Monday, 10 December 2018
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Petborough Boutique to open in Depot Square

For seven years, Dara Forleo has been looking for the right location for her business – well, to complete it at least.

Forleo has owned and operated Dara’s Paw Spa for the past 12 years. She first opened the full-service grooming shop business in Milford oval, but moved it to the Strand Building in Peterborough seven years ago. Since that relocation, Forleo has always wanted more.

The goal has always been to have a larger retail side to the business, like she did in Milford, but the current location just wasn’t right for that.

Now with the opening of Petborough Boutique in Depot Square, Forleo has it all – just split between two locations.

“I’ve been planning it in the back of my head,” Forleo said. “When I walked in, I saw it instantly.”

Dara’s Paw Spa will continue as is, offering all of the same services it has for the last seven years, while Petborough will be a totally different venture.

“I really wanted the whole operation in Depot Square,” Forleo said. “So seven years I’ve been waiting.”

She’s looked at other spots in Peterborough, but “it just hasn’t been the right space,” Forleo said.

Something that Forleo is excited to offer is a daily small batch bakery. Made right at the shop, there will be a host of dog treats to choose from.

“I think the bakery will be a big draw,” she said.

With four suites in the location between Hobbs Jewelers and Underneath It All, dog owners will have the opportunity to drop their pooch off for hourly daycare while they grab a quick bite to eat or get a massage.

“We’ll baby sit them for a while,” Forleo said. “As long as there’s space because it will be first-come, first-serve.”

There will be a self-service dog wash station for those who don’t want to use their bathtub for the cleaning of their pets. In addition to the bakery, Petborough will offer specialty foods, packaged treats, toys, bones, collars. Walk-in services like face or nail trims will be available for dogs.

“We just don’t have the foot traffic here,” Forleo said of the Strand Building location. “So it really didn’t fit with this space.”

Forleo will also provide training classes, seminars and monthly events that are an extension of The Whole Pet Grooming Academy she currently offers.

“This allows for expansion of the school,” Forleo said.

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