Thursday, 28 October 2021
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Recall Training Tips | Training when a Dog is in Heat | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #433

like yeah we do we look the same I only got glasses because I wanted to look smart like you you didn't need glasses honey you look smart before your glasses yeah was that a nice thing to say to you yes thanks can I get laid tonight probably not ok good hey everybody how are you you know we're live I am Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 training we got some special guests you'll probably hear them they don't respect my performance but it's Heather and Julie and you'll see them all week at my shadow program and welcome everybody thank you for joining if you're brand new to my world my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training and I'm a dog trainer business owner seminar speaker and I travel the world doing seminars but I do have a training location in Providence Rhode Island we specialize in behavior modification and aggression rehab so I do a lot of stopping unwanted behavior so I do a lot of stopping unwanted behaviors we obviously can train dogs to do a lot of different basic obedience and advanced obedience and we're family pet dog trainers but now is a good time to start asking your questions so you want to put your questions in your chat box below without your questions we don't do a show how did you make that black it's the way it was just that way I have no idea this so now is a great time to ask your questions the reason why I do this show for the last 10 years or so is because we get daily e-mails from people and a lot of people are struggling out there with their dog training questions if you're brand new to my world if you're brand new to my show you're gonna hear me talk a lot about punishments and the reason is is because the only way to stop an unwanted behavior which is what most people ask me so if you're watching these questions pop up what you're gonna see is you're gonna see Jeff how do I stop and then fill in the blank and the only way to stop an unwanted behavior is through punishment now punishments are it needs to be defined little bit better there's actually a proper way to punish the dog you're not mad you're not angry you're not upset you shouldn't be it's just what you did what's wrong I don't want you to do that again then you can actually start training for what you want a lot of people what they're doing is they're using obedience to fix an unwanted behavior and that's never that never works well that never works well I'm very very aware of the conversation out there about all the different dog training modalities so if somebody wants to pop on here and try to educate me unfortunately you're you're you came to the wrong place that doesn't mean I'm not open to learn things but we've worked with lots of dog stopping some pretty serious behaviors so Linda take it away this one is from Jake my dog is entering heat can I socialize her with other dogs have you seen any fights or behavior issues while the dog is in heat absolutely so what I would do is out of respect for your dog it's sort of like when your wife's that time a month for your wife you like try to make her happy the best you can let's pretend for a while a little visual there right I wish you guys could see what I am really going for is so this is what I want you to do is I would say keep your dog away from other dogs it actually can start a dog training a dog trainer you can actually start a fight not even right in the immediate area you can start actually a fight you know out of the immediate area next question from Heidi Hi Heidi's oh unfortunately Heidi's question is incomplete Heidi finish your question this is from Jessica in John's long line recall video he talks about creating a bubble where the dog doesn't reach the end of the line how do I communicate to come closer without having to commit to a complete recall so though Jessica great question so you can make your bubble anywhere you want so chances are that wasn't the first time he did that that protocol so what you're doing is you're sort of telling your dog hey I don't want you more than 15 feet away from me so what you're doing is you're often calling your dog back to you before it gets to the end of the leash and that way your dog by default will start checking in and your dog becomes more situational aware of you so what you want to do is when you're out there training recall you can literally do it every five seconds at the beginning so your dog is sort of like always aware it's I I better listen because my dog my owner might be calling me back at some time chances are the first time the dog got called back once it was in an off-leash area it probably was a pretty good considerable pop now the dog goes oh I get it I'm working and that will translate to off leash obedience as well next next is from Metro Detroit Auto Detailing Heidi Heidi did not complete her question okay can punishment ever be detrimental for Oh fill in the blank okay so Heidi that is there it is right there for example a very anxious dog there you go okay so actually Heidi if you properly ok for anxious dogs you actually for fearful anxious dogs punishment is actually the magic to rehab and a lot of people it goes against intuition or you like oh my god the dog's already anxious yeah but you only have two options reward and punishments so you can use a reward reward to stop anxiety so you're not punishing the anxiety you're punishing what the dog is doing physically with that with that anxiety such as spinning around in a crate standing up in a crate pacing back and forth breaking command counts command constantly but massive amounts of structure along with punishment but that's not that's not all you do but that is the absolute missing link especially with dog's with separation anxiety the missing link with dogs with separation anxiety is literally holding the dog accountable now if you want to lie down on a dog bed and be anxious or nervous nothing much I can do but if you're so nervous and anxious that you're always breaking command that we can correct for if the dog knows the command so we are not seeing if you know how to do it no lack of punishment is what's creating all these dogs with some serious bad behaviors next all right Metro Detroit Auto Detailing does walking your dog build confidence for the dog I mean walking your dog he's gonna depends on how you walk the dog so if you're letting the dog pull go back and forth left and right if you're letting your dog determine the pace of the walk the direction of the walk it doesn't make it any better so keeping your dog in a proper heel which is usually at your side pick your left or your right but be you know be consistent you determine the pace you determine the direction no sniffing no marking and yeah it absolutely builds a lot of confidence that's one of that's one of the things absolutely more freedom doesn't build confidence next from Tommy E hi Linda and Jeff it's me Colleen love y'all hey Colleen how are you love you uh Tyler how do you correct the puppies whining when they don't get their way and how much you chalk it up to