really important as well so you want to make sure it's on super snug start at number two go to four go to six go to eight go to ten and this is on I'm talking about an E Collar technology or a Dogtra units the ones we use go to a hundred and you should start seeing something and if you're not it's possible you have a defective unit or something is wrong try again but it's probably fit next okay Hayley thanks for the hair compliment it's a work in progress Kyler how do you punish a six-month-old puppy from whining when they don't get their way well it's not about getting their way so we don't punish a dog for not getting its way we punish a dog when we want to stop an unwanted behavior and if they're doing something dangerous not if they don't get their way that's that's important to specify so it's important that we raise our puppies properly but is a six-month-old dog though it's it's you it is a puppy but a six-month-old dog for whining you can use a lot of things for whining you can use a bonker for whining a bonker is a wrapped up towel oh shoot it's still packed away from my seminar it's a wrapped up towel I demonstrate bonkers all the time a pet convincer which is compressed air a leash pop a remote collar but the magic to punishment is you never yell you never scream and you're not angry it's matter of fact that's why we love tools you actually can use less force so next alright this is from Jessica when I stop to talk with neighbors on a walk my lab will popcorn jump out of a sit and bark because I will not let him greet them am I underwhelming him with the prong would E Collar correction be better so number one you want to work on really good sits around distractions number one so your dog needs to hold the sit and around distractions and I would let nobody pet your dog right now in public nobody don't ever I don't let anybody pet my dogs my dog's job is to walk next to me and if I see somebody and I want to talk to them I stop I put my dog into a sit and that's it and if someone says can I pet your dog I say thank you for asking but no so they'll never not even no well how about after the conversation can I pet your dog no don't let people pet your dog just don't let them do it and I'm not against people petting dogs but the point being is let's teach your dog right now and that nobody else matters in this world but you that's it the owner you all that matters nobody else matters so to stop the jumping up yeah you would have to correct the dog you have to so that's with a leash pop now remote collar training is going to be wonderful but the biggest thing is going to be is going to be practicing sits around high levels of distraction so you have to role play it over and over and over and over again go to public places where there's lots of people walking by but the magic to it truly is also is just your dog doesn't think someone's gonna pet it my dogs never think someone's gonna pet them and my dogs are social next oh right hey Melissa how's it going hey Melissa thanks for being here I just messed up okay train this is from Martha treating a very small nervous dog that is extremely skittish please you missed a bunch of them did I right after oh sorry sorry because I was looking at this one yeah oh sorry guys this is from Kayla thoughts on pinning my dad does it seems a little intense so I wouldn't call it intense we don't pin pinning mostly pinning a dog is a great way to get bit it's a wonderful way to get bit most people do it wrong we don't pin so I would never suggest an owner pins now if your dad pins your dog and it's working for your dad I'm not gonna tell him not to do it but I wouldn't suggest that as a as a as a training style or as a behavioral modification technique at all next okay Robin leash reactive dog to other dogs prong collar doesn't work dog is conditioning to E collar should I use E collar before dog explodes so Robin once the dog explodes it's too late if you're trying to rehabilitate somebody from alcohol drinking alcohol you wouldn't wait until they were drunk and then talk to them about they shouldn't drink correct and I'm being serious here when do you talk to the person about their alcohol issues before they pick up the first drop of alcohol and you help them through so when someone's in recovery and when someone's learned to not drink anymore you address it at the first thought of drinking with leash reactivity you apply your Punisher at the first thought of being reactive and we can usually tell by our dog's body language so and their breathing and their intensity so they might be going that's when you apply the Punisher and I would use a remote collar for that it's a lot easier to do that and it works a lot better and the rehab process is much simpler next this one's from Martha what age can you do higher corrections for obedience commands um what age it all depends not about the age it's how well does the dog know the command so when it comes to obedience we don't apply a Punisher until a dog until we feel a dog knows the command there's another part to her question training a very small nervous dog that is extremely skittish and flees during training even on leash okay that doesn't help me as far as the age that's different so nervous and age are two different things we have nervous dogs that are eight years old so and higher so but I'll address the nervousness so the obedience command its if they know it so we wait until they know it but so that's technically we would apply a Punisher after about eight days of training but that's at a training center doing it all the time as far as a nervous fearful dog the best way the most effective way the kindness way to actually help rehabilitate nervousness and fear is actually holding the dog accountable for everything because they want to flee and a fleeing dog will get hit by a car a fleeing dog will hide underneath the couch and you reach for it it gets bit so fleeing dogs are in a state of fear I want that dog to not be in fear anymore we deal with a ton of fearful dogs the information you get out there will say oh if you punish a fearful dog you'll make it worse that's the biggest bunch of bullshit in the world number one there's nobody who's ever who ever said that never studied it and they've never done it properly so we do it we do it properly and we see it get the dog out of the fear state all the time we see dogs build confidence and we don't see them build confidence with love and affection we're not against love and affection but when it comes to fear and anxiety holding the dog accountable that's why people have to properly learn it learn how a dog no anger you're not mad it's just matter of fact next alright this one's from Stephanie finally getting an e-collar soon for my husky mix when I first start training her with it do i layer it over the information and corrections I get with her prompt yes you can do that we layer for all the obedience stuff we layer pressure on pressure off with the remote collar next this one's from Martha as well small dog screams and flops around with slightest pronged pressure you slip lead and e-collar instead you could use a slip lead and E Collar as well but if it's possible the dogs just being dramatic so prong collars don't hurt so people have got to understand that prong collars don't hurt at all they look barbaric but they don't hurt when people say well they look like they hurts okay but they don't hurt so oh I heard they hurt you were lied to they don't hurt have you put it on yourself well number one yes I have but what does that have to do with my dog nothing at all I don't eat out of a food bowl I don't eat dog food you know what I mean I take my shits in the toilets so what my dog does and what I do are two different things and no I don't do it to my kids like those are all irrelevant so the animal a k9 is different than our species so the point being is it doesn't hurt so the drama is literally drama next best way