Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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Saving Fido: New classes teach people how to give CPR to dogs

It’s clear that CPR plays a huge role in saving the lives of strangers, family and friends.

But what about man’s best friend?

Well, worry not, dog lovers, because Jolt CPR, a local medical training company, is now offering canine first aid and CPR classes.


“Many people don’t realize that it is even possible to give a dog CPR,” said Jolt CPR co-founder Cherry Eustace. “Many dogs can be saved by CPR, and it can buy you some valuable time before (your dog) can be seen by a vet.”

Jolt CPR held its first canine first aid and CPR training course on Tuesday and plans to hold about four more in the coming year. The training courses are taught by local EMT and veterinarian Dan Butterfield. Classes cover techniques for immediately responding to your injured pet.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four pets could be saved if just one first-aid technique was applied prior to getting veterinary assistance.

Jolt CPR teaches techniques such as splinting and slinging a dog’s leg, or muzzling their snout, as well as the proper method for administering CPR on an unconscious dog.

Participants have the opportunity to practice their skills on the many fake “dummy dogs” that Jolt CPR has for the classes, as well as one or two real dogs courtesy of Butterfield.

“Dogs rarely have heart conditions, especially compared to humans,” said Eustace. “So it is usually an external cause that causes them to stop breathing. Things like allergies, heat exhaustion, or (electrical) shock.”

Jolt CPR has opened registration for all of its October classes and is currently planning winter sessions. Jolt CPR also provides human CPR and first aid courses.

Source: https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/saving-fido-new-classes-teach-people-how-to-give-cpr/article_1c1873e6-9ae2-5d75-b4e2-15f87cef2aa3.html

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