being young okay first you have to define puppy so when some people say puppy they're like oh it's eight months old that's not a puppy that's an adult dog in my world the Vet might say it's a puppy this is the thing this concept of though the dog doesn't get its own way the dog should never get its own way bottom line dog should never get its own way at all so you determine what the life of the dog is going to be so how do you stop whining I can't stand whining now what if the puppy has to go out to the bathroom agree but if you just let that dog out to the bathroom five minutes ago it peed or pooed it doesn't have to go back out its whining because maybe it wants to get out of it's crate maybe it wants attention the worst thing to do is let it out of its crate and give it attention so how do you correct the whining dog you can whining puppy puppy when I say puppy we're talking probably six months and under but even like four months and under it so you can start correcting whining at twelve weeks old because if you don't you're reinforcing it you're reinforcing it now a lot of the stuff you hear online will never correct your dog before six months because you'll ruin the relationship so I mean again I'm aware of all this stuff no you won't own that dog til six months if you don't stop some of the stuff the number one reason why people give up their dogs is pre 1 years old and they always give up the dog not because my dog doesn't sit not because my dog doesn't down they give it up because my I can't stop my dog from doing fill-in-the-blank so that's why people give up their dogs and it's not because they're bad owners it's not because they're bad dogs it's because they didn't have the proper information to to educate themselves so whining is ridiculous so is barking next thanks Heather for the compliment this next one's from Tiffany I know that you are known all around the world but when you were just starting out you ever tell client I'm not your guy due to a client not the dog I still say that to this day next Kingdom one hello guys how can I stop my bully from digging holes in my backyard thank you okay perfect example how do I stop my dog from fill-in-the-blank of the bad behavior dogs digging holes number one can destroy your yard can destroy your expensive landscaping but also can dig out under fences remote collar on your dog if you're not familiar with the remote collar people also call them shock collars now we always recommend Dogtra E Collar Technologies Garmin for punishment Sport Sogs are great they run a little bit hot for us for the way we teach basic obedience we prefer E Collar Technologies or Dogtra so good quality good quality shock collars are not going to be like the cheap ones you find you know for $50 and under or even $100 and under shock collar or remote collar on the dog whatever you want to call it whatever you're most comfortable with dog starts digging a hole you make it suck to dig the hole yes you're making it uncomfortable oh Jeff you use pain to train it to train a dog I absolutely will apply a proper uncomfortable Punisher to stop a dog from a behavior which it might end up dead absolutely and anyone that says that they don't probably can't fix an unwanted behavior they're probably full of shit and they're probably lying to you because and I say this so strongly is because there's this whole like conversation out there that you don't have to do that no try putting water in the hole you have a muddy dog try putting the dog's poop in the hole you have a freaking dog that smells like shit like if it was that easy I would suggest it but it's not working it doesn't work meanwhile in three seconds it works next question this one is from I've lost it here Tommy E we used our E Collar on our vacation our GSD nine months old she was awesome got tons of compliments Tommy E proud of you BAM fist bump let's use it all the time don't wait question would be continued but I don't see it okay Jake my dog in heat seems a little on edge on walks more inclined to sniff or react to noises is this a common behavior Jake I actually wouldn't walk your dog in heat because you will be at dogs will two miles away dogs will break through windows of homes go through screen doors they will jump over fences they will dig under fences they will go they will leap out of car windows I would make sure I would actually keep your dog home always supervised when it's in heat next Jessica new family member's dog staying with me for four weeks she's not used to crate but I crate all my dog she whines a ton do I ignore I do hit the top of the crate and she stops for a minute okay Jessica number one I hope you're being paid for this yeah bottom line family or not four weeks taking care of a dog cash money vacation home restaurant gift certificate jewelry clothing you may pay cash cash so people always ask me around the holidays what did you give Linda I give her money guys people always go that's not thoughtful hey Linda what do you want for christmas cash it's the most loving thing you can give somebody is money let her buy her own shit so this is what you're gonna do you tell me do you want for the next four weeks to have a whining dog if you do try to ignore it what I would do is I walk in quiet hit the top of the crate make a bonker it's at work bonker wrapped up towel no throw the bonker do we only one one no stop next um Jessica again started my two dogs on a prong collar this week it has worked wonders thank you for all you do it has changed our walks Jessica I'm proud of you and this is the thing about prong collars if you're brand new to prong collars of course they look barbaric I've never seen one hurt a dog in my life I've trained over 4,000 dogs over 2,000 dogs at seminars millions of people watch our videos the photos you see online are fake they're false I've never seen a dog harmed in a training situation on a prong collar and a lot of people say well you have to learn how to use them right duh but guess what most people are using them right and even if you sort of used it not right you're still not gonna hurt your dog you know what hurts a dog a slip collar a martingale a flat buckle collar harnesses those cause body issues even if they're used correctly a dog could choke itself out at our martingale next okay here's the rest of TommyE's she was more well mannered than other dogs we went to places that didn't want dogs in there but we called her a service dog in training which she is and was accepted your videos have done so much awesome Tommy I can't encourage you to break I cannot encourage you to be breaking laws but thank you so much I'm so glad I'm so impressed nice this on'e from Robin what would you do with the dog that is fine on leash and he walked past people without a problem but will snap if someone reaches out to pet him he's at rest he's he's at a rescue yep so we're trying to get him adoptable okay okay so Robin G number one you have to dummy proof your dog meaning I don't let people pet my dog ever and my dogs are social my dogs would not snap if you try to pet them but I'm trying to change the way that people interact with dogs so what I and having more people pet the dog is not going to get the dogs more used to