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Salute to Service 8-11-18 hr 2

I welcome back. We survived our number one made it to number two and if you’re just joining as we told you and not our number one we were. We don’t hold the rapid fire the genome treating gunfire segment for much. Every now and then we’ll have some somebody collar some then I’ll come up and that today is one of those days man and got a yen at big times special guests we’ll let you go ahead and take take the Helm. You’re Chester I’m pretty pretty pretty pleased to have this guy calling to ask him is the no one of the stars of honing Hitler yet and he’s got a new show now. Come on phone. There we go again buzz that you want me to do I gotta pay Tim Howard you buddy. Demand spectacular. I understand that the army’s get their pound of flesh out of you this week. They worked at the different type of purgatory. To tell the truth. About being beaten with a proposed or a phone book. Or a torture to cheer school I’ll eat. Can you tell you how much more happy. That mum how I am now which is essentially eat herbal didn’t sort of computer person you know. Am I I only I can understand it is normally I have to pay extra for the reverend. And leave a big tip. So Tim you have a a new show and hard to kill I’ve watched the the the first two episodes I watched the I wash the aviation episode now watch the bull fighting episode. And both were pretty incredible I was a little jealous of the aviation episode to tell me a little bit about how that aviation episode went down how to. How did what was it like being in the backseat of an F five what was light. Being inverted and it just in general how cool was that. I mean it could be seen you know I missed maverick and dispute that was a bummer and I kind of like integrated groups aren’t competent guys like. Here’s. I think you could look at all the polls seem to averted or little. That did not come to elections you know alarm. She tried to get. Yeah I can chart that you want to hire who called journey this process. Of the goal lead and it’s seen people do these jobs. Ultimately. Is it. It’s just that humbling of Killeen. Gately. Groundhog Day and I gave up. I try not to die. And it is something that I stuck gap and I and I think you don’t respect. Folks out appreciation for a group of people. But I don’t think you’d be knows about and that’s kind of like what happens every single bit show. The first episode. What is obviously external I don’t know I got to talk about. Yet object remembered in television we know about. Rio 400%. More war that will ultimately end up. On screen right. Oh. I am not like but the day so it indicated it will our building day. There’s probably only about five minutes and exit the show. But then the stock that exceed that show there’s about 400% more of a bit of shock and you know we interviewed external experimental test pilots from the state agency each. You know most. Seven these included a direct shot down. During Vietnam. It shifted. Out at his is it is plain. Didn’t like Serb fighting in the jungle book. Is that an eco he comes back to the poor and he’s external pilot and is playing catch on fire urged Y eight. And if you like he’s still fly the plane back to the ground it electorally. You want rejected limited popular figure out like. We Europe but has pilots not just about why it’s also Miki bid bench. But the engineers and the senators need ultimately a final on on Billick. Brain surgeon each mechanical. NG new year meets. Dubbed the biggest. Bald bravest most courageous. You don’t plan I editing and Buddhist. Humanized these extra. You know you said something to second ago they can today. Spoke to me when you said that it it was a humbling experience. A lot of the things that you are doing and I noticed during the the bull fighting episode. On. It was weird for me knowing you to see you do something. Athletic. But you weren’t good at right off the bat and I could see. The frustration. When the I guess the mentor and I can’t remember the gentleman’s name that was coaching you. Was was telling you how to do what you need to do do in it was I mean I had to be supremely frustrating for a guy. Who is it your level of physical howdy. And yet struggled to do something physical. I mean you always want me to step that you did you know most eloquent twenty feet no we’re like yeah. Local Y a global blocks or local store local scrap old ocean John George about airplanes. I’d look good doing that stuff go to Google. You talk about learning curve but it’s really short. There and I respect her there’s a 2000 pound bull. Oshawa next Olympic coach and down cute the kamikaze kid. I would now. The greatest. Bull fighter ever step in the arena. The two big guy but like Italy when Reagan got shot in Secret Service jobs punishing all coveted ticket. Once that who’s that guy there there’s video of a blue and it hit the sprint towards another cowboy boots on the ground and what is what do you he drops in front of the bull dubious human offer between the insulation keynote he may not even see the surge cowboy. He can’t get to give a pound of blood. Oh a much between the board the cowboy on the ground that’s what’s in back like outright so the learning curve. Altec remember I’m pretty stupid. Pro am on their support but on the other end this this or occur and that’s not released were giving. Opportunity. Or environments where you get something in a matter of who she dates right. That’s what they are so that they did they start you off like