to proof recall long-lead enclosed area press and hold at a higher level guiding dog know the way you would proof it would be momentary so we do press and hold during the training process during the proofing process we would call the dog back if they don't respond so if a dog is in is 30 40 50 feet away from you and you're doing recall I'm going to assume or at least they should understand what recall is therefore it's time to proof the way you proof you call your dog back if it doesn't come back we hit momentary at a higher level because it is a Punisher for lack of a known command so it's a Punisher for lack of known command the only way to get a reliable obedience command is to apply a Punisher for not doing it it's the only way to do it so and then but you have the dog on a long line because a remote collar is not directional so some dogs will run the other way so you need to guide them but it shouldn't be like it's not like fishing the dog should actually come back why by the time you're proofing it it's probably done it 250 times already successfully next this one's from Noah and Lincoln I take my dog out with prong and E Collar high distractions level 75 on the boss doesn't redirect his attention 75 in the house definitely works ecologists nug and okay so 75 on a boss is pretty high so you've got yourself an intense dog what I would do is I would make sure the contact points are the right contact points so there's about 10 different contact points you can get if you've got a thicker fur a dog you want to make sure you've got the thick fur contact points it's very very important you want to make sure that that collar isn't just snug but it literally it has to like the metal has to be touching skin and then what you want to do is it's possibly that you're waiting too late in the sequence but even if you did 75 is pretty high it goes up to 100 but if your dogs blowing through a hundred without being in full drive that's pretty intense so what I would do is you have to find make sure you're doing it way sooner in the sequence of arousal next this one's from AddaLee for E Collar heel once the dog understands the heel command and what the e-collar stim means do you use a higher level on the e-collar and correct the dog for leaving heel so AddaLee great question again once the dog knows a known command which is heel which it sounds like from your description that it does you would have to apply a Punisher for lack of compliance so the best way to apply a Punisher when it comes to remote collar for heel would be a higher level nick which would simulate a leash pop so you've already done the training you've already done the proofing you've already done I don't know how many miles miles of walks correct now it's time for the dog to finally do what it's supposed to do and it usually does but once in a while when it gets out of the heel command what you would do is you would say either heel or no and you would apply the the nick at a higher level your dog should go whoa that was pretty intense I better back up a little bit and that's how you do it next this one's from Hasan my dog starts to attack people on street when sorry when they get closer to us and I noticed that he is afraid from them what should i do please he is two years okay so Hasan if your dog is attacking people in the street you should have a muzzle on your dog I'm let me also I'm not going to assume it as a leash so I just want to soon that anymore so make sure your dog is leashed it should be leashed you should have a muzzle on your dog and you should teach your dog how to walk properly next to you and you want to make sure that nobody tries to pet your dog and you're gonna want to use space so this is not like the full training this is a very short answer to make sure that people don't get attacked because if I was walking down the street and your dog attacked me and I'm not a violent person don't get me wrong I assure you it would not be pretty because I can't let dogs attack me because I've got the right to walk down public streets so so that's why you're calling in I want to be helpful but that's a very long answer that I have to give you and it's not gonna be done on this 15 second answer so I would think about joining my patreon page also people there's a little dollar sign down there I know people have super chat people click that stuff happens so good stuff happens to me if someone presses super chat so feel free to super chat me and what you can do is so if you're not using a prong collar have a prong collar on your dog teach your dog how to properly heel make sure your dog is walking next to you it's not out in front of you start with all those things so start with some of my simple do-it-yourself videos please get a good fitting muzzle get a basket muzzle and don't let your dog make contact with people next all right this one's from Holly you got my to Huskys dialed in doing great on and off practice for two weeks females responding to off-leash heeling in a controlled environment how soon is it too soon to start expecting that well I mean all all depends on how much training you're doing so off leash heeling in busy places though we actually don't do that and I've seen all the videos out there they look great there's nothing nothing against people that are doing it none of our clients though want to off leash heel in city centers farmers markets crowded places it's a little bit of a sleight of hand because it's a highly structured environment so but if you want to start role-playing you know off leash heeling that all depends on how well the dog is doing with basic heeling and also what behavioral issues the dog struggled with in the past if you've got a dog that's lunged at people I would never do it it's unethical so you know but but if you want to do it it's like let the dog tell you let the dog tell you next uh hi Kim how are you doing good to see you the next question is from Rway hello what do you do for a dog that keeps spilling his water bowl um I would there's a couple of things number one the dog is not allowed free access to water the dogs not allowed free access to water I would also look into a water bucket that can be clipped on to something so they make buckets you can clip them onto something what you can do is during meal time you can you can give your dog water and then you can take it away dogs do not need 24-hour access to water now my dogs have 24 hours to water why they don't they hold it overnight and they don't spill their water so they behave accordingly and when I'm in my RV though traveling in my RV so this week I'm in my RV on Wednesday I'll be my every for 8 days my dogs will not have free access to water what I'll do is I'll give them a bunch of water with their with their meals and then they'll have little water breaks but it's also I'm not out 110 degree weather either but a dog doesn't need to have constant water if it's spilling it it's it's you know not behaving properly so lets limit the access to it next this one's from Kayla my dog yelps very loud when I put my E Collar on stem to correct him growling it's a massive scene and very humiliating I've pretty much been putting my E Collar on loose so it's not full contact okay so Kayla then take off your e-collar so so don't please don't use the tool inappropriately all right I'm not mad at you Kayla so so your dog should have the E Collar so putting it on loose is a disservice to your dog if anything you would just dial it down make sure you E Collar is on properly so if your dog is it's correcting the growling you can do it there you can if it's making that much of a scene it's possible that your levels are too high if your levels are too high as far as it being humiliating I can't tell you not to be humiliated but dogs don't make us humiliated just keep in mind so from our personal growth standpoint nobody can make us humiliated nobody can all right so that's that comes that comes from within