Sunday, 17 October 2021
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New Albany businesses trains pets with behavioral issues

New Albany businesses trains pets with behavioral issues./ Photo Credit: Kris Morrill

There’s a new local business in town that’ll help fix your dog’s behavioral issues.

Revolutionary Canine is a business started by a former fitness trainer, Kris Morrill.

The two-week board and train will be the basic instructions including sit, stand, lay down and more.

The four-week board and train will focus more on behavioral issues like biting, aggression and jumping on people.

“There’s a lot of responsibility with bringing a dog in public,” Morrill said. “Where I come in is just helping people get over that threshold to where they have a happy and well-rounded dog. They can be able to take it out and be that intricate part of the family and not be left at home.”

You can visit for more details.


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