Wednesday, 22 March 2023
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New Year, New Dog: Starting the Year Off Right –

From Erin Gianella, Owner and Head Trainer of Perfect Pals Dog Training

Happy New Year! Back with more information to help you and your dog! I’m Erin Gianella, Owner and Head Trainer of Perfect Pals Dog Training based in Edgewater, Colorado. I’m here to bring you monthly safety and training tips from a Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer. With everyone making New Year’s resolutions for themselves, why not make some for our dogs? Many people welcomed a new puppy into their home this past holiday season and some are enjoying another year with their family dog! This is the perfect time to set some goals! Below, I’ve put together 5 things to do for your dog this year!

  • Vet visit: If it’s been a while or you have a new dog, schedule a vet visit. They can help you make sure your dog is up to date on vaccines, ensure they have a microchip and can find any health concerns early!
  • Physical exercise: Like us, I’m sure the dogs had lots of snacks over the holidays. Let’s get them back to a healthy weight. Take a walk around Sloan’s Lake or downtown Edgewater! Even a 30-minute walk or game of fetch a day will be helpful!
  • Mental exercise: Dog’s also need lots of mental stimulation, it’s just as important as the physical exercise! Give them something to get their brain working! For example, a sniff session in the grass, teach them a new trick, a food puzzle or a frozen KONG toy!
  • Self-Care for your pup: Things like nail clippings, baths, grooming, brushing their teeth regularly and ear cleanings can prevent diseases, injury and sicknesses from happening in the future.
  • Spend more time with them: This is my favorite one! This year let’s commit to spending more time with our pups. Bring them along when you can! There are so may dog friendly places in Edgewater like; Edgewater Beer Garden, Joyride and Providence at 5280. (Reminder to make sure you bring treats and activities to keep your dog busy while there. Dogs should be comfortable being around other people and dogs).

For more information, feel free to check out or reach out to Follow @Perfectpals_dogtraining on Instagram for more tips!

Joel Newton

Joel has been a resident of Edgewater, Colorado with his family since 2012. He is the Executive Director of local education nonprofit Edgewater Collective and Editor of the Edgewater Echo.


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