Thursday, 11 August 2022
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OMF – Calling out today’s hypocrites: the Astros’ trade for Osuna & Trenni’s Twitter diatribe, 7-31-18

Beats Fort Wayne harmonious and forty. A lot of people connected it do out there. What’s your reaction that hit this spot in the perfect it’s the talk radio being immediately we’ll look at it poverty level. It rope a dope or wait a minute PP yeah it’s an explanation there’s adding. Out here on beat asking a question get more than scratch and they did anything big thing. And political and Lou and Kristi wanting a wobble my own show how do you need on my own show them. It’s about time you know you’ve got your thoughts helped launch doesn’t like but stuff. Republicans demand here and more forward yeah series it is uphill money here he is key ones that you don’t have yes it he’s doing a straight to her artwork and it goes on and on whatever hole it doubles that she’s ten days a week in five times and so really if you’re going to go. On Sports Radio WEEI. Little later on the hour we get the battle with breezy and a host of today’s competitions them. Shannon sharp against everything went through you have got that coming up later on you know it’s like Canada Ireland and as sharp but that it. Breed. He and it started Brady on let’s get back to the phone calls are Dodgers baseball here on its final in hello Obama. That is that nasty you don’t want to W. Actress in I hope you learned from Glen today very very crappy. House so so and so little bird crap out. He set out Monday shells I say net. The Yankees series really doesn’t there’s no pressure on price because didn’t they get such a big leap even if you win and you know it. I stellar seven shutout he gonna say what doesn’t matter because it’s eight. There’s no pressure. Although I agree with him over the blood alcohol club I am crafty bit I did said. Two Christian when we were talking about this if he does not pitch as well Sunday night against the Yankees. I will feel more optimistic about him as the in the close season and his decision to run amok Custer wrote them off and on and on the road. I’m. And what am I gonna buy in a market hug him and suddenly say oh he’s. I guess I didn’t say that island and yet it’s his parents to pay and you set not Monday’s program. Yes he’s not going to be reminded us that’s usually yeah I decided not so I guess is that we’ll deal with mud there is what’s gonna happen. But Sunday morning’s news of a cent of those shows don’t worry about it. You’re damn right I’m wondering you’re right about you get some output and hours on out here nobody. Nobody’s asking you Bob that’s the heart Gmail the attitude you can look at the hours the Korean bonds from Lindsay Voss Colin raggedy but I it’s gonna tiptoe around this summer when hits are writing you’re not you. I usually named his true when a car drew what’s up. Hey guys I don’t know you. Good. My my my frustration not Dolan left open air. It is. Well worth it quite hard how do now to a movie not the point man on the rock star. I hear a guy who’s playing well all the time and they claim different conditions in place third and eight. And not look at Lowell you know a lot more about inactive. What exactly is he doing behind the plate that may seem like he shouldn’t be starting catcher until that he’s not playing well. I mean he can he throw well. One thing he’s doing that don’t mean to. I ironically it I don’t really think it’s anything that you showed he can play third I think you know if you play their longtime it’d be exposed OK but I think as far as a catcher goes. I think has more to do with the level of sand Leo behind addition the comfort of the staff with him this duopoly Swire I agree I think that he should get more gains buying their. I think you would help single he’ll play better when he does play that you get worn down so yeah I’d like to see behind addition thought he looked good the other day block involves some big blocks made on third. He throws the ball he’s got an unbelievable. Arm but just becomes regulation on the labor. Welcome. That would mean there is still based and he guns and now in new England and still got. Now he’s an unbelievable arm. It’s just that with repetition of trouble comfortable also do we does get a chance to play a guy steals yelled jacked up as he rushed at times total ball to Derrick got. But the more comfortably gets I think you’ll be fine back there elect Jim backed him. If there can’t because that is got a contract that makes basket right. I guess ten years from now you’ll look to clear a complete quiet heart had the better. You might be our food that we’re talking about this during a break in and what it’s done with swine art is I would seize on treatable nobody. While few players are tradable on the team he’s not one of them but you have to think twice. If you’re gonna give him opt for a rank the player for the next couple months because you’re right indicate could have a terrific career. He’s OK he’s done if you don’t want a skinny catchy domain for just a rental he’s trying to throw. Way guy he’s he’s not the ballots that will widget but would you deal for you know and add additional forts that now. Is their chance that you know you go to Miami cheeky remote the kids on a control for three years on the benefits of catches and gain. Here because they’re