people so it snaps less it doesn't work that way the best thing to do with your dog is to get people not to pet it so you've got to educate the consumer you've got to educate the owner the new and the new owner many dogs don't like people reaching out and petting them they just don't so are there dogs out there you can do that with absolutely I own some but I still don't let people pet them so this is an ideology philosophy lifestyle answer where I'm like don't let people pet the dog now how do I get a dog like that adopted agreed how do you get a dog like that adopted there's counter conditioning protocols that you can do the bottom line is if a dog snaps at somebody you got to correct it but I'd rather advocate for the dog and be like hey you no you can't pet my dog now in a training situation can you work on that absolutely we do that but I would never ever ever let a stranger and everybody's a stranger to your dog maybe not to you but to your dog pet my dog next Oh Tommy thank you very much for the hair compliment awesome Jay Hamlin hi Linda Jeff I'm working through reactivity a non-negotiable as far as I'm concerned the idea is a valuable / high level stem on e collar even with no e collar conditioning than a reward on reactivity not on a leash no not on a leash so we don't correct for for obedience high until we've trained the dog so digging in a hole is different digging a hole is different so if your dog needs to properly learn to walk on a heel with the remote before you start exposing it to reactive situations that's not fair so it's not just about pushing button so what you need to do is first train the obedience on the remote so it understands it then you can use it as a Punisher next where are we Tiffany I know it's going to be dependent on the dog but is there an age that you introduce a prong collar and an E collar actually it's not that dependent 14 weeks old is usually early enough when you're using it on it you're not using it as a punishment though you're using it as a training tool only at that age next Hayley creating a positive association to the leash and collar to a two-year-old Weim shuts down on walks and runs when she hears the tags on the collar thank you so Hayley take the tags off the collar seriously take the tags off the collar and what I want you to do is it's gonna be a food protocol I want you to look up my video it's called Rupert RUPERT Rupert's Collar conditioning maybe it's called going to my YouTube channel type in Rupert in my search box it should it should pop up and I want you to do it so it's a clicker food protocol it takes a little bit of time but also what I want you to do is put a slip lead on that dog and then grab the collar so your dog can't run away every time your dog is successful running away technically you're reinforcing it running away so first slip lead on the dog so now you've got a leash on the dog and then you're gonna start training to put the collar on the dog next this one's from Jessica another question my dog understands brake perfectly during drills when he is on place for an hour or more he doesn't always get up is that okay I'm worried he may think he's self-releasing so if you're gonna say the word brake to your dog all right you need to reinforce because it is a command so what do you do leash on the dog have them come off and then two minutes later if they want to go back let them go back next Kingdom one says laughing my butt off thank you sir I will be purchasing an E Collar you're welcome Kingdom one thanks I really I actually really appreciate you being here I really sincerely do next this was from Keith hello both of we take our six-month hello both they forget about that part start at we take our 6 month old lab pit mix how is it best to ensure it stays next to us and doesn't run away because of the excitement she loves the water and loves people we do use e collar okay so Keith what I want you to do is if you're already using the E Collar and you're concerned about your dog running away it's possible that you haven't trained you haven't trained heel and you can't recall yet so again the last thing I want you to do first of all if you're concerned your dog is gonna run away keep it on a leash even a long line just keep it on a long line have it on you but we want to make sure that your dog is is able to stay in your little bubble okay but also we want to make sure your dog has great recall that's what we want to make sure so if I'm concerned about a client dog that's why you see even in our videos even in our videos you'll see say us at Chase Farm and we're practicing off leash recall the dog is still dragging a long line even us we are not interested in just all of a sudden giving that dog with no leash why shit happens dogs can run away like that right there was just a firework in the background it's possible there like a dog could run away a car backfires a bicycle goes by there's all kinds of stuff kids go running by skateboard so what I want you to do is have that dog on a leash first and I want you to work on making sure that dog knows to stay in your bubble next okay this one's from Katrina hey Katrina how do you correct a 16 week old puppy with OMO to be quiet in a crate using a remote collar um is 16 weeks old 4 months old I wouldn't use the I wouldn't use the shock collar yet what I would do is I would I would go up to the crate and I would say no and bonk the top of the crate or I would say no and throw a bonker at the crane don't you quite use the remote collar for punishment for whining in a crate too young next Jessica says I am being paid Lol damn right you're being paid girlfriend nice okay from Heather hey Heather I've been watching your videos for guidance and I finally achieved an off-leash heel I couldn't be prouder of my dog a 16 month old Eskie nice he has come so far Thank You Heather see this is the thing I've been doing this for a long time got answers big fucking deal right and information is not key I get a lot of folks that ask me the same questions over and over and you can if I recognize that I'm gonna call you on your shit just to let you know and if you listen to my stuff enough of my stuff you've seen me like literally yell at people like I answer that question last week I'm not changing my story but the application of information you guys are the freaking heroes you guys are the superstars I'm just like sharing knowledge you're applying it so kudos to you next Michelle says cash is always the right size damn right you got that my size I sure do I like the bigger size well you want your cash to need liposuction exactly okay Lisa my Malamute been showing fearful behavior towards little boys after being punched in the face by one yeah no I don't want this to turn to fear aggression since children run up to her even when I say no all right so Lisa you've got one of those dogs and everybody wants to pet and who's the little freaking shit asshole that punch your kid in the face hopefully you tripped him as he was walking away this what I want you to do I'm gonna come across as a jerk but I'm being serious here let me have a serious moment it's a major problem it's a major problem out there with not just children but with adults running