Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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My Health Record: Police access to require court order

The government has introduced a bill that it says will strengthen the privacy provisions of the My Health Record system by requiring a court order before an individual’s health information is disclosed to police.

Health minister Greg Hunt this morning introduced the My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 in the lower house.

The My Health Record system has faced heightened scrutiny over its privacy provisions since the beginning of what was initially a three-month period for individuals to opt-out of having a record created. Hunt has since extended the opt-out period until November.

The government “takes seriously” the security of health information, Hunt said this morning.

The bill will amend the legislation underpinning the MHR system “to strengthen its privacy protections,” the minister said.

Hunt said that the national eHealth record system aims to “address a fundamental problem” with the Australian health system, which is that consumers’ health information is “fragmented because it is spread across a vast number of locations and systems”.

The minister said that concerns had been raised over law enforcement access to health information as well as the retention of health information after a My Health Record is cancelled.

No material has been released from the system for law enforcement purposes during the system’s six years of operation, the minister said. He also noted that the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), which runs the system, has a policy of not releasing information without a court order — however, there is no requirement for this in the current legislation.

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