Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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Portable Fans For Your Cats and Dogs Now Available – Rock 92.9

Is this brilliant, or are pet owners nuts?

A company in Japan is selling vests for cats and dogs with a built-in fan to keep them cool on hot days.


Lisa Way’s Favorite Dogs!

The biggest animal lover on the Dave and Chuck the Freak show is without a doubt Lisa Way!

She’s often described as “Snow White” with the different types of animals she has showing up at her home and interactions she’s experienced with wild life.  One of her favorite types of animals, like a lot of people, are dogs!

Before I get into the list of my favorite dog breeds, I have to say that probably the best dogs you can have are at our local shelters. They appreciate you giving them a loving home and will forever say thank you! 

Here are her favorite dogs!

Source: https://rock929rocks.com/2022/08/03/portable-fans-for-your-cats-and-dogs-now-available/

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