Thursday, 11 August 2022
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Retirement home needed for Fox

Fox is looking for a new home now he is retired. (3968710)Fox is looking for a new home now he is retired. (3968710)
Fox is looking for a new home now he is retired. (3968710)

Do you have a cosy bed for this boy to retire to?

Our lovely Fox has just ended his racing career and is looking for somewhere to retire to, ideally where he can laze around in the sunshine most of the day. Fox spends a lot of time out with our volunteers as he is such a gentle boy to walk and loves going out on a good stroll. His other favourite pastime is getting to play with toys and will often be seen throwing them around in his kennel to chase.

Fox is looking for a home where there are adults and possibly could live with older children who are used to bigger dogs, as he can be a little clumsy at times. He would happily share his home with another dog of similar size/breed to him, but unfortunately would not be able to live with smaller pets.

If you could offer this boy his place to retire, please contact the south Lincs team on 01205 260546 or email

The new shop is open and ready for customers. (3968713)The new shop is open and ready for customers. (3968713)
The new shop is open and ready for customers. (3968713)

Fancy treating your dog to something new?

Our centre at South Lincolnshire has now just got its new shop up and running, so pop by to buy your pooch something new. We are stocking a lovely range of new toys, where there is something suitable for every dog, and treats, including some vegan dog treats with flavours such as seaweed, blueberry and spinach and kale.

We also stock your dog’s essential items including some new cosy beds and fancy collar and lead sets so your dog can keep up with the latest fashion trends! There are also some colourful bowls and slow feeders for the pooches who eat their dinner a little too quickly.

Also, if your dog is looking for a new harness, we sell a lovely range of soft padded Cosydogs harnesses which are ideal for all dogs when out walking.

And if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, we have a section of reduced items which we will be changing on a regular basis. So, if you fancy a trip out to see our new shop, please pop down between 11am-4pm to see what you can get!

Training Tips!

Car Travel Problems

Part of the fun of owning a dog is the ability to take them out on adventures in the car with you. For some dogs, travelling in the car is one of the most exciting events of the week, but for some getting in and travelling in the car can be an unsettling and worrying experience.

There are many reasons why a dog may dislike travelling, including:

* they may associate the car with unpleasant events (for example, they may have only ever been in the car to go to the vets);

* they might get travel sick on journeys (it may make them feel unwell even if they don’t vomit);

* they might not have travelled in a car before;

* the noise of the engine can be frightening (especially for sound sensitive dogs); or

* if not properly secured, dogs can be injured while the car is moving (memory of discomfort).

Build up gradually, with a number of positive experiences – the more positive experiences a dog has with something, the better they will feel when they come across it again in future.

Ways to achieve positive experiences include making the car part of playtime and training:

* Set a trail of your dog’s favourite treats leading to and away from the car. Once your dog is happy to eat treats near the car, begin placing the trail through the back doors so the dog is entering and leaving the car as they like (you can keep your dog on lead for this).


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