Sunday, 26 September 2021
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‘Snoot Dog Challenge’ is the cutest viral trend you’ll ever see – Watch Video

The Snoot Dog challenge began earlier this year but it turned into a viral phenomenon in the last one month.


aussie_finnegan_whiskey |Photo Credit:&nbspInstagram

It doesn’t take time for cuteness to go viral on social media these days. And if it involves pets, especially dogs and cats, their pictures and videos are shared almost immediately on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Now, a new viral phenomenon with man’s best friend has taken the internet by storm – and it’s being called the ‘Snoot Dog Challenge’.

Thousands of dog owners are posting videos of their pets running up and placing their snouts inside an object or into a shape that is made by their owners. The shapes can be anything from a circle, a triangle to a heart. There are even videos where pets placed their snouts inside a loaf of bread.

The challenge, however, began a while ago but it turned into a viral phenomenon in the last month or so. Now, owners across the world are making their pets perform the challenge. Some have even involved their cats and rabbits, reports The Sun.

Here are some challenge videos:

However, there are many videos on social media where pets have failed the challenge and they are hilarious, to say the least.

Check it out:

Fair to say, every dog has its day but some have it better than others.


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