a training bowl like with something that’s a little bit smaller and utterly and finally less agitated they started you’re an actual air all right we’ll. Yeah I’m real. Real real real problem will go to rule. This animal get a brick you’re late you’re you’re gonna walk again. Mile. And that’s quite easy element. Are you and your wife encourage this kind of if you could keep doing this stuff. She had no excuse. I just want to be sure my wife listens to the show sometimes and I’m just like I don’t wanna go home and getting courage minute pick up a new hobby or something. What got hurt I was well I’d party a green beret on and you know get ready to put Iraq. So. In rushed at a period of time win I Iraq was a wild wild west. In that show you now you get you to instill in Sydney get in the ring with a pool. I am pretty sure discovery Channel 8 human development authority. I can’t I went home soon. What about what’s what’s coming up. In the next episode what do what do we got to look forward to next. Lee is a rush it is that backed aviation and it is app collapsed in both I much show. There are more. Helicopter pilots per capita. There anywhere else in the world in Alaska. Where 80% of their villages and discounting the cities are not connected to a road system. So that’s Alaska. If you haven’t been up there ever like a Metallica Anchorage I’m talking. The middle no fierce battle no orders where it inched you know to our long slightly. To get someplace. But if you’re on foot. It’s gonna take it two weeks. It crash there’s no chance for survival you can appreciate that ability by all it’s like. It is the most unforgiving weather and post a Purdue in the brain. So what I want to existed and these guys and there’s more than it anywhere else in the world. What did Isa and you could you’re clinically insane and I’m like stuck. It. So it’s obvious are a bit like an account and letting you near. The odd work on BMWs. But now many here are the owners shouldn’t Oprah. Yourself out of perfectly get a airplanes to survive in the Alaskan bush for for a period of time. I I get issues. It I guess it would be ID say that you earned or learned a whole new respect for a lot of different. Occupations. Over the over the course of filming the show. Yeah alarm that there’s there’s six episodes and association. You know we have a list of media rather sticky shops. From. Smoke jumpers or get work in California right now right. You people that. You type pressure so. Water hoses 0% helicopters in hurricanes are not on a blister urged to keep the power wind Strom. Arms freaking break. EU. Guys that scale these radio towers to change a lightbulb on the cell towers they think they’re like. Risking a static electricity and lightening in earned. Are you like outlook coupled working so I have written declined about what you forget about all the good. That Johnson pitched that do this crazy job so you could lived in in comfort. And down there’s a lot of. And this it it it in my opinion it’s it’s it’s a dirty jobs on steroids. Yeah. Yeah it is dirty job. What. An eight. Don’t steroids. That just snorted a key blow up netting cocaine. Usually angry. And I thought it. Oh my god that make then just gave me an idea for potential episode he can get down there and work with that drug dog down and Colombia that the just can’t help but they hit out on because the drug dog was so good at his job here you know it is a day is a dog handler and down there. Tim and Tony if you want if you wanna really high risk job he’s tried to radio. I tell you what’s and we got to go to break and we hold you over for one more segment men and yet time. Oh cool cool. We’re gonna put John hold and then we’re gonna go to break. And when we come back we’ll look shift gears a little bit because I’ve got some some other stuff for attempted like he doesn’t put our rights RS salute service one of 63 Debbie Doherty check in John right back with Tim Kennedy. I welcome back excellent service John and Shaq and he feared just join us Maine you’re gonna have to catch the podcast on this one ’cause we started off the hour talk in with none other than. Tim Kennedy from hunting Hiller hard to kill. Course guy’s been on nine national news before. Giving. Analysts say some some nice friendly move marks magna ice is Bronx when they were making some. Threats in and stuff and it is just our privilege were glad to have you Tim thanks for sticking with us. Go to church at notre. So on. To kind of wrap up the hard to kill. Segment here it is here’s a couple more things and wanna move on to. That’s on Discovery Channel and it’s on 10 o’clock on what night. Art to kill is. Tuesday nights at 8 PM Pacific and eastern and 9 PME. Are central. Outstanding outstanding and there’s there’s going to be a total of six episodes and we’re coming upon the third. This next week correct. Yep that’s right in esoteric and are you in I’m on I’m super excited to watch. This one deck that read a little bit about this one where you had done an interview and in talking about the new show and in this one with the bush pilots. From the comments and everything descriptions that was in the interview it’s I’m pretty keyed up for this next apps that. So what do you think it. That’s a good way to get short sweet way to put it not for mild minor read about it either a man of few words out. On Tim now that it looks like it and I’m assuming now that you do in this honey Hitler’s kind of come to us culmination correct. Yeah distorted view. I still have time you let you know. Well