doesn't make you a bad person I don't know if you listen to me long enough to know me well enough and and we and we we have those conversations but I have those conversations openly a lot about personal growth becoming a better human being how to deal with a lot of different things in life but what I would do is check to make sure your levels are not too high now if someone's brand-new to my show you might hear that oh you're not supposed to correct growling 99% of the time yes you are so a lot of trainers will say don't correct the growling because there'll be no warning trust me you correct the growling you correct the biting you correct the thought of growling and the thought of biting so next oh this one's from AJ hey AJ nine month old dog does well with walks having trouble with breaking heel when someone comes from behind and posturing change of breathing when seeing other dogs E Collar and prong collar trained so what I would do is as soon as that dog changes its posture that's when you give that dog in E Collar correction what it does is it breaks that dog's mindset and puts them back and put them back into heel make sure you're giving that dog lots of guidance on this stuff though remember remote collar are not directional they're not directional at all so what you want to do is you want to role play this role play a role play a role play it so as soon as that dog starts getting out of focus and it starts getting tense tense is probably a paw is the first sequence possibly of loading and then the dog will explode so what you want to do is you want to eliminate that you want to eliminate that next this is from I don't know how to say it yep starting crate training what behaviors do I correct while he's kenneled what level should I correct at so as far as so that's a varied question there so you're starting crate training I need to it's not just about correcting so what do you correct at this is this is what you do proper crate behavior is go into a crate lie down and be quiet that's the proper crate behavior so any barking any whining any trying to get out there's a bunch of ways you can stop it you can walk up to the crate and just hit the top of the crates you could you can shake the crate you can use a pet convincer which is compressed air you can use the remote collar what you're going to do is with a remote collar you are going to figure out what the right level is pay attention to your dog always listen to the dog what's the dog telling you the last thing I want anybody to do is just start pushing buttons I want them to understand how the button is connected to the dog's behavior and how it's connected to stopping the dog's unwanted behavior and now some people are gonna say never punish your dog in a crate because it's supposed to be a happy place that's a bunch of bullshit number one the dog is already having a negative association just because you put in a padded dog bed stuffed toys some beautiful music and filtered water the dogs not going to go oh and pictures of like you know mountain streams the dogs not gonna go oh this is my happy place I'm gonna start I'm gonna stop whining dogs are whining why because that's what dogs do in crates so you make it suck to whine you make it suck to bark you make it suck to try to break out of a crate next okay you just got $2 from Patrick holy shit Patrick thank you that's amazing bam look at that hungry Animal Foundation says hello Jeff and Linda great to see you hello great to see you too alright here's one from Lynn 90 pound American bulldog having meltdowns walking by squirrels prong collar corrections seem to make him fight harder I'm only a hundred pounds time for E Collar oh gosh yeah yeah you have a 90 pound American bully that is freaking out with squirrels E Collar and we're in learning how to do E Collar heel absolutely your life will change um next yes next ok next Simon been stimulating high on walks whenever I see him fixate on other dogs he is no longer leash reactive how do I get him to engage friendly with other dogs without having trained dogs at my disposal whoa whoa whoa Simon never on a leash so never on a leash we're never gonna have the dog meat dogs on leashes ever ever friendly or not friendly ever now in a structured environments so that would be you know if you've got a doggie daycare which I'm not a big fan of most doggie daycares please don't go to dog parks your average dog park that's like the size of this room or maybe twice the size of this room um is not good there are some 10 acre dog parks but even those are pretty dangerous so if you want to have little play sessions play groups with some people you meet you can do like a meet up ask some people on Facebook some like-minded people that also think like you do that know that any bad behavior has to be corrected you want to put a little mixer of your own together that's what I suggest that when you greet them is first you can go for a walk but also understand the dog's behavior has your dog gotten into dog fights has their dog gotten into dog fights what's their play styles like there's a lot of different a lot of different variables but I just want to make sure it's clear never on walks next this one's from Kayla there's a new argument I heard the other day from pure positive trainers zoo animals are trained only with clickers so you shouldn't need tools for domestic dogs what are your thoughts Kayla okay Kayla like one thing has to does not have to do with another it's a bunch of bullshit it's it's not a new argument by the way it's a 40 year old argument and it's a crock of shit and I can't tell you how many zoo handlers dogs that I freaking trained and vets dogs that I've trained and and animals in zoos and sea parks are starved are starved they're they're also contained and it's you can't compare the same species to each other it's a bunch of bullshit all right whoever says that I love to have them come down to our my training center and show me how to train dogs all right they can't they've got no videos training difficult dogs at all next and by the way we use clickers and food to train dogs for full clarification we use clickers and food to train dogs every dog on our property is marker trained you cannot stop an unwanted behavior and either can the zoo ask the zoo how to stop an orangutan from eating its own shit ask the zookeeper how do you stop an orangutan from eating its own shit today and I'm being serious today not in a month you can't take a month it has to be stopped in one day how do you stop a orangutan for gouging out the eyes of another orangutan today then you have to keep them in the same area ask them they can't next right so it's not a new argument it's the same old bullshit argument next Martha says perfect thanks for your help as always Jeff thanks Linda sorry moon you were probably rude to me that's why you got that's why you got deleted bye Felicia yeah all right if you guys want to be rude on my show I've been doing this for a long time yeah I got you have there's nothing new you can insult me with there's nothing new I've heard it all before guys go on all right Susan have you ever E Collar trained at Greyhound is this something you would recommend yeah I do especially for recall especially for recall especially for not chasing white little fluffy things I'm being serious so with greyhounds we don't with the only thing that we've not done with greyhounds believe it or not we're not really big on teaching the Greyhound to sit because a lot of these X racing dogs they struggle sometimes with that sometimes Greyhound's struggle with going up into up and down steps that's easily fixed and fixed in one session but absolutely you can train a greyhound on a remote collar next oh this is from Lynny would love to see more dog owners join patreon and it has a community to share and ask questions yeah that'd be great go to patreon