not gonna take a shot on Blake’s why are you just can’t catch. What made you think this Q4 Arnold present good enough but now that he’s playing you know and now that they Brian Johnson stole the ball always throw me out there is their package put together to get a guy. Maybe if that’s we wanna go. And then you move lady’s address these deals very tradable you move him in the offseason. That you could do something like that. What it’ll turn that arias and everybody thought he was the guy. I don’t think he sees the activities equality catcher. So big he’s a starter for this team. But you know he can now use wire act upgrade deposition he talked about a different type of deal champion at different future what that position got to play the people were talking about him is the only starter but a good start right or good defensive catcher. Understood what pitchers wanted to do I think you’re right price the biggest problems while you are as right now. Is comfort level with the pitching staff he’s enrollment and what does he call. I’m physical game and hypocrites of the day I go to the Houston Astros who like all of these other teams are making and Tony it’s why you making trades well. It’ll improve your roster and boy what they absolutely need is open help. More the Red Sox and so they work out a deal yesterday with objects. And get to a report soon. Now sort if you had not heard about this is still serving a 75 game suspension. It’s under Major League baseball’s domestic violence policy. He gets a hearing I believe com Wednesday and he’s eligible to come off the 75 days is that this weekend though because this weekend in the fifth. This is definitely so he’s eligible to come off the stayed pretty a pretty soon. But I think that the Houston Astros are hypocrites. Jeff Luna who’s the general manager recently. Said that the policy of the Astros this is gone back now. A few months is that the Astros don’t put up for any of these domestic violence issues so we have 80. Tolerance. Policy and then they go would making a deal yesterday. For a guy who is got a history here and the league recognized it giving him a 75. Game whopping suspension. And what load a sudden we’re excited to welcome Bert Bert assume it to our team. The due diligence. By our front office was unprecedented. We are confident that as soon is remorseful. Course he has disease of it check right now you’ll stick back and and work as will fully complied with all of the consequences. Related to his past behavior. As pro actively engaged in counseling. And will fully comply. With our zero. Tolerance policy related to abuse of any kind. Roberta has great examples of character in our existing clubhouse that we believe will help him with. Will help them as he and his family establish a fresh start Eunice I am sure as he continues with the Houston Astros we look forward to most of his contributions. SE we had back. Half of the season and then Jeff pass and is paraphrasing. Luna was apparently now saying that the Astro zero tolerance policy is for players. Currently. In the Astros organization I don’t know if you do something in the past. That doesn’t count it’s only zero tolerance policy. When you’re wearing the Astros uniform. This is hypocrisy. At its best. This is. We don’t give a rat’s ass we are desperate we need help in the bullpen as soon as the best guy Wheaton get out there okay if he’s got his head screwed on right. He’s gonna be great for us and we’re gonna forget about what this. Animal was done in the past. Is yet like that zero tolerance poisoned the other organization and we put its third public. All that was important zero tolerance that is is part of the definition of zero tolerance that we believe in second chances. Woolsey there’s the rub it usually does not believe expected you have I was at the point if you believe it’s like it’s the only zero dollar and another chance would you can’t have zero collar. But because second chances trot zero tolerance right I mean it departed after the panel without the pensions at all. You use your big you know zero tolerance guy your beat second chance that if you’re both. You’re you know conflicting emotions. To never have an answer or you’re right every way because it just depends on what way to with the wind blows you can use our tolerance your benefit or do you second chances to your credit but it seems that they’re using second you know with the using the using we need bullpen arm in the wolves will get away physically where I don’t bring cardinal what we thought we expect it to. This is what it is not likely that he got and if you have said they wrote I hope you and how we finally got the page you did say second chances are really important you know what. Good let’s use that let’s go with that but that’s no problem in this case second chance. This is why fight it is the journalism and remember this cute. Did read Vasquez this finally you look at Castro the video came out domestic violence and his girlfriend Lance McCullough study should be in jail. Justin Verlander we gotta hope the rest of your life for the baseball was horrible. You deserve all that is coming your way very outspoken against domestic violence of this was Justin Verlander yesterday when you’re in the news they just treated for Bertelsmann. What’s your reaction to this. Means it’s a tough. You know a situation room. Thing for