Thursday, 28 October 2021
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Positive Reinforcement, What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #118

– Hey everybody, how are you? Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training with my "What would Jeff Do?" tip of the day Tip# 117 How powerful is a bonker? If you don't know what a bonker is, it is a towel

All it is, is a cotton towel wrapped up, secured by two #64 elastics, that's all it is It's used as a punisher, dogs hate projectiles What do you do? You have to teach a dog how to be properly punished So, what you would do, say your dog is whining, barking, leash-reactive, growling, resource-guarding Name all these different bad behaviors, you would say the word "no", and then you would extremely firmly, throw

Yes, throw the towel at the dog You are not gonna hurt your dog It's a cotton towel Dogs run into stuff, but let me just show you how powerful this is Here's a video of a dog

Let me see if I can line this up right here Let's watch this video here This is the dog at the training center Good one (dog barking) This is the owner

Five years, she's been dealing with this behavior Five years She lives in New York City Five years, every time they see a dog, the dog does that, she has to scoop it up I don't blame her, you're lost, you don't know what to do

It's no fault of the owner at all But, what else's she supposed to do with that dog, that's out of control? Five years, no training has ever worked Now, let's look at the same thing Bear with me here So, Dan who takes the dogs

So it's not just owner Cendrick (dog barking) It's also with Dan, one of our staff Okay, I mean look at the dog Frantic, out of control, it's gonna choke itself on this (dog barking) Five years of learned behavior Okay? Now, the dog was bonked one time

One punisher that lasts one second Same dog Less than 24 hours later Less than 24 hours later Now, you tell the dog is a little bit nervous and concerned

Five years of behavior stopped Okay? It's all on our Facebook page You can go to our Facebook page and check it out Five years of behavior stopped in one second And it lasts, by the way

The dog just started it's boarding train Now, the real training starts Now we start getting the dog to understand what we want One second of punishment, and now weeks of positive reinforcements Over and over and over again

But until you stop the unwanted behavior through punishment, no matter how much praise or reward you give the dog, it's not going to work And you're just gonna be struggling, you're just gonna be struggling So, that's a great example When we talk about punishment, it's simple, it's effective, it's easy, it lasts for seconds, and then the amount of reward is endless When the dog gives us the good stuff

Now, the dog now all of a sudden, now it's like, you can tell it's concerned But that's like, stop any bad behavior, and be put into the same situation that you were put in, you're gonna be concerned Watch the transformation We get dogs like this in all the time We stop the behaviors all the time

So, follow this dog's story, but I really wanted to stress, the power, the only way that you stop an unwanted behavior is through punishment A lot of folks out there are afraid to say the word They think it's being mean to the dog, it's not It's the greatest gift you can give not only the dog, but the owner Check it out on Facebook, we document our work

Madly in love with you, I'll talk to you tomorrow Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training What Would Jeff Do? Dog training tip of the day Madly in love with you, talk to you tomorrow

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