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Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich – Part of the Red Sox success is a newfound commitment to analytics 8-12-18

Everest. Hello hello my good friends where it’s just a lot how we ice and he wasn’t going to be here today it was not on the schedule. But it. I knew he wasn’t we don’t care do you need otherwise you feel like I like I did is an awful lot yeah well as I would Fortis seeing all of your smiling faces and I should mention add them. This 9 AM hour which is going to be really really good and I it 9 AM hour yet as a BC averaged stretching would bring up. It has brought you by north for power cord. Good friends that nor for power average power use of the dog lover of the cyclone over the weekend. Where was that Brooklyn. Cyclones that’s always that wouldn’t want yes yes if you feel that your users and you that your guy. With no shot of survival Avi. I’m here made it. Basic. I I thought is that the soundtrack of our lives are gonna have a political act like an item to implement a like it. Like I like it. Paula Paula Paula the music right we do I doubt that’s your thing and I think if I were out rob Bradford along with governor relic we’re going to be with you up until Red Sox pregame twelve to one he. We get a bunch yet few besides Evan writing the cyclone we get to average ends. Adventures I guess. I’m living my life movement go to because this could. Doomed to be living your lives and 10000 year old plus. So it ice cream shop that the thing you know the hole made whip cream by yourself like me going well collar myself items today. Oh really where you grow the front runner slogging and we amplified quickly review current girlfriend you introduced the girlfriend to the mother and again that’s not do. Are rounded up in tension with its did you did you ask for their now there hair and an hour of that. Now where do it won’t oppose it did you propose on the site. Dumb or just to add it up anyway so having you had a nice day it wears on Coney Island are subject Coney Island urban economy. It’s. Gary I don’t wanna get a little at Hampton beach yes Katrina and but it’s fun to that it’s a good time could that that the slightly rundown I guess is the way to describe it but you know there’s there’s the boardwalk yeah rise in the act now. As such he had arrived not an honor you would go federal coaster idling. I’m alive motion sickness. You you would you would you who gets you to throw out at night as I would feel like crap the rest of the day. As you might get on a boat. And go by I’ll probably feel like crap the rest of the day you’ll care Clark. Yeah I mean for the most part as long as UN tries yes I’m married are okay. 6177797937. Did you why you’re riding the cyclone in just give a lay of the land. How many games were utilized to Red Sox. What’s the difference they win every has every single day Craig can look at the whole ride I live they way player rights and tested the headlines. What’s the difference pitch really that occurred Aron side of caution. He’s he’s really not he’s he is a little annoying pest and the Red Sox sticking it to him. I enjoyed it what might be his very last season is the man are they ever. I was adding that watching him in the dog now looking at the images of him. We look back and say remember Buck Showalter whose last year this guy who has had a lot of success right. He’s not going to be in the hall of fame because he never wins the big one right there does not have a now if he did win the world’s a World Series he might have an argument for. He would because he’s more manager a lot of crap loading games he was the 1995 yankees manager correct well he was the manager for two different teams before they really good view of the year before yet. So the Yankees and then Arizona. Guess I’d be bitter too. The father Byron. I would I would get to a point in this whole thing with the the rain delays and and the Kraft last hour. Well thought about pulling my team off the old because there for I don’t know what’s in our hearts and there thrown at Manny Machado. Head and all it was just ridiculous it we also just say like I don’t know this is Showalter or the assistance in mountainous in Baltimore. The the meat that’d doppler and in Baltimore is ridiculously bad. The whoever is doing this is it’s lucky it’s buck is the weather guy motivate you remember this’ll last. Okay thank you guys why Lou is moving from through this attitude is it’s. So but then last night I am driving away from an excellent two hour Red Sox review. And and I’m listening to Joseph into him in OK the game’s gonna kick off at 705. Or whatever it is. And they’ll like we just got word that the game isn’t starting assignment there. Is that all fame ceremony no it. No well but that was it. But when you have a hall of fame ceremony you know org you start the ceremonial little bit early doctor Charles ducked out but but but it melt from what I understand the way the joined him expertly described it was that there was the tar but it wasn’t folded up in it was a he’s going good or screw the Orioles and Buck Showalter taking any opportunity. They had. To ride a mess and our right admiral always an awful there I’ll take the glasses is wonderful so. He’s sure it’s. 6177797937. So. We have a view Red Sox beating up on the rails and we have the Red Sox winning every