us to remember here. Is that he doesn’t like we don’t know the story. Obviously. Spices and pretty. Decent days out. So let’s just passed its statement hours. You actually care what an ongoing cases is this one. Here’s what happens but. Convincing. She got I think you know he plans to talks to us hollow when he gets here. It just won’t go there tonight. Let me strangely we need closer. Chances and he’s good thing to chances are it’s just so full of that when they do we don’t execute in in the minor leagues but we close it’s so we’ll listen to. Will go oh well nobody will let him prove us wrong and we’ll be legitimate a locker room to see how he acts yeah it is the standard for sure it’ll. And it did that canyons and events as they did any basket that’s that was the back I was expendable from the beginning usually on this video that we that it isn’t your horse yet this case remember we are owners Mac are downstairs and back in the video once you see the video we we we learned that with in the NFL wants is video out there. The players done. You know you can’t you’d never live it down because wherever you go you’d go to the cities they’re gonna play video and T will usually nowadays in all it really takes is an accusation. Yeah but the video is is is it or not I grew like hustling like Brett was done right with the video yeah but but that was that was the beginning at. This yeah this little birdie and out of personally I allow authority be a mile I don’t have a problem now is that he was everywhere because there close circuit cameras everywhere there are people walking around these phones. They’re everywhere you can’t avoid places that you don’t think there’s going to be cameras. The stairwell of like disprove anything like emergency exit rooms and bathrooms yeah. So this guy did investors thought that you know he was playing nice nice nice guy in now and and as soon as soon he’s got into the stairwell. Lost his mind. Did it did bureau wants like repeatedly. Like she recover and smacked around again. Shouldn’t we did so yesterday they closed circuit camera of somebody trying to steal a shark out of the aquarium talk ones where you expect. Like crazy Islam does I ran out of Florida like it but I’d. Those people a lot of money now that pier aquarium not wanted for your poor have. Of do you find owner yeah I have and yeah I ten point nine I find ultimately can’t the camp was a lot of fresh water with Cole yeah act has already just by admin it is for like five minutes get a lot. And my. Children about one of those electronic. Or maybe a little small little like there is different but what jumps yet so that the problem with this news. The Astros had already issued a zero tolerance policy says gentlemen. This is our policy the Houston Astros will not allow to have an individual. Cool is is beating up women we’re not gonna wanna. And then suddenly. When they need a reliever in the worst way or they may be in serious trouble in the playoffs they go work a deal with the the Toronto Blue Jays they get something to write jokes they gave up something. They get him back and now they’re making excuses. We believe in second chance long though. So we don’t believe we owe it we believe zero tolerance and beaten to 65 with three home runs double exactly. And then we can pound our chest and talk about what a great organization for a bona comes through acquiring somebody we desperately need the wind. In his second chances but we still have zero policy here with Verlander for Verlander has a lot to say he doesn’t he knows stuff he’s what is it you’re Emma met them I had a well. I don’t know news should hero of the tales he’s I don’t know but in reality you know he’s thinking when he some articles in the game right. I may be enable would have included on namely what we should what it is did you just listen I haven’t and Goodell neighborhood thank you Paul. Not all has anybody heard from both yes. I have a doctoral. I’m probably should you gonna call me every day to give reassurance and like to do that I’m on vacation thoughts. Let’s get you talked yesterday Cingular Cuomo talked of a fight yeah I have talked about it. No that’s not true. Alex merlot as I have I have thought is you don’t look at. Yeah it’s a great recruiting I wouldn’t he yes no desire to come back non. Zero night that it asked. You might need to produce on Sunday morning bull bull that you go. Marijuana like you government I think about a co host as well here’s Jim in Providence except on OM FI Jim. I don’t know why a good good good big I don’t want to talk vote creek timber. Receptive. In I wanted to yet they came in nobody could have won out. Now. I don’t want to cut back on mountain toolbar. It was awful. What do you think of it wouldn’t be using just strictly in the ninth inning or trickling in the eight hit I think when he sits on the bench. That being warmed up that he’s ever ineffective coming in the next in the I know what it is less confident becoming a credible. That is well heated up video committed. It came in the other and are Americans would be. He gets the out he goes to sit on the bench. Sit on the bench no warm ups no not that comes back out and warmed up and throws a bomb the government nice yes I think he’s just got a lot of you know ninety. Straight from the bullpen. Let’s say this I think that would he has three or four days off you