com/solidk9training Thank You Lynny pack and harmony says hello I'm working with a former client of yours different dogs awesome congratulations that's great pack in harmony that's wonderful Arpro tell them we said hi Arpro what methods do you use to get on the place bed if he is very scared of it um just leash pressure just leash pressure the same method we use the same method we use it would be with a leash if a dog is so afraid it won't take food so you probably can use food so just leash pressure and if it's a raised pet bed if it's a raised cot turning over so it's flat or start on something that's flat now a lot of people are like oh well it's afraid of it cuz it doesn't know what it is it's a fucking piece of it's a piece of bedding it doesn't need to know what it is hey dog this is a piece of bedding it was made in North Korea wasn't made North Korea it was it was it was me it was imported from Asia it cost $1999 we got a wholesale for 999 like dogs don't need to know that that's some people are like oh and it's afraid of it because it didn't know what is it it doesn't know what it is your average basic balanced dog doesn't know what a lot of things are and they're not afraid of them so when you've got a dog that's fearful the best thing you can do is lead them and guide them and show them and you can get a dog that's afraid of a dog bed to go on a dog bed in about three minutes next happily next this is from hungry Animal Foundation just got my eat collar the other day it's fantastic it has four settings light beep vibrate and shock for the moment I use it on vibrate it's great so just to let you know we don't use vibrate and if you want to use vibrate that's fine I've had more dogs piss themselves on vibrate you can absolutely use vibrate a lot of people use vibrate though because they feel that it's gentler but but to me shock if you get shocked it goes from 0 to 100 depending on the brand there's some not-so-great remote collars out there and there's some collars out there that run too hot even in the lowest level so E Collar technology is a great one Dogtra is a great one as well and we do shock them all so the downfall of vibrate is it can't increase historically so if a dogs in Drive they don't even feel it they don't even feel it as far as using sound sound has no meaning a lot of people use sound as a precursor to a Punisher but remember a sound doesn't mean anything if my dog's heard a sound right now they wouldn't know what to do next but I'm glad that you're going down that path hungry Animal Foundation this one's from Holly what's the difference between a gentle leader and a slip lead leash when would you use the difference I haven't really researched yet two different things a gentle leader is a is considered a head harness so it goes over the nose and a slip lead is just a basically it looks like a noose and it's a slip lead and it just goes around the neck next this is from Rpro just curious how much does a girl / Kyra caliber puppy cost and how did you find the breeder anyway from thirty-five hundred to five thousand dollars but I did get her as a puppy I got her as a two year old green dog out of the Czech Republic through the Netherlands and I found her through a Navy SEAL friend of mine who gets dogs for military purposes as well as private vendors so but you can get any and she was imported and a lot of people give me shit on that but but people spend more than that on a board and train so you know to each their own but it's really great having a dog that has been verified for health and temperament and is a pretty incredible dog next this was from Queen Creek hey Queen after my dog is huffing and puffing and a pop to the prong doesn't work what approach should I take so as far as huffing and puffing if it's literally Queen if it's literally huff and puff you know you you sort of want to get before the huff and puff so we like remote collars because remote collars we can adjust them a little bit more than then a leash pop a lot of times a leash pop actually underwhelms dogs sometimes they actually can take dogs and they can actually drive them more sometimes dogs can be frustrated by them so there's limitations to all tools you know but a remote collar though has got a lot of massive lack of limitations there's a lot of things that remote collars can do so what I would do is I would start recognizing what the big environmental is that your dog is it that it's triggering on and then what I don't avoid them that's going to be my tip of the day today actually I'll that record later about like a lot of traders say avoid all conflict with your dog it's like welcome to the world so what what you want to do is find out what is but I will use a remote collar next all right sorry I'm wiggling around Jeff it's okay my butt hurts on this chair um this one's from Jake my dog will throw herself into situations when other dogs are quarreling often barking at them to get their attention onto herself it seems to me she's trying to break up the fight thoughts so Jake don't don't humanize it too much so you know she's throwing yourself in to situation to get attention that's not what your dog is doing what your dog is doing is it's engaging with some activity that's it so tell your dog to mind its own effing business and shut up right that's it that's pretty much in a nutshell right it's like mind your business and shut up so if the last thing I want my dog to do is to get involved with any sort of dog nonsense especially that's not my dog's right so what I would do is I would tell my dog to knock it off you have a remote collar and if your dog is off leash you would say no and call your dog back to you but it's it's it's a it's a safety thing it's a safety thing also the last thing I want your dog to do those other two dogs to do or multiple dogs to do is to turn on your dog which also could happen next I'm not sure what this next question says best thing to do when a dog is objecting to prong collar first hint of hint of giving it a pop oh all right yeah so when I would what I would do is is make sure you introduce the collar properly by doing a little prong collar dance your dog might also just be dramatic we see a lot of dogs that are just dramatic just remember the prong collar doesn't hurt there's that conversation out there and I talked about it earlier in the show where or people think oh it's objecting it too cuz it hurts I have dogs that have objected to every training tool out there it's objecting that's all it is it's all it is so what I would do is I would teach that you work your dog through it how do you work your dog through it you can actually use a bonker a bonker is a towel it all depends on what the objection looks like if it some dogs will bite the leash some dogs will do crocodile rolls some dogs will be overly dramatic its over arousal it's an objection you can actually use a bonker you can actually correct a dog that's freaking out next this one's from Bonnie my dog has learned to scream in his crate and bark when he wants out haven't been able to find a video on fixing a learned behavior any tips his E collar will either have no effect or amplify it okay so Bonnie almost all my videos are to fix known behaviors that's all I talk about all day long Bonnie so for full clarification every one of my Q&A s is to stop and I want to behavior so what do you need to do is this any dog that screaming in the crate it's you've got if you might be underwhelming the dog so if the dog is ignoring the remote or amplifying it believe it or not you're underwhelming the dog you've got to cap the arousal got a cap the arousal and squash it so what you're probably doing is chasing it or pushing the arousal that's what you're doing it's very very common so what you want to do is dogs dogs not we deal with dog nonsense in crates all the time our kennels are nice and quiet so what you're gonna do is any time a dog is being overly aroused in a crate you can go up to the you can use the remote and you're gonna