single game except that one game in Toronto which was by the way. The same day is seen night in the patriot pre season game and one of the things I do wanna get through avenue is the conversation I had Monday night. About the you know light ability of the reds in people’s now audio cares cares well. You would agree would mean and I think you’re on this train as much as anyone. The light ability of the Red Sox was the story line for two years to write. At least one year I have a 20 yeah it’s I don’t think it’s what he’s a long time there’s a reason you I remember you asking John Henry about it it was there there is a reason why on the bench in spring training. That every player who went out there was asked about it Johnny Miller were doused wise this team likeable the rookie bats are Pedroia lever. It was this subject so when you have that dynamic you when I brought it up on Monday came off the street to the Yankees. That which is I’d never seen this team more popular really. Since and Chris Johnson’s good maybe since 2004. That it would they weren’t Pat Day it was crazy council shall meet you were canceled so the it was crazy like how everyone’s beating their chest about beating the Yankees and how good the red. Hikes are written by it was crazy because of the first moment where it looked at Red Sox fans of but you’re acting like patriots fan because there you go I wrote a column was saying. Not not not saying freak out announcing worry just saying that all you need to do you yankees trimmed its divisional lead by. 3 or four games of by by mid September. We have drama again and I send our thoughts would lose the division. Simply that you have a series it has something to be interest seated because that they play each other six times in the span of two weeks. The Yankees could you play. Radically make a background it’s a very low they have it they’re a very easy I mean everyone has easy schedules their schedule on September interview so evenly easy average effects of the Indians and they’ve they’ve got the Astros. It’s it’s all yankees twice all I was saying was don’t celebrate division yet because that all of would take is a few games just a handful gains difference in that division. Lead for you to look at it all okay. Okay there’s there’s something to watch here there’s a reason to pay attention to Yankee Red Sox in September and people took the column to be. You it would what are you being so negative for the divisions over it’s just. It was that disconnect. Well reality now I mean I think because at that point you have to you have to read the room avenue and I was like well if that they’ll say Osama Obama like that was our that was the re is still reach agreements like your diary and it’s it’s as you can make a three game has really Allan appreciate your six and a half back. Have 33 full okay rough four games are your forehead yeah I was a margin of five and a half back in September it would take it would just haven’t had Didier is sweet and NY it’s possible it’s totally possible it’s possible one to have drama or a single positive thing for what we’ve seed you think let me ask you this do you think heading into the 2829. The thirty. At Fenway Park that those games will mean something by those teams are eating something I don’t LB three back no I don’t now. Which like the first play the Yankees should hope that that’s the case the if the Yankees should not hope. That they go in that series three games back. For me observer baseball writer perspective I hope that’s yours matters I don’t know what I’m saying that because you have to. Because if you’re three games back it’s a long shot you’re going to be able to sweep that. And you wanna be able to set up whoever it is Severino whoever it is for that one game you wanna be able to do. By the hour to go back to something you said before which is Red Sox fans for the first time on Monday were acting like patriots fans and I think that was my point. Is that. We met EU and I have covered the red ties we I think we agree that the the fan base in the story lines in the following is is relieved. Driven by negativity story lines mean compared to the patriots which you cannot say anything bad people still do not want. Anything negative about Tom Brazill like controversy about bill ballot let’s be clear when he sued negative or positive we’re talking about negativity that is reasonable. And and justified in realistic shore by going going by that’s what we’ll talk about last year you can have been you’ll be part of this with Caroline and now people. He knows he probably didn’t like him a whole lot. But they would win eleven games in a row but you’d be like the first loss there will be micro manage store. Or are we go back to last year and in the highlights of last year gaining the shot no war David Price that’s what really remember. And this year’s different this year people are actually and this goes back by the 2011 I think this is how. Did this fan base where it’s sort of you know it for the media is in French itself and in this is the way that we cover the Red Sox in this is because we avenue and I can see the reaction right. If if if we did some thing on Monday before Monday to say the Red Sox were Lil really good team if we did that last year we probably get a ton of blowback. Odd man here in the bad with the team now are you kidding media fall apart are manageable pence