Monday, 15 August 2022
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Revolutionary dog training

ALBANY — For dog owners needing to adjust their pets’ behavioral issues or just wanting basic training, there’s a revolutionary new business in town.

Kris Morrill opened the Revolutionary Canine earlier this year to offer training, boarding and behavior consulting to all dog breeds in south Georgia.

Before opening the Revolutionary Canine, Morrill owned and operated a fitness studio in Albany that specialized in crossfit training, which Morrill supplied. He sold the business in March.

Morrill said he owned and trained his first dog when he was 20 years old, so he has been training dogs for a long time. That eventually led to the new business venture.

“Somebody saw me out one day with one of my rottweilers and asked how he had become so well-trained,” Morrill said. “They wanted to know if I could train their dog, and when I did they told more people about me. Now it’s become a full-blown business.”

Morrill offers board and training programs at the Revolutionary Canine. Dog owners can either choose to participate in the two-weeklong program for $450 or the four-weeklong program for $750. Morrill said the shorter session offers obedience training and is perfect for owners who want to train their dogs the basics. The longer session is best for dogs with behavioral or aggression issues that owners need or want fixed. During the training programs, the dogs stay on Morrill’s property.

“We do it out of my house so the dogs become a part of my family during their stay,” Morrill said. “I also only take a certain number of dogs per month, so it’s all about the quality of the work.”

Along with board and training programs, Morrill also offers individual training sessions. These sessions can take place either at the owner’s home or at the Revolutionary Canine. Morrill said some of the most common behavioral issues he addresses include aggression toward food or other animals, counter surfing, jumping on people and more. He also works to socialize dogs and improve their self-esteem.

“A dog that is scared will bite,” Morrill said. “But a dog that is confident won’t, which is why it’s important to improve a dog’s self-esteem.”

Morrill said that when it comes to knowing when to seek a professional trainer for a dog, it all depends on what the owner expects from the dog. He said that if the owner wants his or her dog to be a part of a family but is having trouble getting the dog to act in a civilized manner, then it is time to seek the help of a trainer. Morrill said it is his job to figure out the best method to train the dog.

“Every dog is different and has a different way of learning,” Morrill said. “It’s our job to figure out what will get the dog motivated to do what it’s supposed to do.”

Morrill also said that if the owner notices a behavorial problem they want fixed, it is better to get training sooner.

“It is probably something that is easily corrected,” he said. “But if it goes on for longer, the dog tends to develop it as a habit.”

For more information on the Revolutionary Canine, or to book a training session, schedule a private session or get boarding availability, visit the business’ website at or the Revolutionary Canine Facebook page.

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