play with your numbers you can start out high if it puts the dog in a defense which happens sometimes you can always what you can also do is walk over to the crate open up the door a tiny bit the dog tries to come out slam the door in the dog's face believe it or not you do that that stuns them you can have the dog come out have the dog on a leash have the dog come out give them a leash correction have them come out block them all this stuff sounds mean to a lot of people but if you've got a dog that's really bad in the crate it's horrific it's horrific and they can destroy crates they can self harm themselves next um this is from Rpro do you use a prong collar for leash pressure when teaching a dog to swim yes we do yeah I got three videos I have three videos on teaching your dog to swim and it shows exactly how we do it next this one's from Robin when you get a new problem dog do you have an SOP or do the trainer's get together and develop a different plan for each dog um depends on what the issue is depends on what the issue is Robin you know most most dogs come in and they sort of get you know baseline stuff if there's any dangerous behaviors that are happening we have to stop those right away but most dogs we'll read the temperament of the dog and we'll just just start training but absolutely the trainers get together and they they talk about the dog but it's not this long sophisticated plan the real plan happens two three four or five days into training next this one's from AdaLee for a dog that already knows the recall command would you only need to do a few conditioning sessions with the e-collar before starting to proof the command using the ECollar more than a few well a few is three or more so you know just because they know recall that doesn't mean recall on the ECollar is a little bit different it's something they've never felt before so be careful and don't rush it next this one's from Nick how can I get my dog to pay attention like in Schutzhund well not just I mean Schutzhund dogs don't just pay attention that's just doing focus work that's just doing focus work what you can do is look up some videos on focus focus work in Schutzhund but what you can do is it's all done a lot of it's done with a clicker and food next Missi Mae says you are the best Jeff hey Missy Missy love you don't don't get rid of your house next Robin says dog dude what is the first thing you would do my name's Jeff Robin come on rescue dogs the have supposed bite history's the first thing I teach them is depends if they're first of all rescue dog with a bite history unfortunately probably isn't gonna survive because where do you adopt them out to I'm really transparent about that but what you do is you still got to obedience train them you've got to obedience train them so what you're going to do with that with it with it with a dog with a bite history is if as long as it's safe to handle start training it on obedience as long as it's safe to handle train it on obedience it's the best thing to do and massive amounts of structure and don't give that dog any any overly affection all and probably minimal affection next Patrick says where does the e-collar sit on my 18 month old Ridgely below her head in front of the Adam's apple or behind it I have a strange fear that the collar is sitting on her Adam's apple I pull it tight up to her jaw no it's the wrong spot side in all my how-to videos we show right there and right there right there right there and the name of the dog and the breed the dog don't matter it's right there or the age it's right there and it's right there next Lynn says thank you Jeff and Linda you're welcome yep Lorie isn't a dominant collar and a slip lead similar what's the difference thanks um a slip lead is a long slip lead it's a it's a count it's a piece of string basically rope it's a combination of leash and collar and a dominant dog collar is size they come anywhere from 12 inches to 24 inches by 2 inch increments and they're made to they can't slip over the dog's head they shouldn't slip over the dog's head they have to get the go around and hooked because there's only a tiny bit of little tail at the very end that is left and they clip clip on to that dominant dog collar is used to take out the drive in dogs almost instantly with minimal leash pressure up next this one's from Bonnie one more question how do I get my dog not to hump other dogs he doesn't hump my other two at home only dogs outside the house thank you you could you we use dressage whips dressage well we actually it's called a stockyard whip and we whack their butt with it you can also use a remote collar for that but I don't want your dog to be corrected on a remote collar for the first time for humping around a strange dog I want to make sure that dog understands exactly what it's being what it's what it feels like but humping your dogs gonna end up possibly humping the wrong dog and getting into a dogfight it's really bad for a dog to to it's not a sex thing females do it males do it dogs that are fixed do it and there's plenty of dogs out there that are not fixed that don't do it so it's just more of a bad behavior it's a more of a bad behavior so we just some sort of Punisher is how you stop it it takes two seconds to stop stop humping next okay this one's from Robin best thing to do with the dog that has never been on a leash she's about eight months old clients have her for about have had her for about three weeks she totally shuts down when putting a leash on her she has no socialization so what I would do is with no leash probably a slip lead to start but you going to want to transfer over to a prong collar really quick so I've worked with feral dogs not fearful truly feral dogs so a lot of people say oh I own a feral dog it's like you probably don't because it's a feral dog and and and believe it not the prong collar was the most gentlest thing and easiest thing to have a conversation with but probably slip lead for the first couple of days next this one's from Lori do Bulldogs and pugs have issues with their breathing and is it okay to put prongs on them of course they do absolutely they do and yes it's okay to put prongs on them next this one's from Jamaal yeah understanding tools don't train what small dogs cannot have prongs and remote collars I'm not sure what and for the hell of it would you prefer using as far as Jamaal write write Jamal write your sentences and better structure so with small dogs with tiny tiny dogs you can use a 175 millimeter prong you can still use a remote collar we clicker train all dogs anyway um you can do that you can use a bonker on a small dog but even you know six pound dog your gonna they're gonna struggle with a remote colalr but you can use a micro prong collar and you can use you can do just about everything you can with a small dog as you can a bigger dog this is from Rpro is there anything worse than the harness and flexi leash combo joke but I see this daily there's a lot worse but that's a pretty bad one next this one's from Holly all your Q&As and videos are so encouraging that things can always be better so thankful yeah Holly things can always get better yeah next NC trainer says hi Jeff and Linda hello hello uh this was from James any tip on transitioning from a prong collar to a flat collar dog heels well on prong but pulls again when switching back to the flat buckles yeah James don't switch and I'm being serious why switch a lot of dog trainers will try to shame you that oh if your dog was well trained enough it shouldn't need the prong collar that's all a total lack of empathy on the owner stick to the prong collar it works and I'm being serious stick to the prong collar it works just fine they work it works fine remote collar heel your dog as well maybe you can go back to a different collar but to me my goal is not to get off dog's prongs my goal is to make people's lives easier that's my goal next so I'm the wrong guy