Saturday, 15 December 2018
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Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Canine Service Pals

Some people are happy to know they saved one life, but one local organization wants to use that saved life to help a second.

Canine Service Pals saw the potential in some dogs at the Beaver County Humane Society. Those dogs are now being trained to become lifetime service pals to people with disabilities.

Trainer Dan Grachen helped create the program and talked to Channel 11 about the impact.

“When we have that ability to not only rescue them, but give them a life with a child that adores them and loves them and you know truly needs them, that makes us feel incredible,” Grachen said.


Paige Behanna is one of those recipients. Her doctor connected her with the group in Coraopolis and introduced her to her service dog, Cannoli. Channel 11 spoke to Paige about her desire for a service dog.

“I’ve always wanted more independence, now that I’m out of high school,” Paige said.

Canine Service Pals started last year. They’ve already gifted two dogs and are training six more. It’s all free of charge to the future owners. Paige says it is an incomparable feeling to know Cannoli is hers forever.

“I’m just looking forward for her to be by my side whenever I need her,” Paige said. “I’m excited to see what the next chapter holds.”

The organization is run entirely on donations to give the service dogs free of charge to owners. You can find out more about its efforts by clicking here.


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