within Israel there are some side agents that chased. So I’m not seize all around South America. The guys that caught it up quickly and he’s going to model this I would be. Would talk to him aren’t gonna go to her European. Russia obviously it is is the place that still has. The remains of what is believed to be Adolf Hitler. And water to go into forensic DNA comparison. Two. That would means of a killer. We wanted to Q there’s actually some relatives that are still lives today that back to it pretty much conclusively prove whether or not. This is. Beat it did the remains are actually. Arm but they would consent to. Giving any examples too personal or. To do we just I I don’t know if or other particular. That didn’t at one point. Those remains got tested in and they determined that. That they belong to a female. There’s been different tests that have been done on our order was a dental unit comparison that much right about evidence from back east news. Pretty powerful and compelling CNET that goes all the remains Hitler and another DNA test arm. The 88 just did. Comparison of what not. Not looking specifically to who this. But. That data of what the DNA is in the data out from the DNA so at that it was a woman in her back. She blows in her mid to early thirty east. So that did some commercial about what kind of led. To not being Hiller but a new record that was eaten that before that’s about it. Our. Courts until that point and we just. Don’t now. And that that was a fascinating series to watch because I’m a bit of a history does anyway and I have seen a lot of documentaries about. That the different theories in the and the Nazis that didn’t make it to South America and and having all kind of that in my background. And then watching. What you guys on the team of hunting for Hitler did and brought to it really. Did you get to a point if you’re if you’re paying attention and are open minded. With all the evidence has been brought up you can you’d. You kind of got to admit that there is a a real possibility. It any you don’t have to be some kind of conspiracy nut case to think that a hit it’s it’s entirely is it’s entirely conceivable. That. The the bodies. You know brought out there from the ruins of the bunker in Berlin were were not what we told anywhere. Now. We just don’t know yet I eat a lot on the market show. A lot of circumstantial evidence via and got that that is not. Inclusive in any way your there’s there’s no doubt that. I think we put that we post a question am but I guess we don’t. This looking beyond forensic data back. That proves anything. Yet that every everything what you guys have done and others as well and then even what was put out by the the allies that the in the war and everything is basically search circumstantial none of it is absolutely conclusive. It’s fascinating it is fast and ask them I enjoyed the heck out of that show man does you know quit if you can continue with that at some point I’m I’m I’m. I’m with you and if he can’t man that’s especially interview and again I mean when I went out of this I’ve watched all the Nazi hunter documentary stuff. How they went in and got Eichmann method that. It was classic Musab balls they all these stuff yeah. It’s so tell you one more thing I want to touch on here briefly and AD. You talk you touched on this a bit when you did you interview with Joseph Rogan which I thought it was a spectacular interview. Recruiting. And you had brought up that there was a deficit in the number of of people in the pool. To go through special forces selection and his that his dad improved any war are we still on the the same boat. With the rest of the military where recruiters are just. Themselves. Yeah we are still struggling. One of the biggest problems is retention. Went. Or actually struggling on every front choke. What we have is the average. Age of that other special forces. Operator dropping. I’m sure they’re getting younger which which didn’t tell little blood would when it comes beat cream grade. You’re supposed to be seen parents shareholders ghostly experience. On it and we have program cook he can actually program would a court of which is taking no excuse but it’s also the street. IE GQ scores and I accept scores there it’s inherent putting them skirt dispatched Porsche election. A prolonged period of time you know whoever blue rumor. Diamond about the united Arab twelve guys need be you have one guy that would be to actually. Now you have this routine is making sure. And down such problem and the guys there senior guys you guys are making 678. They’re kinda eating. Frustrated with this system and beating. Declined to work outside its forces. That’s problem. And then our ability to recruit with an armed pitched like Keating. Can treat me and rains surged to accomplish selection. Is also. Posting problems shall we were struggling in every single on in the biggest problem is we don’t count up population oaks. Qualified applicants because more people are smoking dope walk clocks back. More people are. Just on how to go in to hit the Greensboro eight. If you’re in those thinks you know so we’re we’re record for people. And I think that that’s and I hate to use this term this an industrywide problem. The pool of qualified applicants for the military in general. Mean I think it’s something along lines of 80% of of the military age population in this country is is not. Qualified for the reasons you just stated to get into the military in general let alone to go through special forces selection