Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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Nani is an older lady looking for love!

Nani is looking for a new home. (3249738)

Nani is looking for a new home. (3249738)

Nani is looking for a new home. (3249738)

Meet Nani! She is a lovely older lady who is looking for a place where she can chill out, preferably with a comfy sofa. Although she is an older lady, Nani loves going out for walks and is very gentle on her lead, which makes her a favourite with our volunteers!

Nani would love an adult home without very young children, but could possibly be around older ones who understand that she likes to have her own space.

Nani has had limited experience around other dogs, so would need a pet-free home, but continue to work on socialising when out and about.

If you are interested in meeting Nani, please contact the centre on 01205 260546.

Be careful in the hot weather




With the weather being so hot this coming week, we encourage people to keep their dogs inside, especially during the afternoon as this will be the hottest point of the day. Please provide plenty of cold areas in your house for your dogs, including having cool mats and wet towels down for them to lie on.

Provide them with plenty of water; you could even give them a paddling pool in the garden to cool down in. You can also try some frozen treats in moderation, a Kong stuffed with meat is a great way for them to keep busy as well as cooling themselves down.

Also avoid taking your dog out for walks in the daytime this week – try to stick to early mornings and late at night, when it will be a little cooler for your dog. Remember if the ground is too hot for the back of your hand, it will be way too hot for your dog’s paws and could possibly burn them.

We hope you all have a lovely week in the sun and you and your dog’s stay safe and keep cool!

Training Tips!

Last week we looked at getting your dog used to being groomed; this week, we are looking at our grooming equipment.

There are many different styles and sizes of brush available. Selecting the one most appropriate for your dog’s coat can maximise the benefits of being groomed.

As a ‘rule of thumb’, generally, pin brushes (plastic or metal rods with rubber coating on the end to look like ‘pins’) are great for everyday maintenance and keep coats knot free; also, they can remove dirt beneath the coat. They are usually best for long and medium coats.

Often, the undercoat rake (a metal rake with alternating long and short teeth), will gently remove undercoat and dead hair and can be best used for long- and double-coated breeds that shed a lot.

Combs (usually a thin metal brush with lots of teeth) would be used for getting knots and tangles out and can be best for long coats, tails and tufts around ears.

The massage mitt (rubber or plastic mitten-styled brush) is great for getting dogs used to the sensation of being groomed and is often best for medium- and short-coated breeds.

When grooming, remember to be careful not to press the brush too hard on the skin, as this can cause brush burn and can make grooming quite unpleasant for your dog. Always make sure grooming is a positive and pleasant experience!

Source: https://www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/news/mans-best-friend-meet-lovely-nani-advice-on-looking-after-your-dog-in-the-heat-and-grooming-tips-9004704/

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