terrible. Right. He had BV the Red Sox fan who is also the memory of 22011. As I could either fade it or doesn’t have the same impact. That used to or maybe nine and a half up from this sort of stuff number for the first time have an open you’ve been around you have your ears you’ll get a brief foray in Houston where you sew your wild oats. But but for the first time this year this year particularly right now it’s like to your point they’re acting like patriots fans. They are well and and and and tying that and it’s like it it took seven years. For people either to get over that memory he thicker over or do you think it’s just that. This team is so good that they they think that it couldn’t match they if they knew the history may lose in the playoffs will be right back to square one. This playoffs are different subject in the collapse right Knuble now about to talk about the feel for you there’s still that lingering a what do you do in the class I get lesson lesson the second I don’t and it’s like I did I came out last night. And did an excellent excellent Red Sox for you between games. And I kid I said listen you know these games you can enjoy him. But the big picture is what we have to take out of these days in these games how did David Price pitched an is that going translate to the playoffs. How is Jackie Bradley gonna hit when the play a troll around is a security can he keep this up. All of this that that has to be the the heart of the conversations right now because they are so good. Right well and and the typical thing is I guess of price YouTube you have a little more going on here it. Talk about a five game series and division series at what can Jackie Bradley junior do right now is gonna really tell you. Anything I know about this guy and are told Bob might not think my point is is that when I did that immediately people jump on. People said why can’t we we have to enjoy this we have to enjoy this all my goodness are you kidding me I’ll probably the last time we heard this from Red Sox fan let me enlighten you the in this in my generation. People ought to legalize the use as did the kids the millennial disposal arriving wood wooden roller lot riding the wooden roller coaster and somehow surviving. Which by the the photo by the way to get a roller coaster of the pour L twenty I’ll show you wonder on the break down soccer fields that are all do it. You very people who never bite the face the time out with a camera cases. Like are you happy you know with a camera followed this case they didn’t I didn’t see the photos before. When my wife also certainly some great life guarding photos from 1992. Yeah you were a lifeguard that. For what you several years non non beats the impasse now the real beach area I’ll show you affiliate pitchers amid real treat rotted for one’s. Boy okay go ahead use pleased that has. The use of their bigot to mindful that’s right even right. I Isaiah thirty it and it ignited seemed to teachers Mark James does not call you your. Now without either one Jim Hackett he’s like why don’t you correct them. I just know what Ben Mallard too literally. Fifty times and he really. Without you said flat out that my name is on average I I’ve had correctly in my entire life but I’ve been doing this since I was little eight so your name is name. Martins pronounces it now. I actually I think Mark James actually got it wrong a couple of times in the evening the way yeah and Mallory is is you Mont not like them. How do you keep in. It loves the old blood. And and not impacted Jews live it was similar as it was human as to act not his name and he had its good anyway so yes though it means were running around with futures as they want mindful masonic yes out. And I’d mrs. so and in this mindful that there are you are fighting a little win that where people are just little bit more concentrated on OK let me focus somewhat through from. We’ll with the zen Buddhist approach to life in the world. Of DOT rest appreciate. Don’t spend your money don’t safer for college or a house that’s why we’re all renters. And eat avocado toast that’s that’s so here it is a little bit of day. More in the now moment rather than they look ahead moment type of. Wrong velocity Iran do you think in general let’s yes no I think this I think is not true at all in the world today now that that it doesn’t advance the exact opposite. They used the exact opposite kind that that people are not well I think how how people are thinking you’re either you I think you’re trying to fight with me over something I’m not no I’m not or you’re really not mean that I am paying attention Ottawa paying attention to. You’re you’re you live in the world of the Internet correct. Do I might my most interest and paying these days is my feet baseball team okay they’ll love it that’s great I don’t care if I do. I am going to fight it in the world of the Internet more so than ever. You have to be you you can’t even write about here in the now. It’s very difficult you have to always be looking for two that is the rule of the Internet right now and that goes along how. People on it’s it it and I do think there’s still that element like you can with a patriots retard about the patriots. It is about is not about right now wolf first what they don’t want to deal with an ID said before they don’t wanna deal with any controversy. That has to do with the