program. Yeah so yeah you’re you’re pretty much spot on their. Elect. If we have. Thousand people. You’re out 200. That are even eligible to go to military. Look at 280. It’s less than 1%. Oh let me share a column about 200. So. Then you’ve. Even bigger problem is 100. People perhaps would serve ever become a green beret. Term or ever want to be green beret so it a hundred people go to selection quarter than it shellac. It’s it’s. It’s still right now. How do we don’t want it all there. Right how do we culturally change. In this is probably wait longer discussion there how do we culturally and societal change. The thought process or the habits of of people to make them. And I I understand not everybody’s goal in life is to be in the military you’re could be agreed parade arranger for Sri Conor even a cop. But. How do we as a society. Continue to exist if we can’t. Haven’t even the best among us not qualified to take care of missed does that make any sense. Yeah out. Warheads and scary direction. I hope. That that we’re gonna get our act together and you know we look at the times you don’t totally backed group. The late seventies and Eaton and eighties and early 2000. The good times and at times or eight net. Permanent economic hard times and content looks like we have a virtual weakness that are making bad decisions that are gonna bring our hard times. And our turn to bring her apartment. It and that yes cycle that I hope. Our kids corporations don’t have to experience but that’s looks like what’s gonna happen. And not met at this cycle that that happens through history over the ability. Errant. Shell. I’m I’m I’m ready for the hard times you know there are kits and that’s that’s a question that’s canard. And can be confronting them in the near future. Amen well let me say this and in closing man it what you’re doing between. The USC year you know prior year timer from there and then with the TV shows and then just you being the public figure that you or. And I think you’re doing your part to kind of change the direction we’re going and because you’re your standup guy in a role model. I think for a lot of people and the army should be proud. And your family should be proud of what you’re doing to. Keep America America. A man peppers. Personally I extend thanks for joining and his brother you’re welcome back here anytime you’re gonna have to get in Studio One day and then maybe beer after asked. Now we want we need to have it person discussion about the whole space force thing to me. I’m really into what muscles baseball I tell them thanks so much enjoyed and his brother and they say man will toxin. Erika oh always always a pleasure haven’t yet Tim Kennedy Kyl and and and a gavel on this that busy. Oh yeah thankfully with the you know the relationship friendship you’ve got live in the he’ll take the done in a column the accomplishments like some on a weekend shows that that’s really cool man to send us from me you personally. The mile to get him to join us as you have man. I’ll hanky well keep it is my pleasure and I’m I’m I’m grateful to temper for carving out time to do that he didn’t have to India he did so let’s go to go to break and when we come back and just remember to catch. Hard to kill. Absolutely channel man Tuesdays at 10 o’clock and we know you’ve been waiting for we put our PS for Tim Kennedy bill well we get back fuel gauge your Gene Autry and gunfire since they were the salute service one a 63 in a meal or do you check in Joseph we’ll be right back. Up our man some funny stuff can and only text sign an out we you’ll get to it met obviously you’re just joining us yeah you gonna get your rapid fire in here we were talking when Tim Kennedy and segments lines is that. Definitely check out the podcasts out easily at Lincoln you can get it and one a 63 to BO RD dot com or post the link later on our FaceBook page but. Delayed is still better than never so now it is time for your weekly dose of Gene Autry. And just we’ve got a gun car. I first up on rapid fire this Saturday the animals are at it once again Mac what I mean by added they are stopping crime last week it will is. A pig Dublin in this line that. The thing forties flying. Area here any irony in the fact the pig stop I promise that I wasn’t and again they’re manhunt no micro aggressions from this host if but this one and it is in Florida of all places. Florida cows thwart a carjacking. Okay and how much the video for this and alleged carjacking suspect almost got away from Florida police only to be thwarted by a herd of pesky cows. This driver Jamie Michael Young jumped out was apprehended by the police officers along with AK nine but the passenger. Jennifer Kaufman. Fled to a nearby field where she was corralled by cattle and I watch the V literally run from a helicopter and these cattle were literally. Came after her a couple of them ordered to remain a little aggressive towards in the in the wrestler. They literally. Chorale her heard it I heard herded her. Over towards offense on where she goes through the fans and immediately you can see bam there’s the officers. Cuffed and stuffed AA no surprise there was drugs involved that can hit those polish soccer. Yes so from crime stopping signed to crime stopping bovine in these state of Florida. Stop stop and I next week is okay British media quiet nice save about. Now the equine go well enemy act. Think about what you’ve done okay. And Atlanta reality winner who pled guilty in June to leaking top secret government documents about Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Is scheduled to be sentenced in a federal court in. A gusto. On August 23. The first leader to be prosecuted by the trump administration former National Security Agency contractor plea agreement. With the prosecutors culture to serve five years and three months behind bars plus three years of supervised release. So. You know who else should get some sentencing. Off this in my just my opinion on dismay is the whichever parent it was that decided to name their child. Reality winner yes that that’s that should be ninety days at least is it fair to say that she’s gonna get a dose of reality. Yes I. He’s definitely she’s definitely gonna get some holiday tip your waitress as this story come into us out of Houston Texas a grandmother shot a man. And this is just bizarre. The man riding a bicycle and self gratifying at oneself like I guess we can say that it’s an anyway at its family show it’s a family show isn’t the sort usually even at that. And and how that that takes. I am more physical talent there when I tell you right now math. So anyway this gas riding a bicycle and and explore and find himself and expose and himself and that comes up to his home says you want to come in and she’s like you get away for mayor. You don’t I’m gonna get ago and so he didn’t labor he did not believe her came up and she was at home her granddaughter was there and this. Guy he persistent kind of pounding on the adorable she fired a shot through the door struck him in the chest. He tries to leave police show love finding collapsed on the ground still alive though. And you know took the got an hospital of course you know arrest put him under arrest and he’s in critical condition but expected to survive that. Man I tell you what. Don’t miss what grandma grandma sometimes got a gun grandma says stay away stale I don’t placed in the gains well and you won’t win stupid prize. Story now this one’s been on the news all all morning but I I caught I caught it pretty early. F fifteens intercept stolen dashing airliner out of sea tac before crashing a bizarre incident. Originating from the Seattle Tacoma international airport Washington State in Alaskan airlines horizon air. Marty a dash eight twin engine turboprop commuter airliner was commandeered by alone mail reported to be an airport and maintenance worker in crash into the ground on key Tron island which is southwest coma. Now there’s video to go on this. And pay it it is a tragic thing that this this man. Decided to take his way out and does this was ensues as this that’s but it but the flying John but it. Earth may not I’m not mad I’m impressed it’s this dude did a barrel roll him. With just enough to recover clean without yes skimming the surface of the water and rain holy crap in a commercial. Yeah and an engine turboprop not made her for that nominees for that type of activity can now. Now lynching party is they scrambled a couple via F fifteens. Air National Guard guys. Call signed a rock 41 and rock 42. Two go intercept this guy and they did and and I have heard the audio yet but there’s apparently some lengthy audio of of rock 4142. Conversing with this guy and has since been released on Doughty but yeah apparently this guy can’t can’t sank over here Dylan is reliant as a template but yet he he flew himself into the ground but it not. Not before occurred when some really amazing aerobatics yet as. Witness that bizarre story man’s bizarre is this is a little bizarre to really think international security implications of this man. Mean here’s a guy working on the fly allies know any of you who just walked into a dashing didn’t look somebody with the keys. Obviously and you now and a wanting to gas only be done and you know. Anyway that this could turn. What if this guy wasn’t just some suicidal guy yet they egg yes that’s that’s the key point that’s the key point right there air which is a good. Said late in this ’cause he their right here and go South Carolina. South Carolina teen pleads guilty of trying to join iasis South Carolina teenager pleaded pled guilty trying to fight for the Islamic state. Federal court documents show nineteen year old Zach Syria. Abdi and pled guilty Wednesday. To a charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization in the charge carries a possible twenty year prison sentence. He was arrested at Charleston airport and march Tony seventeen as he tried to get on board a plane bound for Jordan. Authorities say he told an agent posing as an Islamic state recruiter he wanted to torture and American and then. As some other staff in this where this this guy’s been in in trouble for a while but again you know we haven’t talked about this time the stuff for a while and then a lot of times here. In South Carolina we feel a little isolated from some of that that. It’s yeah its its here around here there are active cases in all fifty states so there are. Out of Anderson. But not South Carolina. A young Pelton woman who reported to police on July 3. That he young man sexually assaulting her while jogging amounts state park was actually participating in a raped and it’s. As a result nineteen year old mark. Marguerite Maggie Wallace was arrested and charged with one count of class a misdemeanor false and from false informing and is being held the Madison county jail. On 3000 dollars bond. She initially denied the new information that ultimately admitted she didn’t tell investigators the truth when she filed a report being sexually assaulted. Using credit card information