up to dogs so you've got to advocate for your dog and the number-one children are also like no child like that's a parenting fail in my in my not your parenting fail that's a parenting fail if Angelo ever ran up to a dog I wouldn't punch him in the face obviously I would his mom she's Italian she'll take care of that but what I would do is there would be a serious consequence for my child for endangering his safety but also the safety of the dog so what you're gonna have to do is you've got to literally have your dog hold it behind you step in front and you literally say stop and if the parent says anything to you feel free to give out some a-hole parenting advice on the spot I just saved your child from getting bit maybe not from this dog but from another dog and you're probably gonnato get well you shouldn't have your your dog out if you can't be trusted and it's like hey lady you shouldn't have your frickin asshole kid out you know don't say that but you know what I'm saying next advocate for your dog push your kid away just to let you know I got a big mouth obviously when I train dogs it's silent so don't talk even close to as much as I am when you're working with your dog if you've actually watched me work a dog I'm actually silent calm it's not like this but I have to be like this because it's an entertainment show so if you're brand new to my world because I don't think you want to hear me go when somebody walks up to your dog this is what I want you to do I love that next this one's from Stan hey Stan hey Jeff we got a new Dogtra 1900s upgrade from the cheaper one I had my dog does very well on the E collar how do I know when I can trust him 100% so far so good you guys are awesome Stan that's a rough one man right so a hundred percent especially on recall I owned a dog who had great recall Uma and uh I know Uma when you said here she would turn so fast she almost keep going in that direction that she was headed while she was trying to run back to me she blew off 127 on a Dogtra 1900 chasing a deer blew it off she had incredible recall and I switched up how I trained a little bit after that but man you you you don't know like look at us right like the only thing I've ever done 100% is I've been sober for 27 years haven't even thought about having a drink but I'm trying to be a good wife you are um I'm try to be a good husband to my wife and I still have my dick moments no comment yes you know what I mean so it's like we're working on it we're working on it we're working on it what's a hundred percent so how do you ever know I don't want you to think negative when it's like take it slow buddy take it slow but I'm proud of you for for doing the work next I always love a good Uma story yeah there'll never be another don't make me cry Victor my dog whining in car he is in crate gets a little nervous in the car how to make the whining stops oh yeah that's a tough one remote collar is gonna help that because you can't turn around and you know bonk the dog I don't want you to turn around and give the dog leash pop what I would do is that make sure your dog is if you got room for a crate crate you're not you don't have room for a crate have the dog do a down stay but a remote collar will stop who's gonna stop whining right next this one's from Frank how does a martingale collar calm a dog I thought they were better than the flat collar great question Frank Frank if you're the same Frank that is up in Kelowna that I met actually um I think you're from Victoria thanks for thanks for jumping in on the show and if you're not thanks for being here anyway remember it's a it's if you look at the patent of it it's a limited choke that's actually the definition of a martingale which is a patented device it's called a limited choke it is it takes it takes it literally chokes the dog like this so it creates pressure flat against the throat so that's where the damage that's where the damage happens is part of it leather and part of it something else it could be but it's more about the the action of the collar so a prong collar is barbaric as it is actually was designed to prevent harm to the neck area so that's how next Robin can you use an e collar on a dog for the out command without layering yeah we do all the time next Kayle hey Kayle is it okay to have one dog sleep in a crate at night the one with behavioral issues but allow the one who doesn't sleep in place in the bedroom he is eight and never slept in a crate Kaylee your house your rules if your dog that sleeps first of all from a not fair to the dog thing get over it right Angelo he just went to bed it's 8:00 my other two daughters they can go to bed sort of like whenever they want to right so different dogs different rules different kids different rules so with your 8 with your eight-year-old dog it's not about if they've never been in a crate before no separation anxiety fine no resource guarding fine no protective behavior fine let him sleep in your room it's on you it's fine next Chevy Chevy hey Chevy what's up love the classes L thank you fear aggressive what's working line running GSD getting really good response with E Collar corrections but she whines a lot should I correct for that now or let it go until reliable when seeing dogs let it don't let it go now don't wait till she sees dogs you want to address it ASAP next because when she starts seeing dogs it will be harder to stop okay this one's from Keith hey Keith how about if the dog loves people and kids and loves to be petted by everyone should I allow that or stop everyone to come over she's six months and I want to do its best for her and safe okay so this is the thing Keith you're walking down the street with your dog your dogs in the front yard you're at the beach your dog sees other people other dogs it runs across the street and gets hit by a car it loves people so much your dog is good with people you got that sounds like you did a really good job of socializing now you dog could change at nine months old twelve months old eighteen months old there's different periods that it goes through what I do is once my dog is I also want to be everything to my dog I actually don't want my dogs to be interested in humans or other dogs it just lifestyle stuff I want to be the number one thing for my dog so what I would do is I would spend more time right now getting becoming everything to your dog and you could always give up a little bit but always give your dog something but I'd be super careful about that because if I don't want your dog coming up to me or I don't want your dog coming up to my dog and you're yelling that your dog is friendly but my dog might not be and my dog might be on a leash or my kids are afraid so what I want you to do is I want you to sort of become a selfish dog owner so that's my lifestyle stuff but that's also I've seen it go bad with overly friendly dogs so what's gonna happen is your dog could be on a leash so exciting to see people it goes ballistic on a leash that I see it a lot friendly dog looks like an attack dog though because it wants to get petted by other people so just be careful I'm glad that your dog is friendly with people right now though that's cool next this one's from Pam hey Pam we