to ask technically next this is from Stan I have a two-year-old Doberman my daughter's boyfriend got a puppy a German Shepherd and my Doberman gets very aggressive at the puppy what's the best way to get them to get along so right now keep them apart I don't want anything bad to happen with that that new puppy or else will end up being a shitshow of a dog later in life so that's a very complicated that's a very complicated answer that I would hate to give you not a hundred percent of the information on this a lot of the folks here are asking questions actually that need actually an hour to answer that's why we've got our Patreon page set up so the best thing to do right now keep them away from each other until you get more information don't try to make them be friends because your your dog is not a good puppy greeter your dog is not a good puppy greeter at all and the last thing I need that puppy to do is learn that dogs are gonna be aggressive it will be it'll be a it'll be it'll be a really really bad thing so what you want them to do is they could be around each other but don't have them interacting but I would be super careful because that puppy can get killed or hurt instantly and it's happened it happens all the time next Ajay's I know that wasn't the full answer that you're looking for AJ asks when layering E collar and prong which one is on top umm prong collar on the top remote collar underneath next um sir chirp a lot big thank you to Jeff and the whole team at Solid K9 yeah Patrick says no the strap itself under them I don't know what that must go with another question Ashley how can I get collars on easier when they are in their kennels they're perfect if they already have them rush the door if not I've done all the steps and get them on put them back suggestions um if your dogs rushing the front door the door slam the door slam the doors you some about the kennel the kennel door yeah the kennel door um open up the kennel door the dogs rush it slam it really hard have the dog sit down have the dogs lie down put the equipment on the dog next okay Patrick was you were talking about the positioning of the prong collar no he said I keep the device on the top of her neck I meant where does the straps sit below on her neck in front or behind Patrick Patrick the box of the remote collar it's a muscle stimulator it sits okay it's all one piece strap and box at the end when it's on the dog and I look at all of our videos look at all of our photos it's right there the box is right there the box is right there take the pic take a side either this side or this side the strap goes around the whole dog's neck it's it's a regular collar or maybe I'm confused but the box is right there or right there not behind that not behind the dog's neck and not here next this is from Kayla my dog growls when picked up her handle too much I've noticed and overall he now dreads handling since I've been correcting persistently quieter but unhappy we went to the vet and they said it wasn't so I would clicker train and counter condition your dog on it's gonna be done with clicker and food and counter conditioning and you're going to get your dog to love being picked up because that's how they're gonna eat for the next three weeks one little step at the time at a time next Bonnie says thanks again you guys are awesome you're welcome thank you onyx how do I get my 100 pound dog in the car he got his tail shut in the door and is now scared I do use the prong collar so onyx what I would do is I don't blame the dog I mean that's and that's a big freaking dog so what you're gonna do is you're gonna even have to use you can try using food some people throw food into the dog will going but if the dogs afraid it won't take food so if the dog won't take food and the hell if you're picking up 100 pound dog what are you gonna use you have to use compulsion which is force so we do it we do it successfully and you can take a long line and you can throw it through the door so it's on you're on the other side and you get some help so you've got your dog on a leash and you're next to your dog and a buddy of yours is on the other side of the vehicle with a long line and you both walk out you walk up like this and your buddy's also pulling the leash and you're like let's go and you go we've done that the first couple times are ugly it's not pretty but once the dog knows that you can get the dog in the car it goes every single time we've done that not thousands of times but hundreds of times successfully next all right this one's from Kayla hi Jeff my dog cowers from his harness even though I always put it on before walks from what I've been told he should be excited when he sees it well I don't know him about being excited but but but maybe like we don't use harnesses to walk dogs so why don't you use a prong collar to walk your dog we don't use harnesses but I don't know I don't know why I don't know why he cowers but we don't walk dogs on harnesses because harnesses usually make dogs pull so I don't know why he's doing it I don't know why there's probably a lot of other variables Kayla next Jamal says damn autocorrect using swipe text what small dogs cannot have tools on their necks and for the hell of it what tools would you use on those type of dog great Jamal why don't you take the freaking time and type us a question properly please okay all right so so don't worry about it all right so like I said anywhere between like six to eight pounds sometimes remote collars there's no good small dog remote collar in the market yet hey Greg make one please all right wel'l test alright please come on Greg I sell a lot of your shit all right so but you can use a 175 millimeter collar yeah next this one's from Moe hi Jeff hi Linda dog freaks out when a bus passes by but only when the bus approaches from behind us I correct with a No and give the heel command any training tips to get over the fear yeah that's a good way to start that's the way to start and what you can do is start using distance so start a little bit farther away work your way closer start also doing food and clicker engagement games all right next on the bus next this one's from Eric yeah E Collar leash training I've been walking her on my right side and now I want her on my left but when I take the leash off she will only walk on my right any suggestions on how I can get her on my left yeah or should I train her to walk on left and right side and if shifts if so what should I use for a command so even I was gonna say teach how to do both sides so when I used to do that I don't do that anymore so I would use Foose for my left and Vlach for my right they're just words it doesn't matter you don't have to be like how do you spell that Jeff because it doesn't matter you can say heel and you can say anything else you can say walk you can say heel and Foose go on to different look up different heel words and different vocabularies um in different languages there's Dutch there's German there's french there's English common common competition competition words but train both and then you can have your dog mid-walk switch so they switch from side to side and you do that with a leash next okay this is from Kayla is there a right way to condition a bark collar I've been feeling very tempted no my friend says it ruined her dog and made it afraid and neurotic is it possible she did it wrong she probably did it wrong you don't condition a dog to a bark collar because the only way at work it gets activated as it barks it's possibly there was always set too high for your friend or she used a crappy bark collar we don't see dogs becoming neurotic to bark collars when you you put it on properly the way you put on a bark collar is we use the Garmon bark limiter E Collar technologies or Dogtra you start at the lowest level you put it on nice and snug that does go towards the front because that's based on vibration and you like knock on the door the dog