get a certain situation. That calls for I don’t mind don’t back out there again. Because. He’s got to get over this isn’t a post season he’s gonna give you four outs he’s got to give you fired up I’m not saying do a lot that I don’t wanna burn the guy and he talked about it. He ought to want a parent novel reset it for 45 days that might be an opportunity to do because I don’t know why they did it the other night and millions of days off without Marshall finished editing. But part of me wonders if it’s. OK we are we are right now and and was fires Craig goes to pick our spots and we’re gonna try to get him comfortable in this situation. The company did not EA sit down and still that focused to do the next he has done much in his career. And I think. You know if he picked the right spots you don’t do it to Lofton and I don’t think it’s a bad thing because he’s gonna need to do it if it’s a mental block. The need to figure out a way to get get some kind of plan. Whatever he has to do physically mentally something because he’s good at the go to October. Is that the. You can do you think it’s that case more than physical guys. Well that’s not saying if it is and you need to figure out that the seeing. Throw to restrain it I was happy they they were able to avoid him last night because I thought for sure they were going and as you how many game but I also think that he was at all star break there was a there was a you know I guess reaffirming the fact that he was going to be an eighth inning guy when needed and wounded the goal was not to use of anything. The first half the season OK now we need it maybe isn’t a big deal making based on. It by atomic it’s the last week of the season mean BBO is like a magic number right now for them to wrap up yet the division would dollars a magic number by and it’s really slowly I go to forty as a differently and I thought at Ford we’re gonna forty degrees. Who has a lot of that only one chemical. Is there in the look at what went through the what you would say is that. I don’t think any of the stuff he’s traditional when you get into the postseason so we talk about a closure on a ninth inning guy in the regular season. But I guess I got Terry Francona have kind of change that all around. You no longer pitch that way out of your bullpen your bullpen could be active in the fourth in the fifth inning using different guys and huge is trying to get to the next inning. As opposed to let’s get our started to go as long as possible when we get our setup guy and we will get our closer that doesn’t happen in the post season a book on don’t know all hands on deck yes it’s. Everybody else month. These cardiology unit to say that’s mine now we are is always one personally remember all that means every youth I was like the difference is you guys turned me and right away you know embarrass or so. I don’t embarrass you I sit there you let viewers don’t want to everybody here you set that went a little bit especially in the economy in general Michael Joseph little girl that was totally okay you know whoever I wondered why you are girl introduced us to rate it a little girl weighs nearly deliver any girl. I do. Caught he can’t call you know anymore I need to Neiman. It’s is that you we’re putting down Michael and I would say I’m very nice I would say this if I didn’t call you a little girl or somebody else a little girl. Working here in this environment. It probably would get the suspect’s. I know I’m usually he’d understand why aren’t you guys are Zain secret probe in outline my parents got a big target on output I think it should. No I’m not seeing them short and anyone they please admit that affect I think. If you’re working at the station and you say something like that across the street the sport that it’s OK I don’t regret not raining you when you can get away with it’s it’s become that did you think you should it’s hate. Okay czar don’t bring it up again OK you got 90 your phone screens that don’t do this topic don’t do this and that literally it’s now an girlfriend tried. Just child different archer all day yet and it’s easy to all of that coming up next. That I let Larry Baer yeah that any anything however when it’s like. I love you you’re lucky to. Not me and my favorite pig. You know they’re not good out this. And I’m pretty gotten not a good. An attorney apparently she’s all worked out here. She’s so upset she was tweeting out their champion wrote this yesterday to it and there’s lineman then there’s Tony and as a righty calling greedy Tommy girl. For bailing out on his media availability. The other day. At what to see your beat up Tony Mazur Heidi I think we’ll start doing that on the effects people that’s the goal that beat Bolton midfielder. On the reading a lot of history that many tangible the gulf. Not sure there’s a lot their vote will will see what what can I am able I know I know it’s very early first you first started it. But but we going to get worked up because. Nicole every. Tommy girl as opposed the Tommy Boy would that be insulting because of Tommy Boy is a man. Tommy girl. If I call you would be be crushed. In my insulting like all the babies in the world is that is that yes the law and that’s pretty residency. Incorrect. Yes people represented babies can be Sunni offend you can’t make us I think if you if you. If you see some things that over and over again