just lost our ten-year-old dog to brain cancer that sucks my seven month old Labradoodle has really regressed with training and is lost anything I can do to help so Pam yeah so number one dogs dying sucks it just does they never live long enough the cool thing is is that there's so many dogs that probably would love to be in your home that's the cool thing it's possible that your dog is responding to your grief it's possible that you which makes you normal and the dog normal I would do the what I would do is that would really work your hardest also coincidentally dogs at an age where it's sort of like going yeah we really don't care about you anymore mom and dad or mom and mom or just mom whatever your situation is I don't want to listen to you because I'm sort of finding my own so what I want you to do is step up your training and wait until that dogs about a year old before you decide to get another dog um don't get another dog too soon easy for me to say but I also listen to my own advice so I had to put a dog down about a month ago and I'm in no rush right now to get another dog I've had many dogs pass in my life and what I've done is I've been like just hold on I just alright next from Jessica thanks guys for all your help you're welcome this one's from Dana any tips on acclimating a 9 week old puppy to crate I let her cry it out at night but she tends to soil the crate even though it's the right size I've never had this most trouble with the crate so Dana puppy raising man it's hard it's hard hopefully you're prepared sounds like you've had a lot of puppies so what I want you to do is this monitor its food and water so if your if your home is climate control to a reasonable temperature and it's not a hundred degrees in your house take away the water at 6 o'clock at night make sure your dog goes out two to three times before it's potty time but you're going to get up in the middle of the night so if you you're going to probably get up at 9 weeks old you can eat up every four hours you're gonna get up every 4 hours so take away the water at 6 make sure the dog goes out at say 10 right now you're probably gonna make to about 2:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning but you'll probably get up at least once if not twice and then then I'll go back down though you know one time so it's not just the size of the crate the dog's only 9 weeks old so it's gonna soil its crate it's gonna have accidents so don't put anything fancy in there and actually with us we actually don't put any bedding at all in a puppy crate we've got a clean plastic tray why you're gonna be doing laundry left and right so have cleaning supplies ready to go so you're not getting frustrated whoops accident dog comes out spray spray wipe wipe clean up the dog if you have to put it in the sink or hose it off outside just you know get it done with so be prepared for a lot of soiling and a lot of sleepless nights right now next this katrina says thank you're welcome Tommy says I want to thank you both for all your vids and advice we really are using her as a service dog because I'm handicapped awesome Tommy good awesome I wasn't implying you were breaking the well maybe you were implying so anyway so no disrespect I apologize next smart dog school excellent humility we love watching you guys keep up the good work you're helping both dog owners and professional trainers alike we truly appreciate it my pleasure Randy Randy you got a Skype to schedule so love you buddy Tiffany says 27 years Jeff I'm proud of you thanks I'm proud of me too weird cuz I didn't know you any other way I know you've only known me sober yeah you've only known me sober thank god we probably wouldn't be together we wouldn't umm from Cheryl hi Jeff and Linda loved RV Dog Trainer in Collingwood had tons of family over this weekend at the cottage told everyone to just ignore Rory and don't pet him no issues and well-behaved Cheryl first of all it was fabulous to meet you I fucking love that town I went down into like the tourist area not that I liked the tourist area it's like how many freaking Collingwood t-shirts do you need by the way happy Canada Day but boy is it nice there and Josh you Justine are just the most awesome hosts so great to meet you and glad you had success next okay this one is from Holly hey Holly yay didn't miss the Q&A waiting for my luggage just landed in Phoenix missing t3 awesomeness already I know we'll never get enough knowledge and now ready ready to start applying thank you so so so much Holly was great to finally meet you that's Holly from T3 Lisa aha I love your answer and have so much respect for you and your team and your program we've had many wins since following your advice next up for me becoming an asshole Lisa I make it easy don't worry I was gonna say that's Linda's line I don't say that I think it shh I don't want this show to be banned I won't be able to monetize this nothing okay sorry guys no sometimes I can't control myself um Jessica neighbor's dog is snotty pushy and gets his way recently developed resource guarding and blocking the door when you try to leave would it go away with structure and teaching the out commands curious so neighbor's dog well hold on so you're are you trying to help the neighbor or does the neighbor's dog guarding your door if you try to help the neighbor and they're asking for help then give it but if not stay out of it what I want you to do is this you guard the door think about it this way like what are you kidding hey you gotta be joking you're guarding that door get the heck out of there remote collar you make it suck to guard the door end of story make it short and sweet next okay but hold on but but you can give that dog as much structure as you want that won't you have nothing to lose but until you address proper punishment for the guarding it will not go away next this one's from Siobhan hey Siobhan should have asked you this today and don't want to forget can you briefly briefly touch on when a dog takes off right after coming to you after hear command and reward am i praising too soon how to correct briefly touch on when a dog takes off right after coming to oh yeah so recall the dog and then put it in a sit and then release you have to teach it the break word and break command so yeah so you've called the dog back to you called the dog back to you what's the chit chat you have some comments I know it's a shadows yeah yeah she is but make sure you write all your questions out and ask me though so you're gone your dog's blowing you off we can role-playing we can role play it tomorrow absolutely next this one's from Ashkan yep hi Jeff and Linda love you hey Ashkan love you too Jake my dog has never had a bite history but can sometimes be dog dominant should I muzzle condition her when taking her to the lake in case we run into other dog so Jake it doesn't hurt the muzzle condition your dog but as far as muzzles go I like Baskerville muzzles those are the muscles that you can actually have on a dog for long periods of time they can drink water eat breathe pant so it would absolutely wouldn't it wouldn't hurt whatsoever but also don't you also want to correct that dominant behavior next Kaylie what do I do with both dogs soil and chew blankets and their crate despite being trained and going outside prior to going in so Kaylee what I would ask you is if you didn't have blankets in there would they soil if the answer is no they wouldn't you answered your own question no blankets next she says I'd like to get a one-on-one Skype do you still offer these I have lots of questions so Kaylee that's actually how I make a living believe it or not so I own a dog training center and it keeps a lot of people employed and obviously yes I also you know generate revenue from that to support my family but how I personally make a true living is actually is actually my charging for all this information that I'm putting out there but you're getting longer answer so yes I would suggest joining my patreon page at patreoncom/solidk9training and at certain levels you actually can get a fifteen minute or 30 minute Skype or just go to SolidK9Training