infighting. An end of this is about the placated alive want to deal with any controversy that has to do with the infighting they don’t laugh have deal with a team. Eighteen right now that you don’t. Really really know what’s going on but last year at this time admin what was going on at this point with the patriots it was they’re going undefeated. They’re going undefeated but the pictures it can’t do that people want they want to Seaver of the laugh they are saving so labor sweet tea house lumbering out there in and Ralph Webb who says his name right the running back Ralph Webb. People as much as everyone wrote fifty trillion stories about Ralph Webb now they’re like this tell me if Ralph Webb is going to be running the ball in the super ball. But I wanna bring it back to that conversation that we had on Monday and you said he EU let me down this road he’s at for the first time that day. The Red Sox fans were acting like pages and so I had brought up that point which was. At that moment at that moment the Red Sox fans Red Sox were more likable than the patriots. And we put up a pole and it was crazy how it lopsided ones. It was Red Sox 48%. Celtics’ 32%. White patriot 12%. It was it was shocking to me and a lot of people those said all what you’re just doing this after the Yankee series and the patriots haven’t played again okay. I want to see who TV ratings for the pre season game for the patriots and Red Sox. And shored up. The patriots pulled little that obviously really really give. The reference for example the Latin yet not by one. What the what they had the UB no person is amazing how high that night you should be me it was law. Because the first pre season game last year was a fifteen. And you juxtapose that against the Red Sox the Red Sox in that Thursday game against the Toronto and nothing game. A game which victory is starts up poorly for them. People step now is not the eleven obviously but that is so dramatically closer than it has ever ban. And get. I sometimes were you get a little caught up in the the inside all of the cliques in the ratings at all if we’re determination. As Twitter polyps that then write that had happened until all of it. I don’t because I can’t just this reverse until I I I know I I take all of it and why did meet this information giving that information the oldest is a little bit school and that’s and the well I mean this guy out giving the Olympics but a no cliche and it used to work magical. It is. I hope we know this is this is I can give you the date of this on I don’t know for yet. February 24 2006 the new norm go events that are really down John Henry. On the bench in spring training. Says were re read into rural on here okay will tell me he had this quote I looked it up the other day to relax analytics to cure cancer. OBE in what way he eventually took it back. And a colleague clarified it for upper proceed buck a fine OK go away here’s what John Henry said on February 24 UX baseball isn’t com. Plex dynamic we’re living thing that has to really be nurtured day to day basis. Twelve months you. I think that we were relying. To have to wait analytics. I also think that what the focus. This team that we saw a team and thirteen highly focused. We saw a team fourteen virtually the same team wasn’t. Focused on things that you could say that we weren’t central to being successful so that’s enough so. Are OK as a pretty good quote I like that somebody causes a lot to pick through and beat him he can take it back court are but he said it. He said it two seasons ago he said that they were too reliant on Angela correct Evan yes which which wasn’t factually true. Why this is Jill why was it if if if it I’m gonna I’m asking you seriously but before you answer I wanna say this 617 some some ninths 937. I wanna say this. Is that what are we hearing right now that. Sixty to 75% of the Red Sox success is the embracing of the analytics that Lou. Says Alex Cora at every turn says the players says. Coaches. In all of these guys it’s are you talking a little in game advantages that the snow on top of talking about we hear constantly. You know what. The information. Is just a ton of information and they’re soaking it up in the players I can’t believe how much information. Again this example the other day at our yesterday about Wilkie bats marquee guys have to begin the year I don’t wanna use those cards those card the for the infielders next thing you know in Minnesota you pull up the card waving it up and down like you guys position either right away. So they are credit I don’t know what percentage you wanna have but they are crediting analytics. I’m much more than any ever before so so why diseases. Why is to say well I mean so do you have a problem John Henry saying that in three words later. Take it back but at the time in 2016. You think he talked about me I I don’t. I’m idol look in the break our first brickyard we’ll try to find it’s okay because there is something I looked into one point because I sat down ideal long feature with Zacks dot the team’s vice president of baseball Rupert who can forget. Go ahead you talk let us go. We can recount every time few references in stories payment. Please god we got bringing so far talking just just this. Thank you to have a conversation I’m having the cup okay tell me how you add it nothing day cards there and got. Fire yet they sent to which was