barks barks barks it's too low go up a notch knock on the door the dog barks ohh and then stops barking there you go right level next okay if it's a cheap price bark collar it might get activated when it's not supposed to and that'll also make your dog neurotic next this one's from Stan hey Jeff I've been using prong collar with great success my dog heels as soon as I stop and I have great success with the e-collar thanks for all your good work Stan from Jacksonville Florida awesome thanks Stan for the kind words this one's from Bob hey Bob Jeff I just want to let everyone know how great and nice you are we had a terrible problem with our biting bulldog Jeff spent a half hour on the phone with us and we want to thank him again for kindness thanks Bob that was nice this one's from Patrick got it thank you love the demo you're welcome Patrick Bob says Jeff is a great human being thanks Bob wait wasn't that the guy you sent the check to that big check no I sent him naked pictures of you though they wouldn't say thank you speaking of naked pictures hey Megan you're a sick person Jeffrey onyx says thanks thank you you're the best Megan don't come on don't acknowledge this nonsense my eyes itchy you guys can dogs be allergic to the metal contact solution if that's the problem yeah they can so they make a nickel they make a nickel free contact point Megan love you Megan next this is from Chris greyhound stops when leash hits his leg what to do wait it out until he moves it's every single time greyhound stops when leash hits his wait Greyhound stop when leash hits it's heel what to do wait until it moves hits his leg the leash must touch the dog by accident so get the leash I don't know why the dog is doing it I don't know maybe the dog learned it from some Greyhound training I have no idea why at all but don't have hanging leashes we talked about that all the time about hanging leashes it does irritate dogs so just the leash should be up in coming from the neck to you and there should be nothing hanging underneath next but I wouldn't wait for the dog I would move the dog next all right um Johnny yeah we're working for Rover as a sitter or Walker be a good start when wanting to be a dog trainer that's up to you buddy some people do um you know I don't know I don't know I I just you know I know some people that are doing it as dog walking or dog walking and Pet Sitting you know that's a good way to start working with lots of dogs that wouldn't be the way that I would go about and do it but right now I've seen a lot of people do it and a lot of people are having fun with it so I couldn't give you advice on that because I don't know enough about it next um I don't have any more questions oh there we go okay here we go Jamal Johnny most people aren't interested okay but that's just Jamal's experience right that's Jamal's experience Jamal's a good guy by the way I like Jamal Jamal is one of my regulars just for everybody knows Jamal was a really great guy he's on my Patreon Channel that's not why he's a great guy but he's a really really great guy he said he's a he's a young dog trainer he's a he's a he's a he's a great father or husband I think I don't know if he has any kids oh they're pregnant yeah he's pregnant him and his wife are pregnant congratulations Jamal but in Jamal's neighborhood or in Jamal's area Rover might not be big but in other places it might be next Missy may says you still hiring with a smiley toothy face um yes Missy we are but I'm getting some really good really really good resumes in and I've got to start calling people back this week but I gotta head up to Canada so I might not be able to do it till next week next Meghan says lol thanks um that's funny emojis they look different than the ones I've ever seen next um Simon I'm using prong collar my dog walks politely in heel around our neighborhood but once I drive them to a different area they start to pull a bit E collar doesn't seem to slow them down so remember the Simon the E Collar is not directional so they still have to learn what the E collar is so it's possible that you've got to just give a firm correction at the very beginning have one good conversation cut the shit guys like it's time to it's time to behave and and then do that that's probably what it is next yeah look what you've got all right Eric Eric Hat 2 bucks score nice cash money oh you can buy me a coffee Melissa when you guys work on place duration do you just leave them on a tie back and correct if they break command no I tie backs are there is sort of like they do it at the center a lot because there's so many dogs out but when there's not a lot of dogs out we don't do that at all place duration what we do is the way to get a place duration is punishment for lack of compliance once the dog knows that the only way they're gonna stay for long periods of time is if they break there's some sort of consequence so always have a leash on the dog you would say no you mark as soon as they leave place that no is very important Punisher can be delivered afterwards but yes that's how you fix it next this is from lion's roar I'm an owner training a service dog and he isn't really responsive to treats any advice so Lions Roar what I would do is I would use to food training if you're training any dog at all do food training use the dogs daily food daily food to work use their daily food to work so if they're eating out of a bowl they might be overeating we don't know I would use I would switch to they work for their daily food teach them everything with their daily food next Nick asks is it okay for my dog to get happy when people approach but not pull at them or should she completely ignore them well that's that's personal choice that's personal choice it depends what happy means if happy means aroused and excited I don't want my dogs to do that I don't want my dogs to do that and that's just my opinion but it's a lot of my colleagues opinions I want my dogs to be neutral around people because when my dogs off leash I don't want them to think people are something they can go up to or run to I want my dog to be focused on me so next Chris says I was talking when working recall with the Greyhound I'm going to have him walk in the house with his leash on oh oh oh oh oh I see where the leashes dragging they stop I know a lot of dogs will do that that's hard that's that's common so you'd have to get on that dog remote collar as soon as possible or yes keep moving you have to guide it you're gonna have to guide it I've seen dogs do that so waiting for them to do it you might have to wait them out so that's where it's gonna be very complicated I have a dog that has a leash drag and they step on it they sort of feel tension that that's what you're talking about so what I would do is you have to prevent that from happening which sort of limits now your training technique next this is from Camden dog freaks out when family members jump in the lake and tries to save us ends up scratching people should we train an avoidance behavior down stay and desensitize at a distance well it's not an avoidance behavior you're training a dog to up because well that's just a terminology we want to be careful so what we want to do is you can do a couple of things you can train you can swim your dog number one but if you don't want the dog to swim out to and it is very dangerous their claws they scratch people up train the dog to do a down stay and not go in the pool so all you're doing is training your dog and good down stay that's I wouldn't consider that avoidance behavior but yeah we can call it that if you want to yes Johnny says thanks Jeff looking to get into training after stopping my dogs from major aggression because of your videos just can't get out to Rhode Island got it awesome but you can do it yourself buddy give me some of your water yep Chantal says hey Jeff thanks for the videos from Quebec Canada I love you awesome I'll be up in Canada this