mascara sheriff’s department investigators tracked down a seventeen year old Indianapolis male teenager who told and he met Walsh you’re an app called. Whisper a social media website where participants usually communicate anonymously. Did you not claimed he responded to oppose from the female who’s looking for someone to fulfill a rape fantasy. Young man who cooperate with investigators say screen shots on his phone in his conversation with Wallace which confirmed his version of the events that occurred amounts state park. I mean come on it’s. I NN I mean. I can’t be mad at him now I mean. Anyway little slice of this many world we live and don’t don’t file false police reports kids you and you’ll go to jail Ari when we come back and we got something to. Really got to Kolb. OK we will and then that this thing wrapped up the had Louis rapid fire assay can MS is a bit to have Tim Kennedy on it was totally worth it when a 63 to be already checking John salute service be right back. I welcome back is that final segment at today’s episode we’ve gotten done that has called in Don how Loria. We’re done probably about as good as we can’t for a couple feels like ourselves so nothing happened middle aged and hopeless money. I’m older now. Gosh darn what a waste of an awesome power can you imagine and then make an important slack port and an F sixteen or an FAA came. I mean the guy obviously had talent and I mean no question about it he’s got state time and something somewhere. If you can do that that aircraft. Are you can take an F sixteen and FAA came in while. I made it makes you wonder why was a guy not flying. Yeah that’s what I thought and obviously has it now obviously you know that is the suicide RA is sad the gamut whatever issues and problems in his life and I’m like you down when you see this is like. The guy obviously had some knowledge. If some talent and ability in its just. What a waste yelled. And maybe. He smoked a joint one dates back in the past are admitted you’re pretty and it wouldn’t take him. I reserve could and I saw. That’s a multiply and there. I gray matter how I watched it. Indian not the same thing in my life. Op oh man I’m not mad at you when he was doing in an aircraft that was not intended to be flown that weighs a true story that Don thanks for the call so much brother we got we got limited time left now. I will say this about the pilot he did the idea here’s some of the feed that he was like talking to via people on the ground about yeah viewers like you think if I can Landis that they would give me a job. While he’s flying it probably not probably not probably not down they’d be okay with. I haven’t is in the insurance money. Didn’t get very laid back theory into skipping airplane back and and damage they would have they would have been thrilled with that got what he probably could have it back on the ground. I would thank you VE got an off the ground and and slime like that that. Rule. Not yeah it might not have been a picture perfect landing perhaps Mehdi you know telling the truth man all your time on the flat line with those packed Eastman. How many counties in the cockpit push on the circuit breakers in the with down that that start switching go and I can do this. I never thought I could do it daydream at daydream about it we shouldn’t. Wishing and boy you know why would be like that that I may have let one take on the working nine or go on the senate. Not gonna say I did or didn’t you know just maybe how it like I’ve told you before many time I mean there’s how many times I sit and watch this finer anytime I would you know got to write a Huey your Blackhawk or something and just. The biggest drill ever flying yet. And down. How many times. Now it at 52 years of age and in looking back though when I was a kid boy in. 81012. Years old. The airplane models and they in the the books and everything that was in my ring and after that. Again if if the 1011 year old me could beat a 52 year old me and he be like. What you mean you’re you’re you’re not a pilot. What. You saw what yeah pilot for a year Kitna because I was so into. But I mean life happens you know any MM ally and joined the army you have plans to get married and then you know he start a family and study a bit. In S still on it much like you distill absolutely love the aviation stuff and nom. He has seen it being around it and analyze still exciting and yeah pac. If there it was you know from the time I was born I was around airplanes and I grandfather being. Pilot who’s a co-founder. Chief on executive vice president for Stephens aviation. So I was I was around air plan from the time I was old enough to be around any thing in in flying and you know it’s funny how life works out man because had I had. The middle aptitude in the cockpit which was parked her. A let down you know knowing what I know now with us. They have got my data yeah input and 89 g.s on on my body would kill it would kill me there so now. There we go on this the best things that. That don’t work out is a area of the best things for line here Diana it’s Hillary you are sitting here limit on Saturday. Instead of heaven and exciting lives of. That fail there we go ladies and gentlemen on the Saturday coming on another show in the can’t thanks so much for join in this features check out the podcast for Tim Kennedy’s interview. And join us next week same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can’t be safe be dangerous we’ll see next Saturday.

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