not well art the David that Dave Dombrowski got hired okay yeah John Henry in the Red Sox had a meeting that at church and went to. Credit to venture to personal going to wood knowing that paper route but the common and that he was no longer be part of this organization and they sat down because John Henry just read Travis I’ll check. Now but B 538 numbers are writer and presently. Big database OK book called big Gator baseball John Henry read this. And real life. That the Red Sox the record as they were they’d fall behind the great money ball Red Sox this perception. That the Red Sox have always been in the cutting edge they weren’t and guess what right now the reason to keep that to see in the with the card round is because the Red Sox entered this year still behind OK I. The site doesn’t. It we have to take a break though that did nothing for the comes in being Baja so you’re talking about that meeting which was in 2015 yes okay. He said that in 2016. You moron and it was wrong then to write proven by the fact I don’t know. I think about you talk about some meeting that nothing to do with a conversation we played a quote I sit avid what you think about this and then you use Microsoft. You cannot do everything he was inaccurate wouldn’t quite follow follow logic. John Wright who. 26 he was inaccurate in that meeting yet who is inaccurate in it he was not an accurate mean. The meetings correct the principle that I don’t like this maybe you know later that’s a wonderful quest for excellence as I. Hi good class 7937. In the break we’re gonna be a few things and yet you. Number one and and try to figure out whatever descent number two Evans gonna take his lateral. Number three minutes readout of the pitcher do you lifeguards my ultimate jerk your say on 77797937. Be back after the. Focused on things that you could say that weren’t central to being successful so and that’s enough to say. This is missing maximum don’t know for sure you know let’s play Georgia every. My first your nose. Cuomo are able to reflect its must continue to get better traditions we you know guys that promote them. We have really good years old. This is us a good team. Does David Price. Boston Red Sox pitcher pitched well again yesterday since that yankees start. July 1 I believe it was Heath. I think if they go 123 ERA something like that and also the Red Sox have won all five of the games these fish are you a guy are you like me when it comes to wins and losses for pitchers obviously. I don’t think we would say that pitchers wins and losses are a big deal but teams wins and losses when pitcher pitches. Is that I think I like that why you like it with a different mind because it shows that you kept your team in the game. And they’re much more important I think than a win. And just an individual one we we we don’t for like twenty years that individual pitcher we know I understand I’ll DR Matthews so when David Price when you look at five and now since that Yankee star. Does that mean anything today the Red Sox are five and now. Just to keep me you can get. Better numbers than in better assessment I don’t know why you’d care about the speaker himself available to you right now it why why would you how does a lot available to you moron. But whether they’ll drop the problem is that I just breaking up is that you are like on all time. All time right now all time you bring up some meeting in 2015. And is that snowy sum payment that make any. And I now know what I’m talking about. Well you wanted to history of the team and analytically gave up quite a history do you handle it I want you when it what you do. Content John Henry I can’t think I want yes so you looked up the would you say Steve Buckley called UST about the comments though. Too so people know what we’re talking about and that’s seven draw come rob craft with you all way up until routes are pre game. Well we’re talking about his were playing off this quote that John Henry had on February 24 two guns you’re sixteen. Where he says that they were too reliant on analytics and if there’s other things he said in the quote. I’m including you there wasn’t focused in 2014 did and the reason they won in 2013. Was it was there this focus right correct. So he says this or too reliant on analytics which we can agree that they are very very heavily reliant on right now. And Tommy not as much you think relative to other teams. Well they’re getting it if you outlaw yes I know they’re getting there but if you talk to the Red Sox people will say Tampa’s number one. You have an you have the Yankees and Houston lumped together and they were trying to and actually the tigers are coming up as well believe it or not after news of the so called up but they’re opposed to browse the Arab by the Red Sox yet they understood that they were a way they and it’s not yet his Dodgers who have more I don’t have a bigger analytic department in Tampa my have a bigger one. But anyway the Red Sox date knowledge heading into this year. That they need to catch up a lot of this but this go back the John Henry quo there were too reliant on analytic just two short seasons ago. Now they’re doing everything they canceled tell me what he said Christy Barkley after saying that quo. Are your schedule and the audio clip I’d point out this is John Henry to Steve Buckley the original quote whichever point for this march 6 of 2016. Henry