eventually you can just be upset about everything that assess. And I feel like that and lol yeah. But every everything the C hated everything is a state house everything is like off limits on how fast he announced yeah W but I have five girls. But I do with five girls all under from eighteen to six and a case I feel like. You are too glad I’m they would not a maker of you know the budget are currently insane in lieu you have you’re just stepped on an up OK so let’s say we must my wife happens to be Italian parent company underdog girl my dog is a girl Taylor and I got you know the jugular. Lot of girls capable. Discussing this topic how many girls feel where they. Yeah Randy I did tell it. All our everything we want our should be and that’s wrong that’s you know what you suggested actually said because I had two different trips that I went out with. A twelve year old boys and nine year old girls to mount a late. And I told Glen that the corals were tougher and more resilient different employees couldn’t look amazing and so maybe the plan work. Such is a play on words but I think it almost means the the the opposite think as I would agree with you my daughter at times one of the youngest one can be much tougher. Then my son Kim met effect IE and Sartre any idea. I don’t adhere to the site actually call my son prince is sometimes guys are still there. Lot of local Gallo has closed after an early warning millions current good news now being held Sally Allen he had done that to both yeah. Now is he’s not to let an offensive numbers or whatever but if I asked my eight my daughter to go to chick does and does whatever I want I caller. I’m sure I’m gonna tell you that I hope it beats weak you continue to allow. Man calling other men salaries girls them sunshine predecessor did them no there’s nothing wrong with him and there’s nothing wrong with a wouldn’t elaborate and all the way. You should never ever. For the most part of the problem. Because this. That’s about double fence. Anyway shape or form so that being the wrong and try to you don’t. You don’t route looked up the you know all of the mob and get them to back this cost you your money. Oh. Why why does the problem why would this issue off the point that you would not between this out Leggett it’s lazy as app let me read between. Yeah and then you wouldn’t comment as I can tell you right now I like I don’t let it. Or because I tell you got this is why I was sure I. I wish you way at the same attitude we try to we sit in the studio doing four hours with four outlets like this Iraq’s. Because I know she may send me to HR for wearing the wrong lol like Nvidia but at the tour sorry too good point what is it what is it good alone right now. Should I use like your money our body IC OR core what are. Everywhere a lot of that a male co owner FEMA out of jail where you aren’t we don’t break loans down by judge. They’re doing it was a matter or HRs are fine and bring you down and I’m using retreat it’s gone it’s unbelievable to me that. Turning is that this film. Chairing hearing is that what you meant I would imagine TE AER in ING. Little some night tearing down a man. By comparing him to a woman. Is acceptable. And not a suspend a bowl offense. Go to Q and it happens want to walk I don’t title leads in Seoul needs to hired it’s easy AAF. Would all holes get away with putting down an athlete with an ethnic or racial slur yeah I know. Let’s bring race and let everything to race. I just do that and. What’s it is we do we have what’s the why you have a woman call in who’s offended by the term pink hat. Whether or whether there’s no gender play to blanket. Well of the color pink is associate women correct a whip thank. And I will you know what I understand you guys always a real big event of things the of people that pictures of the velocity threw it to be. I’m offended. Yet. The Osce is patent that pick. So it’s really this day we did Philip in Korea by north. Let’s fast as it did going to be offended by. Which I you can be offended by that on the news be called persona B suspend that is unbelievable they might be the most axis tilts to us at least at. I say this issue is that sex is currently not find something that turn he says that didn’t according to her. Terms here at the way she’s setting up the criteria. Certainly find some stuff that. Try would be suspended bull for the threaded a hearing any of that credit a buyer doctor Margaret I’d make three dollars over right what is turning out. Everybody that was on that it thought our laundry in the morning and all that but it’s still it’s like this guy is out there and there’s some issues in the past and I know she she beat the drama and she’s done migrated a person. So that the defendant an attempt and. Not only makes you feel like that’s in the business. Constantly bombing in nice and and our department so excited you don’t notice him out there you see and it’s good luck tonight I. I don’t know I don’t know audobin had dinner with them closing down another embarrassment is that he’s a lot of stories unity government to review tourney you know his history come. Eight. Well as nearly upset about it if you want you know what we have said Mike talked about as good McCall but say you know I can’t believe you do that and and so it’s offended. But three without you should be suspended over the fence act that he