weekend okay Collingwood next you just read Chantelle um lion's roar he barely eats his own food unless it is mixed with wet food should I still attempt food training lion's roar stop mixing it with wet food stop mixing with wet food wait the dog out seriously wait the dog out so you need a dog with a little bit more Drive with a little bit more food drive you're gonna have to wait the dog out so but if you're doing a service dog you want to have a service dog that's willing to work for food that's gonna be your best option to get that dog to get that dog started so but you don't have to do food training you don't have to do food training just do remote collar training if we usually add food with it you can use you can use more compulsion if you want to but don't your dog is feed your dog twice a day feed your dog well if you're not going to feed your dog out of a bowl anymore so stop adding wet food if it doesn't want to take food then don't still do some training and then it doesn't eat that day you're not withholding food don't withhold it it's there it's in my hand it's right there it's a good quality kibble if you're doing kibble it's good quality kibble it's nutritious it's healthy if you don't want it that's fine eventually the dog will take it next dogs can go days longer than that without food next Jamal says to kind dude appreciate it alright um horse crazy 92 my dog is on a low amount of dog food for weight loss and we were feeding him breakfast in the kitchen and dinner in my room and he would sometimes go in the kitchen and eat the other dog's food so now I'm trying to feed him just in my bedroom would you suggest to use a crate and how long do you let him have the food bowl yeah feed your dog feed your dog in a crate feed him in the same place and dogs take 5 minutes or less to eat food next and if they don't they're not hungry Jesse says oh there's a bunch of questions come in hold on let me scroll down a little hi Jeff and Linda just wanted to say thanks again for what you do I was asked the other day if I run a dog training business because of how my dogs behave I couldn't believe it Thank You Jesse awesome proud of you this was from Janet hearing trainers saying treat training is bad and I don't want my dog to be dependent on treats I feed raw food should i train without treats if I train with treats how do I get them off treats so this is a thing Janet so so you know we used to not train with food either so we don't use treats though we use the dogs daily food if you feed raw they make raw dehydrated food or you can do raw for that you can use some raw dehydrated like treats if you want to or dehydrated vegetables or something like that how do you get them off food you start doing variable rewards with it and then you just eliminate it so if a trainer says you're always depending on food that's because they don't know how to get the dog off food it's easy to get the dog off food and then if it doesn't listen for food you do a correction so if a dog knows if a dog knows how to do a down stay if you've done it down state 250 times and the dog refuses to do it you punish it and you have to learn how to properly punish and a punishment is not abuse it's no yelling it's no screaming but it's for lack of compliance that's that that's and we don't talk science but that is the science of dog training it's reward and punishment and when I when when it's a known command and you refused to do it there has to be a consequence that's how dogs get proofed that's how dogs are proofed in the real world next 321 the COD Jeff we love your philosophy of dog training been watching you for the past six months you totally prepared us for our pug how do I make him bark on command um I don't teach bark on command but it's um it's done with a toy it's done with the tug next or a clicker clicker and food and you can just get a video how to teach speak it so let's just do speak I mean somebody's got these a lot of videos out there about teaching speak next this one's from Ernie obedience at heel is very good trying to get distance down command dog returns you missed a buncg you missed Stan's I was at the mall one day walking my dog this guy asked me can I pet your dog I told him no thank you for asking and insisted on petting my Doberman what an idiot yeah that's what people people are rude people are rude but don't ever don't ever yeah that's it if you would have pet your doberman you'd have to you'd have to push him away next okay obedient at heel is very good trying to get distance down command dog returns yes to heel then downs how to teach distance obedience and put them on you put them on a tie back or you use a place bed so you put the dog in a sit on a place bed or a placemat and you start moving away two feet three feet four feet ten feet 20 feet 30 feet you know what I'm saying start moving it back and the dog gets to it goes from a sit to a down on the place bed also use a tie back where the leash is tied to something and you do the exact same thing next it's 936 oh we've been on for an hour and six minutes one more question lion's roar thank you I'll try it out sorry for so many questions but do you have tips on elevator stairs and grate training he is terrified of all of them and won't even get near the drain grates yeah so anytime you've got a fearful dog you work them through it so what I've done what I do is if a dog's afraid of a of the grate I walk them over it walk them in a tight heel let's go boom we got grates all over Providence we have fire escapes all over the east side of Providence we have the metal fire escapes where you can see through we go up and down the fire escapes what do we do let's go they do it they all do it they freak out at the beginning alright but hold on what does Michael say he's trying to ask you a question when it comes up red red text but it's letting me ask this that's odd I don't know why Michael I don't know why if you were rude we would have banned you but I don't know why it's coming up red I don't what that means will I'll be back in Ontario next year most likely yes it's first time I've done it at this location alright guys it has been an hour and seven minutes we're done with the show it's Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training I am madly in love with all of you you can go to R V dog trainer

com to see my seminar schedule Solid K9 Training to see my websites and meet my staff and see what we do you can go to patreoncom/solidk9training and you can do that there's a little money thing down here you can click make a quick thank you donation if you want to right now feel free to throw us a couple of dollars Patreon is good because you get really like a lot of the questions that people asked here see that he is typing too much if it's over 200 characters oh if it's over 200 characters thank you whoever said I don't know horse crazy night horse crazy thank you I just read the damn questions alright if he's under 200 quick characters then it's too long of a question ask on my show so probably join Patreon on Patreon on Mondays I put you can ask actually an over 200 character question and and then I turn it into a weekly podcast so I answer every question geez I everyone in my podcast I get about a dozen to 15 questions I spend about three to four minutes answering a question every question on my patreon page and then also people do skypes with me they can do a one-on-one 15-minute or one on one 30-minute Skype with me because a lot of folks need a lot of help where our weekly Q&A show obviously we get on so many questions and it's it's hard to get involved with a lot of them because there's so many people that want they want help but I want to just thank everybody so much for being here and I'm I just truly truly appreciate it next week you won't be delayed in the week because I'll still be up in Canada on Monday love all of you take care

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