about the I’d point out that every year maybe it’s because they speaking frequently my words are over analyze and certainly. Over amplify just a couple of years ago regarding free agents in their thirties a conflict to conclusion that we would never sign another. This year early indications are that based on what I said people think we are moving away from analytic so he definitely heard the blowback from it and I thought people were taking his word. You can’t say that I’m sarge I Henry can’t say. You with a play that I aiming to replace the clip again from John Henry Kensing and the reason we’re bringing this up is because. We’re talking about the success of the Red Sox about where they are where they’ve landed in terms of popularity light ability but also why they’re winning in. And a lot of things have changed Ruth team all of these things I just mentioned amongst them but go ahead. Baseball is a complex dynamic living thing. That has to really be nurtured its day to day basis. Twelve months out here. I think that we were relying. Too heavily and analytics I also think that what the focus. Is. We saw a team and thirteen was highly focused we saw a team of fourteen virtually the same team that wasn’t as. Focused on things that you could say that weren’t central to being successful so impressed enough to say about that. All right so he’s such a Smart guy but frantic tennis singularly shocks ramping up to near its. Focus you know it’s kind of change the narrative like that it’s for a reason why I was twelve days later when he talked that ordinance for acumen but do you buy what he’s selling when he says I was I don’t. I do I do you know two degree at I don’t doubt you know that we were overblown. Why does he bring an up that. What you want it Campillo surely he felt that. That the court nugget there was there some truth that they’ve maybe they weren’t doing enough on this on the human side. Of it or whatever the other side of the corn is in this conversation. But I I got to believe that with his background he the thing about this ownership group and and John Henry that so baffling is is. For such a Smart guy and he occasionally make choices that are so seemingly reactionary and irrational that I’d I’d scratched. Have you just hit the nail on the head the reactionary and injured on the list and and I don’t pies because I think what was happening there was. Date them browse to the hard date to browse Q that was the first spring training. With Dave Dombrowski is the head guy. Gave him Brodsky is viewed as they wanted to get better talent evaluation and old school way of doing it all the things not that they’re kicking all these people to the curb these analytic people. But that was the narrative that John Henry want to give get out there. And there was a reason he said that that was why. Now two years later were sitting here. And he was safe to eat. Could you imagine Evan John Henry sitting there and and whether he’s taking out of context or overblown or however you want to say to bark. Can imagine him uttering those words right now you know the masters that there’s a report yet that’s. Every that’s why I brought up this conversation was only tell me if I did and I I think we should have a I think that I yesterday yesterday Fred Wilpon I said front now in ever I didn’t differently ever suffered Fred Wilpon eyesight did I said this was a reason why so your brain. Now does audio I said last night as senate today anyway so Fred Wilpon said he want to hire a guy for GM. Who was not along those lines the new new ways you know. Can ask a quick question about that that he CNN news or simply a report that the Mets were actually I don’t think there was a Fred Wilpon direct quote that the Mets at Vickers report New York Post has said the Mets or interest in going mr. yet figure right. It probably came from ownership in some capacity which is. It seems pretty we are assuming you’ve been for front ruled on it seems like a pretty extreme pollen and that and I don’t think we need to break and the Mets ownership situation is called our good friend Tim Burton of the athletic and again long I would love to buy break here’s here’s the thing son who I think. Runs its here’s the thing having war. If you say had you said reactionaries. And they are in John Henry as he can say he can keep taking back things like the 3030. Plus pitchers. I remember. I think it was 2014. Where. Also they are heading for the first two months and he gets up in that back Rohm and says they you know we’ve been taking too many pitches well you know two months before. You were. This is how you build your team. You built it would Mike Napoli in these other guys this how you build your team by taking pitches and now you’re saying are we go we we we are we’re approaching it the wrong way. The pitchers thing that thing hobble sin of all 17%. I mean. Like there’s a lot of these things and don’t give me yours sitting on the bench and every time you sit on the bench you’re taken out of context or it’s overblown he said what you said. But and and that’s fine but I’m looking at it through years later I’d just like. I can’t believe it’s important as analytics has become to this that that was just two years. Ago. It yes yes I do I will allow for the possibility that that that he. Had more Hussein didn’t say that’s on him. But it is you it was a bad assessment because he knew in 2015 a year earlier that they were behind so how we can sit stand there and twenty. Right now is what makes that me being irrelevant. 