Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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New holiday puppy? Here are the do’s and dont’s of dog grooming. – KEYT

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Christmas is the time of year many people buy new pets. A local groomer, Susan Wright sees an increase in customers during the holidays. She said dog owners don’t know how much of a health hazard not grooming your dog can be and shares the do’s and dont’s of dog grooming. 

“If your not brushing and grooming your dog properly, thorns can get in under the mats, and it can cause hot spots, infections, and possibly even death, ” said Wright who is the owner of The Pup Stops Here grooming service. 

Wright said certain thorns are poisonous and that skin infections could permanently harm your furry friends. 

She noted that many skip grooming because of a common complaint.

“People say my dog won’t let me brush them, so actually your dog is training you to stop brushing, ” said Wright.  

But what if your dog is unruly and fights it?

Owner of Ally’s Puppy Boot Camp Alyson Rodges said, “use a technique to get them calmer, in a conditioned way by using calm touch, and you have to stick with it until the dog relaxes and calms down.” 

Wright said using the right combing techniques and tools are also a must.

“Make sure you get the right type of tools specifically for your dogs type of coat, ” said Wright.

If you don’t, according to Wright, your dog can experience unnecessary pain from the combing. 

“When I started using the right tools and my dog realized I wasn’t going to torture him it became relaxing,” said local dog owner, Lisa Lira.

Wright also suggests to brush outward and prior to washing your dog.  

“Make sure you brush all the way down to the skin, raise the dog’s hair and make sure you brush away from the skin, ” said Wright. 

Lira said if you can follow these recommendations grooming could become a bonding experience.  

“We have created a new bond, and a new understanding and now its become a pleasure, ” said Lira. 

Source: https://www.keyt.com/news/new-holiday-puppy-here-are-the-do-s-and-dont-s-of-dog-grooming/903574490

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