was well. We over the top of his re completely ridiculous and yeah he was up but fine. I did it OK maybe he’s bored his old counterpart isn’t there with a measly doodles on beating in some island somewhere. And just have a grand old time so he’s carrying Michelle by itself. Please let you do Sundays but that particular this little it’s like to pay I think I think all of us need you guys. Off form a coalition solely with the day. And a. Yeah. And protect each other. Hard hit. It’s I don’t we are more than anybody else we don’t Wear army and he sleeps. I right. Now I actually went like do you believe this what she is right. If this. Michael Butler then you might want to Atlanta Houston and predict I think it is yeah toughest guy. Whenever I guess it doesn’t matter right of every game is racing to everything that’s dependable and what I watched I’ve never gonna. What I would do I can’t call the little girl and a. The technical know how you know you’re a mile mcdannold maybe you’ll look at baby. Don’t do it lets you so and exhaust and arsenic guys delegates and put any putts of four feet Nicki and ask him his wife plays. What are we want to tell the vita to hit from the women’s tees will certainly he cannot do golf courses are very offensive. Like a woman’s tees but lights why yes I like that yet I’m not strong did you why they rent. Oh yeah does that mean I don’t know you tell me what that’s like a lot of I don’t ever meet I do think about it more and it is somewhat offended by that but I’m not gonna go where this could be woman’s is that that the gets offensive. I don’t know I don’t know what to do anymore I’d throw my hands that I give up Lou this plan. I give up now trading on officially done touch sensitive up yet. Attorney wants it in different ways you got the call it a lot of different ways don’t view and the feeling. Do you remember the type called stroke back. That it if it’s it’s a guy who called sorry about it if you had an impact of other groups you’ve ever yeah. Okay and then she get money and she talked about but when she’s talking about me being fat it’s OK because I’m fat roller. And general comma OK just doesn’t necessarily. Scared for our rock show is all about that it had not acutely than it was based in America not to be on an order Largo Florida let’s go ahead that the ultimate act that it Beckett did royal called out. And like put her on blast yes he didn’t like it. When Glenn all due respect buddy get called over weight to shoot us. And when you get to Paul for having Eddie. It’s it’s not quite as heavy Williams and become. A good morning I’m. Us. I I didn’t I didn’t hear you finally get Freddie would finally get TO I knew I was trying to get his when she was in the studio you which are which it is up to dealer extradited back what are we attack Iraq and I wanted to I want you to warn you that origin as it out of it. Don’t even put it we’re gonna be an idol we’re gonna be an on a show you know I’m gonna play a little girl and I guess we’re not playing the game I think Jay Cutler right I think she’s the best female reporter in this city room. I don’t ask radio talent in this city I did I question no there’s no competition but I don’t question her ability as a as a journalist or a TV person I never. Question. I’m questioning her thinking that another radio personality. Who called Brady Tommy girl should be cyst. Did you right yeah always it’s what should always show you what I could find things that Tony Bennett said analyst who. That a more sustainable offenses that audience of the president opinions on the patriots aren’t a fast don’t. Yeah I haven’t met them. That’s just part of the envelope. What I wanted to attack everything yeah every moment of the puzzle and yeah. You should moral is Gerry and called Jerry’s steamer I journal and yes sir. Let me just say I am so thankful that I’ve heard that they’re off the blood could not take it when she was on the radio I had a foot jail. You know but I feel in all I would get a good thing on air radio a trip in the mental status before but that no talent affirmative action. Knucklehead. The level of disdain they have for can’t get on radio but anyway it. I like your typical well hypocrite liberal I duplication got hurt her in the current to mail out week. Now they should grow a pair. A gag groping Arab League is continue to grow this and the other one can lead he built throughout Tehran. What do you mean lineup. I I hear stuff with her on Saturdays all the time with the with Tomas okay. Two chicks commission on Saturday. Yeah I solo. Run and he away it would down musty area where you’re doing. I could be erased earlier figure they have a high level like if you don’t have a right there. They come I just. They do it all the time but it it it’s different because she’s looking at it from her point of view she’s not looking at it from somebody else’s point of America’s burning people. Unbelievable. Steve’s in a truck yellow Steve. The guys tell it don’t you. I’m like you know I’m going to be a lot of site is supposed to do it program on Saturday I don’t really Walker’s arms and watch means six. Bill she went Obama put out there and she pictured above little brother Wright had not saying anything bad about women on the she argued out talked about the conduct incompetent she blocks at both beauty Olympics why I say. Judicial Paul but it but