6177797937. It was important and the reason for sure for. The reason that we’re talking about this is because we’re looking at this Red Sox team and electability factor in light where the how far they’ve come. What we’re dealing with right now. Which is insane it’s rooted reasons. Right it’s insane what we’re seeing. As you can say that league stinks and everything else but it since you’ll die. Rob Bradford and that’s the team with this Red Sox record as I say it will never see how many wins they have now. Now a 10384. They have this many wins before as I created doubt he can I am not seeing you back to school calmer. I’ve not seen a back to school shopping. I. At that debt and now. After this break that’s we’re talking about that’s that the celebration in the outfield all that that was how do they know we’re gonna be likable. And they got rid of all of that and now they actually are likable are they is likeable the agency will get back to it right not many of the sprawling had 17%. Body fat. He didn’t ever want. Slipped back. It’s. Just. 37. Maybe is. Fastest ever on the call last night’s game through JD Martinez two home runs the second 18 inning breaks the tie when the game. And EI I should make note. Summitry I forget who did who says hey you guys are off in terms of ratings about last year there were patriots pre season game not only guy ever said. That the Red Sox had the same differential in the pre season game with a patriots last year’s page first pre season game pulled about a fifteen. The Red Sox did not play that so we have nothing to compare maybe in May be the rating with higher because of reds I didn’t play I don’t know but as he said before. The patriots were eleven. On Thursday the Red Sox were seven you look at last night’s game for instance. And then this double headers excruciatingly long day of baseball. Yet I I think that people were still watching that you listen to that game right last night beat because you know why haven’t. Because they’re waiting for. Something happened that didn’t happen that’s exactly what happened that’s what these people that’s what the reasons before watching. They hit a home run last year and early hitting home runs you have the guy hitting 37 home runs. Who is doing it for the second time this week basically. And what the reason what one of the many reasons why I think this team. It’s much much more I did this pretty quickly here you know men turned this guy has gone without a hit and more than two games this year. I’m one. Q1 dollars get to target to three games stretches. Without it. I did it the key for the overall numbers it’s a fact that he does not slow. To every single free can he saw what. Awaits the top of the hour but we can get to a now and bleed into the top the in the the next hour this conversation. But I brought this up last night and it’s it’s it’s the MVP thing. And this is how and have been buying value your opinion I look forward to hearing what you have to say about first I will say much. Which is moved to best is gonna win the MVP. Because everything he does secure the war because of defense this and that. But if you’re tell me for them last month and a half. Who was the player bit is you cannot afford more than any other to take out of that lineup and his team. And if you wanna say that that’s the MVP that’s how you should classify it then so be it. But that’s not we know avenue that’s not how people classified in BP they say the best overall player. Rival. It every every voter every fan every listener has the opportunity and the god given right to corporate value to a team. As they soap please. Which is kind of the beauty of the war view that it makes it. Are to looking at Angus right now this is. Up to the moment though a look his UK Mauresmo in the book the all the the age old debate which is more important what is of the baseball there’s a ball a reference wore a baseball reference war as he wore prewar what was our what our poll or F four is very close well rightfully some people say that for better for position rightfully I out right and it even more is better for the picture office. When I look at in particular item idle sleep I have to take five melatonin because I can’t sleep thinking about that tickle talk negative if occupied by the connect me drowsy the next morning and that’s what your little off today and I’m not. And I’ve made maybe I had to get to sleep because I was up all night thinking about the F I’m your big Red Sox review show. I by adrenaline you’re still my. Those bought you know what it was like it was awesome because I watched all the first game and odds are I take that back I listened to all of for first game. Put got my living room put on the Phil go. Listen to the entire first game Bilko yet seasonal radio what does it feel capital which it is worth a Google PH not a path. Listen to the Phil go. Game and have no idea if I don’t it’s okay I’ve literally never doubted our school and the little marginal score ball by the way I am related to the person who invented also that’s why you’re beyond all okay do you all of these critics invented invented I think that television. Part I will Farnsworth just get to the point yes okay. So I listen to the film I was in the entire game I