Friday, 19 August 2022
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Osakis Police Blotter June 27-July 3

Business check.

Gas drive-off, unintentional.

First responder meeting/training.

City nuisance violation, warning for unlicensed dog, East Nokomis St.

Locked restrooms.

Warning for speed, 6th Ave./Main St.

June 28

Assistance lifting a person, Nokomis St.

Ten city nuisance violations, warnings for unlicensed dogs.

Animal complaint β€” dog in car; window part-way down but caller believes it is still too hot, Nokomis St.

Driving complaint β€” driver keeps going around the block in a rusted-out, jacked-up silver car with no plates, speeding, with kids in the area. Driver was warned for having unlicensed vehicle, Main St.

June 29

Assist other agency β€” driver of Chevy Impala has trouble staying in lanes and speeds up and down, County Roads 78, 82. Unable to locate.

Business check.

Locked restrooms.

Business check.

Driving complaint β€” driver with revoked license, West Nokomis.

Warning for faulty blinker, Nokomis St.

Trespass order.

Business check.

Warning for unlicensed dog.

Warning for two tail lights out, registration tabs not displayed, no proof of insurance, no driver’s license in possession, 4th Ave./Nokomis St.

Warning to mow wildflower garden, which was mostly weeds and thistles, Lake St.

Driving complaint β€” motorist driving very recklessly on Nokomis St., continued on County Road 82, unable to locate, notified sheriff, police.

Stopped vehicle for expired registration, paperwork showed it was current, 1st Ave./Rush St.

Delivered city council packets.

Business check.

Business check.

Business check.

Locked restrooms.

Checked grounds and locked restrooms.

Business check.

Medical β€” male in late 50s unconscious and not responsive, 1st Ave. East.

Traffic hazard β€” wood in a turning lane, Nokomis St./County Road 3.

June 30

Animal complaint β€” chocolate lab in yard and won’t leave. Dog placed in kennel at police station.

Medical β€” dialysis patient can’t move to get to apartment, Nokomis St.

Driver warned for not stopping at stop sign, and having tinted windows that were too dark. Driver has two weeks to decrease tint from 85 percent to 50 percent, I-94 and Highway 27.

Driver warned for tinted windows, County Road 51.

Driver warned for speeding, 1st Ave./Pike St.

Driver warned for speeding, 1st Ave./Highway 27.

Driver warned for speeding, I-94/Highway 27.

Business check.

Driver warned for speeding, 1st Ave. E./Oak St.

Driver warned for speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, 1st Ave. E./Highway 27.

Report of ambulance under the overpass with its lights on, I-94/Highway 27.

Business check.

Business check.

Warrant for failure to appear in court on misdemeanor trespassing charge, person was arrested and transported to jail.

July 1

Driver stopped for speeding, driver stated he was passing a vehicle going under 10 mph, warning issued, 1st Ave. E./Highway 27.

Driver warned for speeding, 1st Ave. E./Highway 27.

Report of sexual assault.

Business check.

Public assistance β€” male party feels he is being held against his will, Main St.

July 2

Checked park, locked restrooms.

Checked grounds, locked restrooms.

Light on in shop, no one around, 3rd Ave. E.

Complaint of drunk driver, male and female on a motorcycle both intoxicated, Nokomis St.

Spoke to resident about golf carts on roadways.

Medical β€” female with broken arm, Main st.

Locked restrooms.

Business check.

July 3

Found open door, checked building, locked it, Nokomis St.

Male fell in bathroom, no injuries, Nokomis St.

Check welfare β€” person at hospital emergency room doesn’t know how he got there and appears to have been in an accident.

Medical β€” severe cardiac issues, increased shortness of breath, Main St.

Property damage crash, caller said his vehicle was backed into by an unknown vehicle.

Medical β€” male with high blood pressure, Nokomis St.

Medical β€” elderly male with general weakness, Nokomis St.

Report of harassment, Main St.

Animal complaints β€” large dog barks all the time; small dog barks a lot; two large black labs were tied up because of chasing squirrels and were not happy, Oak St., Pike St.

Trespassing order.

Lifeguard locked restrooms, accidentally leaving a swimmer’s phone inside. Door was opened.

Suspicious activity β€” drunk person.

Lost animal β€” white and orange cat, Lake St.

Medical β€” Male had seizures and is unresponsive, Nokomis St.

Checked park and locked restrooms.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


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