Saturday, 4 February 2023
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‘Scary’ Doberman Hilariously Filmed Napping With His Security Blanket – Newsweek

There’s no reason to be afraid of this Doberman, who was seen bundled up under his dinosaur security blanket while waiting for his owner to finish working out at the gym.

The viral video showing Dash the Doberman curled up in his blankie was shared on TikTok on January 19, quickly generating 2.9 million views and 565,000 likes. The text layered over the video jokingly reads: “Our scary Doberman who has a [dinosaur] security blankie,” while zooming in on the sleepy dog.

In 2020, a Finnish study looked at canine anxiety in 264 different breeds to observe common signs or patterns. The research group tested the behavior of 13,715 dogs by asking owners whether their pets ever displayed signs of anxiety, categorized by noise sensitivity, fearfulness, fear of surfaces, compulsion and separation anxiety among others.

While the results highlighted that 72.5 percent of the dogs showed traits of anxiety, across the various categories of behavior, they also found that the most common trait was noise sensitivity, with 32 percent of the dogs displaying this fear.

Adorable Doberman in dinosaur security blanket
This adorable Doberman has gone viral after being cozy in his dinosaur security blanket. Dash brought his blankie with him to the gym while waiting for his owner to finish their workout.

The study also found that although male dogs were more likely to show aggression, separation anxiety and hyperactivity than females, noise sensitivity and fear of surfaces were frequent in both sexes. At the time of the study, there were approximately 77 million dogs living in the United States.

If owners are aware of what affects their dogs negatively, then they can help them through their fears and make them feel comfortable. One way of doing that is by giving them a comforting blanket, which is exactly what Dash’s owner does.

Dash’s green blanket has a novelty dinosaur hood, making him look like a hilarious Doberman-Dino mix when he’s covered up. When the first blanket video was shared on the TikTok account dedicated to Dash and his brother, @dashandthor, the accompanying caption was: “Just a big baby and his emotional support dino blankie.”

Doberman in his dinosaur security blanket
This Doberman is defying the stereotypes after being seen wrapped up in his adorable security blanket. Experts say that giving dogs something comforting like a blanket can help with their anxiety.

Since sharing that video, Dash’s owner has been inundated with support for their pup. Being a Doberman, people might not think Dash could be so gentle and soft as they are often used as guard dogs. However, he’s certainly breaking the stereotype with his adorable behavior.

After receiving over 1,000 comments on the first video, the owner posted multiple follow-up videos explaining where the blanket is from and shared more videos of Dash looking oh-so cozy underneath it.

Among the many comments on the viral video, one user wrote: “Our Doberman also has her own security blanket,” to which the @dashandthor account replied: “Apparently it’s more common than I thought!”

Another person who loved seeing Dash look so content commented: “I want to love up on all the dangerous dogs. They are the biggest babies,” referencing the perception that Dobermans are aggressive rather than loving pets.

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