drive in here doing an excellent read soccer view for two hours. The adrenaline is pumping and go home listened to viewed a higher another baseball game and then what do I do I listened to Bill Burton. For the last hour of my day off and effigies. Of the midnight hour at war. Kennedy bats as the Major League leader in wins above replacement as a break right and graphs that seven point eight wins. Of other places yes and I looked this up yesterday if you listen up number two is Jose Ramirez yes number three is my trailer premieres at 77. Trotted seven I try to make this interesting. Number six on the list a and climbing is Judy Martinez and number five. If I I I am starting to come around NG market. For a VP yet you have an MVP vote on bats does the rest of the way is he the same guy he was. An over April make his rookie that’s hasn’t been. So so right so right now right now you would say moved you bet if you had to vote for a VP would vote from Cuba. Yeah but that this is slightly OK so but would you agree with me I think that that’s debatable. I think I’m more conflict than I’ve ever been I think that you want the debate you know what would not debatable I and I can’t imagine people say it is. He’s the guy they can least afford to lose 280 Martinez. Which you electorate like in that you like a mother back. Right you do you can choose one guy that we were well we’ve moved via couple weeks. Double weeks in the abdominal strain of the day one. They want rather the fire by JD Martinis does some thing that nobody else now wanted to. He presents a presence that nobody played pokey bags is a better version of that and then the Bogart’s. Judy Martinez YouTube and I know that McKee bets hit home runs in these other guys who told Ron. By Jane Martina is in the middle of that order does exactly what you need to do which is you won’t need that whole broad you need that big hit. He does that you just made the point me he doesn’t if he doesn’t do it this time he’s gonna do it now. Immediately you know I look at right now art. They’re slugging percentages of every point to all I don’t care. On target US to care that because as this becomes the heart of the debate is what you’re talking about vs the fact that they’re slugging percentages are three points off all of the fact that will keep interest when he I moral basis these amazing I want you to tell. MVP vote yes. But I’m not just on what I’m talking about I’m talking about avid. Pulled out bagel hat over your eyes right political bureau don’t know what that means you’re wearing a baseball hat with a bagel yes. Hold federal bureaucracy can’t see the stats on the in the fancy computer machine okay Boca. And you say what my gut tell me what is that haven’t really been full well what is the tie what what is the one guy who they can not what god. They can’t afford to lose an outline. Campbell or. 6177797937. Yard can answer this problem with you I told you that more than I’ve ever been. You figure I look I played shady Martinez I think yes but you know with two different MVP how do you classify and these are colliding trains as it. The night. How would you classify. MVP votes are at the MVP is it what we’re talking about the guy that they can’t afford to lose or is it the best player. In an I’ve had won MVP vote in my illustrious baseball writing career yes and I gave it to the guy at the RBIs but I don’t buckle. Old school I give the Josh Donaldson. I. Can 25 in. But the people here’s the thing about war up is that sometimes. You have a cute what a small gap in war and right now it’s two wins. That can I think it can be overlooked I don’t think wars war Camille Little were little to bridge with all did to wind difference well no but it different measurement can have the might and. You know you you kiss up to all the national writers you’ve talked to all the other writers around around the the medium of this radio television baseball and everything else. You know as wells I do a lot of these guys they default the war like if you wanna prioritize stats. War still way up here even if they’re winning by a narrow margin figure they all out war there you go. I think I think the Twitter what adverse reaction has definitely push people toward the safe thing which is war Twitter will love you more if you. Go with there graphs essentially if you go with the big number that right in front of you. I think that’s probably good though that people an educated on on the value of these numbers. You have a probably me voting my Trout ninth last year yes that was the there was absolutely when you have every right jerk god given right in this country to vote for a VP how you damn well we’re very intelligent 6177797937. The phone lines are stunning cranked up if we’re talking about basically. Who’s better group. Who’s better me avid Judy parties or will keep cats with put the pole or Ayman. It makes it the man. Devlin going to be and then he just say it. Is it eat yet he did throw I was I was that that that was the joke of playing the earlier time I see although all the phone calls here really get you can. Continue this conversation because Evans. The steam is coming out of seventy years is like almost like there’s a bagel cooking and instead it’s unbelievable. I’m reading attacks are there whatever 6177797. I entries ever be back after this.


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