com SolidK9Trainingcom and actually go to our services and actually just schedule a Skype so yes that's that's what I do for my paid service next this is from Becky hi seventeen week old husky doing well with springer prong but freaks when anyone comes close shrieks any advice so Becky you got a loud dog you got one of those dogs that are really really loud what I would do right now is is I would and everybody likes a husky right so they all talk too they all talk so you know a lot of a lot of Huskies are loud but what I would do is that would keep people now away from your dog and sounds like well how's the dog ever used to them this is the thing agreed how they gonna used to them I want your dog to be around people but not necessarily interacting with people next how to get husky to ignore cats he has killed one previously neighbor's dog again oh all right so Jessica why isn't your neighbor asking the question I'm not trying to be a hard-ass is this a priority for your neighbor yes or no so your neighbor should be on this your neighbor should be contacting me as well I'm not trying to I'll help you out as much as you want but I want to make sure the neighbor is just as invested as you seem to be I wish I had a frickin neighbor like you they'd go up there right now and frickin yell at those kids that are blowing off fireworks that's for sure so with Husky that dog needs to be remote collar trained and learn it will get highly corrected even thinking about going after cats we would actually put that dog in to avoidance so we keep that dog if it's if it's in the house it's easier to do it's out of the house you got to go hunt for hunt for cats but there's gonna be a consequence consequence for doing that but you're being a great neighbor yes you're definitely a special person next this one's from holding on dog training nice thank you so much for inspiring us I have my first paying client coming in two weeks and one pro bono rescue you have given me so much confidence truly love you guys thank you I'm super proud of you and keep going and that's how I started by the way guys Joe says love you guys thank Joe thanks love you too buddy oh hey Martha Martha we'll see you in October can't wait um hey Jeff and Linda bit the bullet and bought my ticket oh yeah yeah cool love you gotcha makes sense and neighbors are asking for help but also just curious for my own knowledge I told them to consult a professional and sent them a few of your videos awesome Jessica and remember Jessica if you already you already gave them some of my videos right and I'm easy to get a hold of correct so in a month from now if they're like well we haven't called anybody yet guess what why do you care more than them it's a seriously it's the same thing why do you care more than them so you know it's we live in a free market economy the internet is wide and various and it I would put it on them but I'm so glad that you're at least are doing this much next none taken love this is from Tommy E love you love you both by the way we went from Texas to Florida and did great nice others used other types of leashes and it was great to see our Delta using manners and no pulling etc you are so correct with E Collar awesome Tommy E proud of you good nice road trip too by the way I love Texas barbecue and guns next I miss buying ammunition as much ammunition as I want Oh remember I walked in the local Walmart and I'm like can i my ammunition if I'm from out of state sure I said like is there certain limit they're like no buy as much as you want well okay how much you got yeah my RV like the back of it like was riding low right next okay Stacy my 16 week puppy is almost 5 pounds if she too little for E Collar training man Stacy that's a small dog I would wait because there's no there's no E Collar technology it's like 16 weeks old E Collar technology does not have a good small dog collar it's supposedly on order it's supposedly in the works until it's on the market I wouldn't believe it what I would do right now at 16 weeks old I would do a ton we do a ton of food training so I would actually clicker food train that dog keep a long line on the dog that's what I would be doing right now next there's just really no you don't really need to punish for any obedience so I would hold off a little bit next Holly says at Martha Cardin so worth all the bullets and sacrifice you will be tenfold benefit and value from T3 thank you this one's from Tiffany when you get in a very aggressive dog but it's muzzled upon arrival and you take that muzzle off how do you get it back on without getting bit Tiffany not to be cocky tons of dog training experience tons of handling of aggressive dogs so I don't want to you know we can say very carefully but it's bigger than that it's bigger than that there's actually an art to it we've done it the only way you can really like see it is you have to be there hands-on and we'd have to have that dog with us there's a lot of there's a lot of different variables to do it there's a lot of different techniques right now though what I always suggest for folks is if you don't have a ton of experience working with aggressive dogs don't because so many owners out there need help with dogs they would never even think of biting you so I would say just be super careful but how do we do it we do it all the time we just have a lot of dog handling experience next this one's from Melissa just quit my job as a dog walker to focus on slowly starting a balanced training business want to take it on the road like you so you've been a huge inspiration will join patreon soon awesome it's a great job as people all over this country they need help Missy Mae hey Missy Mae what's up hi guys you're both looking great patreon is awesome hey Missy really proud of you proud of your new company name proud of your new your new your new life so looking forward to keeping up with you and I'll see you in the Seattle Robyn requested a Skype session a few days ago haven't heard from Jess yet how long does it usually take to get one scheduled huh takes less than 24 hours oh it was the weekend though but still grab me a pen yes please Robyn I'm gonna look right into that I'm gonna email her as soon as the show is over okay Robyn sorry about that apologies next Tommy E people did come up