Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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Meet Charlie, our Patch Pet of the Week!

Coming to us from Flushing, Queens, Charlie is a 4-year-old silver mini schnauzer. He’s described by his owner as stubborn, spunky, and really spoiled.

First day home

Charlie felt comfortable at his home the second he got there. He was lovable, and friendly – and remains that way to this day.

Favorite treat

This dog could be described as a bit of a health nut– his favorite treats are organic chicken from Trader Joe’s and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks Dog Treats! Honestly, we can all take diet lessons from Charlie.

Weirdest thing he ever ate

Nothing to see here – Charlie is a super picky eater, so he doesn’t really eat anything out of the ordinary.


Charlie is an outdoorsy little pup so he enjoys sitting in the balcony on his canopy and making new friends at the dog park. He loves long walks and sticking his head out the window during car rides.


Like many other dogs, Charlie is not a fan of loud noises. Thunder and fireworks scare him the most. So, we’re guessing 4th of July is NOT his favorite holiday.

Funniest habit

Apparently, he thinks he’s outside even when he’s laying on the bed, because he is constantly digging into the sheets even though there’s nowhere for him to go. He also has some funny sleeping habits. Even though his family bought him his very own bed, he prefers to sleep under his owner’s bed.

Favorite toy

Charlie likes to let everyone in the house know when he’s playing, which is why he enjoys squeaky plush toys over any other kind. He especially likes his squeaky slipper that he got for Christmas two years ago.

A multilingual pup!

Charlie is unique in that he understands three languages– English, Spanish, and Guarani! Maybe he can give us lessons? Another unique thing about him is that the snapchat filters actually work on him! As someone who has tried desperately to get them to work on her own dog, I am amazed by this. If you don’t believe it, here’s a picture to prove it–

As you can see, Charlie is quite an interesting little guy, and his family feels so lucky to have him in their lives everyday!

Submitted by: Daisy Lezcano

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