what makes a glass walkway that salt water sorry I can’t dismantle supporting more efficiently on your on your own you write your station. You know she does a good job on a regular like I don’t that’s I don’t actually I went vertical on our show that morning showing the fact that there was. She lets you know exactly but it. This is just can’t general O’Connell kind of can’t have another strong minded. Half female bullies. You get scared of what is nervous but that’s pretty amazing when you think about it so she got all pissed off. Because general oil called Alice came on March now. She was this that we actually put general oil on the with a would you schedule is a strong growth strong voice. Feeling real well all female who’s disagrees. Weight training titles to meet romance that. She did all that treatment almost don’t. Gave it to with that Abby was an end run and yeah that’s where. Obviously grown. Flat. Spot sorry you’re out eight EU what the heck I got lunch right next. This is against him. The fact of the line and grease it’s. It’s kind of like when he’s on that. So sorry but saying that there’s nothing like men going on judgment day and then does but the differences. So what we’re trying to get pissed off. Because. We put general on the air and general oil was speaking her mind yes as if you. Limit the talent but even like the girly comment right the boat late. I do and I don’t know you can hear it at last call say you know strap in strap on when an oral pain or whatever but. I could actually see you’re seeing stuff like that to the past. Again if she is she’s never called like an athlete a girl were for whatever being grammatical whatever might be loaded part of remains narrow. It’s not gonna get talk like them a feel I can see her earners talk about that before and it did an imminent. I had an almost positive. Yeah if that’s definitely sum that you there’s an opening faring badly wrong with you know it as it did meet actively sonar like you stole my line Mattel I don’t like solar and ended without that’s my girls them tonight when I get home when estimates and desist (%expletive) you off from the eighteen year old a fourteen year old and a nine year old. To the six year old that’s part of seeds are really bad about part of being like a strong woman to yourself like that and just sort of not be offended by just. And take it for what it is there now would it isn’t and it doesn’t mean that it’s the meaning you and and and lowering your class or your ability to think. And act like an adult it doesn’t. I don’t know of twenty has girls that she’s she mentored some of the. So did the madness I’m not a those multi it’s unknown. It took care of that news and are you gonna show attitude there than yours and you can soften mice so I didn’t saw the dots on meets their rights around my so I went that he is their colors are so weakened you know and you know exiles on purpose Davenport rejects also tough. I want to make sure had a bunch of women Ramey so you know they would you know teach the finer things in life and you know Matt taking so series gotta get in the in the head. They’re talking and the guys. And promote it. You know they’re not scattered rain like other boy’s bedroom I know who will look back. Which call and princess and I call them Fredricka travel fifty and what we’re trying to doesn’t understand and that is the problem I have with her tweet out there she’s asking for somebody else. In the business to be suspect. I’d that’s pretty much which is indeed this should be the standard now for suspension. If I really want to go do the work you and I and I’m not ready to do the work for we could go back and listened to hours and hours of training and I guarantee. Because she can be quite controversial on the air she’s not shy about saying certain things. On the F. And I think that’s what we kind of what about around here almost guarantees he’s called an athlete a girl exactly I’ll guarantee you we could find something else and then I didn’t read it like sensors she’s she’s made the outcome which she’d like just don’t do this cellular radio in the end and push for her suspension somewhat. Come on it’s it’s now. Pitches and businesses that this is part of the problem getting mad as I did bail out a zillion more dumber things. I mean obviously the efforts of the stuff now but there’s some stuff that NASA said in the past we said you’re into what god we put in my opinion it’s over here for ground last week gets suspended. We are I don’t know wholesalers are I would if you loan will let you lone wolf out. Will will not go home wolf that at the lone wolf Sunday mornings. And you talk at all. No that will exist today caller who don’t know along the achievements of my 617779737. We’re cracked skulls next they’re an element. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they should go back boomer Loney moved back to more importantly we’re looking at forty. Right now sports freak. At the. Right again and we’ll get to that here shortly to go to Britain in mid may result I was in the democratic as part of and that’s all that well but he did he acted like a little girl. He did Tommy girl. Other essentials so sorry you get pretty apparent clearly is is you get is asking us all the to parents his sisters his father’s big. Parents whatever he’s the golden child in his own household and he’s been the golden child since he came here. See that I would of question. Mean you know. Talking about sisters have you know all the people of south sold in the in the golden child in his house older. I don’t know about that for years but only guy and how are once you’re on shore. That that’s the difference then and then saying that you know the guys had a easy path to the NFL not saying that. But you know you’re the only son in you playing good golf the Michigan needed draft figured yours the golden child in the fans didn’t. Wanted to sister’s getting your athletic scholarship as well there ugly on an all just there’s this idea of who issued it the funny thing about it is we’re we’re playing right now. They won’t even mention. This afternoon they even mentioned and then show the so. It’s it’s a Contra another move on summer Mets will move don’t do they don’t do that. So they’ll talk about about other bigger budget and you have it now if you look at for that type thing you’ll have another off US army do starting August 13 ranked we’re not a division I think it’s up on six when it I don’t solve all fighting. I. Seniority I don’t know internally what’s gonna although I did. A turn and now. Her whenever I do they are right and what did you did he acted like a little go around and so we’ll talk about this that you won’t hear it again they’ll go shy away from it. Instead of just addressing it and you know the early day employees should address he should go back and say exactly what it would we wanted to apologize know what to what are we gonna run and hide. That’s what people do they say stuff they run on what did you do that I thought most of what they can do that yet that’s good. Think they can do we think that’s exactly it never happened there’s not going to be an article in bits and you personally it’s nothing. At all not one bit and that’s why would be. Boston Massachusetts rat. Of all radio station you are the country yeah well I’m gonna represented all that all the sports boxing match and you know doing yes yes I’m over it got mad all those guys. Dale all of them I’ll be there rat. LT although all of the meetings will be held in like Pablo. Our rule book will have a special like meeting you got colonial in general do the oath I apologize to transcended somebody that would have been out of well and it’s. Are the new open here’s a Patrick in Westfield what’s up Patrick. Wow armed soldiers he had no problem with army girl like yet and upon. Describe that. You don’t do what she had it. I do remember talking about this I actually heard her actually say that she did not have an issue and so another words she has his sister doesn’t autism or more for the pilots know what does not and Hillary and that’s what they drop a lot that’s it at cal like it’s count Mike out used to dislike him zero tolerance and second chances. It depends on you know what what what helps you out the most well that’s what it is it’s where it’s all politics it’s with everything like that and of course the same thing happened with her and Mike to Rico she was not gonna go there. She just behaved and it she told the line and they said we need you to go and say that Mike to redo in a war of human. Not only makes you feel like the best in the business and ultimate nice. And we need to do it. Even though trainee is well aware of of his past well aware of the history well aware of the reputation out there. Is it didn’t matter to her she was gonna go out there she was just going to go so she was gonna hold the line. And yet she tells people they should necessarily tumble. Back out yeah. Should told. I would’ve already tells you to do something we should Rihanna foul much Alina and so we just had to throw that out tickets trying to asking for. Somebody in in our business to be suspended. For this is a little bit little little little little. With a little bit on my. Handle bad over the top I think if a month want out there that it but I disagree with my mission like this and no problem if she wants to attack man’s four make that statement she wants to say you know. I can’t believe you’re you’re saying this to two to operate up here and there rarely it okay. But it come out and bring up suspension. The word so expendable. In inner tweaked come. What’s more the dreaded what more please call back in your history might we are talking about David Price for we will its own. Equaled his to Colin and make make fun of and it is puffy eyes and his dock in grass allergies let it fly. The losers cynical Michael what’s. Your call him act like a girl Lauren and tactics that could totally see your readers something just about it girl you know. Whatever I’d say what are you we at the world and on we have people on. Growth sacks and week we shall fight with a that’s a line that says that the same thing girls sat. And Republicans differ yeah and by the way I know that I had no matter he’ll I don’t know I don’t know Matt Dillon dagger tell me your growth that in the economy. I’m at a minimum amount of a movie today aren’t mr. blazes but yes. We’re training when we do find it we can play all the stuff we won’t ask for you’d be suspended. OK we think you should maintain your job and maintain your ability to give your opinion beauty and when bill and excellent so that’s a good time it’s happened eateries and I don’t know.


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