and wanted to pet her we said no please don't she's in training oh they were not offended Jeff your advice is so great thank you again awesome that's great that's great if people weren't offended a lot of times they are okay next one's from Debbie hey Debbie um hi Jeff Rubin my GS is doing great cannot wait to see you in Austin awesome to hear Debbie um Becky thank you Husky seems to be between sizes with prong better be slightly big or small on the Husky if it's uh you can try switching the two two five but it's got so much fur on it though if there's so much fur if you've got yourself I forgot how old the Husky was Becky's husky if it's you could always make it a little okay so pushy snotty dogs it's better off a little bit snug if you better dog this a little bit nervous and fearful that are up a little bit loose also it's just growing if it's growing you know it'll grow into it if it's the kind that has the center plate what you can do is you can get the one that doesn't have a center plate and you'll save half of a half a size next then you never have to go above three millimeter on those collars so if you're literally if you're working with one that's above three millimeter you're it's too big it's too big next from Stan yeah it's me again I have a two-year-old Doberman he's a good dog all-around I take him to Home Depot everywhere the problem I have is what I have to when I have company he's very aggressive so that's probably real estate specific so interior work in a home dogs definitely act a little bit different than in the exterior so what I would do is this I'm remote colalr train your dog get yourself a remote collar is a shock collar and work on the place command work on your dog make sure it doesn't if it's not allowed to rush the door so if it starts the sequence starts people come over they go they they ring the doorbell they knock on the door if your dog charges it that's when you'll start applying your first Punisher right there and make it suck to rush the door then what you do is you have the dog go into place place is go to a dog bed go to a mat relax don't do don't do any nonsense if your dog breaks that you can punish the dog for breaking command only though once you've been working on it so you don't punish for obedience until the dog absolutely knows it and it's comprehensive in that and then what I would do is right now get to exist around people without interact with people next this one's from Jake my dog can heal past a cat in a field she sees and even hold a down stay however as soon as that cat takes off she goes into drive best fix that's Jake man that's cuz that's what drive is man I know I know that's what drive is so you make it suck to go after cats remote collar remote collar and get and you want to start at the at the begin the beginning of the sequence so it's gonna be hard because unless you've got unless you've got a lot of roaming cats and then you sort of have to startle them so they run away so what I would do is I would start using see if you can use other things besides cat can you kick in your dogs drive so if your dogs in a down stay say and if you roll the tennis ball or a chuck it ball or a basketball or something by it would it give chase if it would you start with that so you sort of want to set it up on a repetitive behavior but a running cat is different than all those things you're still gonna have to do with a cat next Jamal hey Jamal good evening Gellmans haven't heard from you buddy hope you do it okay and I hope your wife is um your wife is doing okay they're pregnant oh nice love that Tommy E lol we are headed back to Texas now we're in Mississippi Mississippi's nice I go through Mississippi next Keith how do you punish properly I know that's crucial but what's considered improper punishment and how to do it properly so it depends on all what you're trying to do but improper is but first of all whenever you're using punishment you're not yelling and you're not screaming you're not angry that's really really important to establish it's just matter of fact that was wrong don't do it so it all depends on you want to make something intolerable to the dog what's intolerable so a lot of things are intolerable so for instance we fix we fix jumping up on counters you know with with a shock collar it's the easiest most effective thing to do so dog goes up on the counter and we actually aren't even in the room we use a remote collar on a very high level yes it is very uncomfortable to the dog but the dog could also die from getting something off the counter and then what we do is the dog comes off the counter and you don't need to be there so a lot of times what people do is they'll say the word no but they don't really mean it or the dog stops doing it but it keeps doing it over and over again which means it wasn't proper so it all depends on what you're actually trying to punish if it's a life or death thing or if it's just like lack of obedience or if it's like blowing off a command so we use different Punishers for different things but we can use a bonker which is the towel we can use a leash which is just a leash correctional use remote collar I mean I can use some people use penny cans you can use people use throw change there's there's a lot of things there's a lot of things next this is from Neenah hi needs help crate training following separation anxiety protocol but I'm still hostage I cannot leave them alone for a minute they calm down the second I come in the room when do I correct no E collar so you get get yourself an E collar so get yourself get yourself a proper E collar if they can use it out of the room out of the room you should not be being held hostage by your dog so they need to learn proper punishment also hold your dog accountable outside of the crate so you should be working your dog on lots of commands next so Kaylee you know for us to hear to to get I requested Skype but haven't heard of anything well Kaylee that's like again I'll write you down we've got a very very simple protocol on how we do skypes so I don't recall hearing from you at all we have a form online and if we missed two forms something is definitely wrong because that would be highly unusual because that's how I actually make a living so if you filled out a form and it's a contact form and you fill in Skype Jessica should get back to you right away so again what I would do is I would find out what the heck is going on because we're very prompt at that our customer service is incredible so let me find out if you just like casually email me or Facebook message me I might not see those but if you filled out the form Jessica who does the scheduling actually sees them or if you email me I probably sent you to the website so we've got a very strict protocol again apologies I'll look into it and I will see it I mean I'm seriously gonna look into it because that's how we make that's our business next Nina also says just joined patreon posted there sorry posting everywhere it's okay help so Nina today I did today I do my um today today I do my Q&A on patreon make sure you put it under the Q&A put it under the Q&A we just got there's a little dollars I just a little dollar sign at the bottom of your little