Tuesday, 18 January 2022
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Pet World: Helping A Small, Overprotective Dog Feel At Ease

DEAR CATHY: My Chihuahua is extremely protective of me. No one can touch me or come near me. I want to learn how to teach my dog not to be defensive on my command.

— Rafael, New Castle, Delaware

A: With a small dog, overprotectiveness is mostly related to fear. Growling and baring their teeth is an attempt to control everything around them — and it often works.

But sometimes, with small dogs, we accidentally reinforce this behavior. If a large dog growls, “people change their behavior and back up,” says dog training expert Megan Stanley in Calgary, Canada. “With a small dog, people are more likely to giggle and continue approaching the dog, which only increases the dog’s fear.”

Source: http://www.courant.com/consumer/hc-ls-pet-world-0701-story.html

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