thing there you can actually become become a super chatter so Joe just did a superchat so he goes his question goes right up to the top so I have a blue pity with prey drive looking into e-collar training I was told that it would make him more aggressive and that he would become complacent what do you think currently on the phone okay so Joe thanks for it thanks for the 10 dollars you were lied to you were lied to okay so an E Collar could it make a dog aggressive let me just a couple of things Joe every single dog that comes in to us we specialize in aggression rehab they've probably most probably 90% of them have not been on remote collars before the E Collar didn't make the dog aggressive now could it make the dog more reactive sure if you underwhelm the dog but if you use if you are struggling with your dog with prey drive an E Collar is the best thing to be using so but it's really weird because you were told that he would he would become complacent like don't wanna don't we want him to become complacent so your dog won't like every dog that comes into our facility 100 percent of dogs come in our facility are remote collar trained every single one of them why we feel it's the best way to train a dog they're fantastic and we've got so many free videos and you don't have to go to us you can actually learn it on your own so you were lied to next okay this one is from Stephanie at a nine week old puppy and doing tons of positive reinforcement training I was wondering at one point in age you go from just positive reinforcement to correcting for not complying so we do all by the way we do clicker food training guys that's how we start off every dog aggressive dog rehab we clicker and food trained them so in nine weeks old though you're gonna go at least until sixteen weeks of lots and lots of food training and marker training clicker training before you start correcting for unwanted for for for obedience next uh Becky asks what are your thoughts on marker training we've got every dog we've ever trained has been marker training everybody does marker training everybody does everybody does yes no training so we're huge advocates of marker training that's the core that's one of the core foundations that's how you train dogs how to do stuff and to not do stuff teaching what yes means teaching them what no means so every dog trainer I imagine uses marker training even if they don't know what it is like that's that's how dogs that's what we do so we're obviously huge huge huge fans of it we don't necessarily call it call it marker training but we that's what we're doing next this one's from Tiffany I brought the trick training videos and my I guess 18 month old lab is doing awesome yeah she has hit it down and we're working on sit pretty awesome anyone wants to trick train their dog or clients dogs buy it thanks Tiffany if everybody want you what Tiffany did was first of all thank you so much she went to cool dog tricks cooldogtrickscom and she bought the um she bought I think it's like twenty dollars you learn 12 tricks so awesome thanks for the support Vincent hey Vincent hey Jeff we have a skype tomorrow and when I contacted Jessica who was super helpful and prompt she said she hadn't seen everything seems there might be an issue with the form I'll take a look but as far as you Skype I don't have my calendar in front of me now but I think I saw one from 6:30 to 7:30 so are you from 6:30 to 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time or 5:30 to 6:30 so I saw something scheduled for later that I think is your name if I recall I just looked at my schedule next shady optics yep dog growls when try to pet when she is tired don't pet your dog when it's tired seriously don't leave it on alone just leave your dog alone you got to see like her when what first thing in the morning I try to do a reach-around I get an elbow to the ribs so leave the dog alone next you're comparing me to a dog I'm comparing dogs growl to your growl you sort of growl a little bit you're in the doghouse next um Keith which days and times do you have the Q&A sessions on Youtube try to do them Monday 8:30 p

m Eastern Standard Time I try really hard I'm not always in town next snow oh wait look Tommy E Robin could you be close to Adi again I didn't bring it down before you took it down next context snow put 21 my dog still struggles with whining I'll correct with a collar and sometimes it'll stop and sometimes he'll Yelp from it and whine more instead of stopping what can I do so you so that's right that's hard you have to find the right level you got to figure out what the right level is and there's no correct number but as far as yelping like we're not concerned about yelping and sometimes it's a surprise to them or discomfort you gotta have to sort of fish around and figure it out every once in a while you've got it just if your dogs in a crate whining you just got to go over the crate and just you know bop the top of it but the remote collar is one of the best things for whining you sort of got to figure out what the right level though is next Vincent yes 5:303 to 6:30 awesome Tiffany hahahaha Linda yeah hashtag funny not funny it's funny but Michelle Jeff your parachute has turned into a knapsack lol great show as always oh thanks Michelle Michelle man I missed you in Collingwood next RNG rescuing shelter animals at gmail book uh Tommy thank you nothing else yeah it's 9:30 yes so actually Robin Robin that that email I've got a moderator on this but that website was deleted just because we don't allow posting of other people's websites just because we don't know any anything about them anything about them at all so there's just one of the policies that I have Robin so don't please don't take it personally and looks like Tommy was able to get it so that's really good but just to let people know is we don't know we don't know what are these websites go we don't know who owns these websites we don't know their philosophy on training at all and it's not that we're trying to not help people with resources but we just I've got a moderator on this that's not it literally sits in the back not in the back physically here remotely and and she monitors all this stuff because there's a lot of nonsense on there yep no worry about it don't worry about it Tommy you don't do anything wrong Missy Mae says I haven't seen this last week's patreon Q&A know you have bee busy Missy I went up today they went up today all right all right guys it's been an hour in one minute and 15 18 seconds thank you so much for putting up with all of our nonsense it's a pleasure pleasure pleasure to have you all here and you're all special to me madly in love with you and I will see you next Monday I'm actually in town for a couple of months I got to go out to Seattle to do a fantastic seminar out there and you can go to RVdogtrainercom to get tickets for that all right love you guys so much you're all special and thanks for the super chat I really really appreciate it come to Cleveland that's my hometown find a seminar location and I will be there well you actually I can probably do when you can't know is that that location all right love you

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