Thursday, 11 August 2022
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My cat’s Aggression disturbs my dog

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CHENNAI : Yes. Contrary to popular legends, sometimes, dogs are the victims in the dog-cat confrontations. Cats are known to act aggressive and even chase dogs if they want to. Fortunately the two mortal enemies could be made to coexist.Watch for signs of initiation from your dog and cat to see who started it. If your dog is trying to be overly playful and annoying your cat for some reason, you will need to discourage this behaviour. Cats usually prefer to be left alone.

A basic obedience training will be a good option if the cause of the problem is your dog. Get your cat checked by the vet for any signs of illness or pain that could be causing her to be withdrawn or aggressive and  have a low tolerance to your dog. If your cat is attacking the dog unprovoked, then try to understand the reason. Is the cat being territorial with absolutely no acceptance of your dog being in the same area as her. Or is she just being playful and trying to have a rough game with your dog? In certain situations where the dog is relatively small, as is the case here, this could also be a manifestation of the cat’s prey drive kicking in and chasing the dog around the house.

In all cases, the cat needs to trained to behave. But cats do not get trained the same way as dogs and can appear quite stubborn and frustrating. The first step is to manage the interaction between the two of them so that it does not escalate. Separate them if needed and reward the one that is showing better temperament and behavior. Allow them to interact with an artificial barrier like a baby gate.Engage the cat in games and activities that will channel her energy and prey drive into chasing her toys rather than the dog. Spend quality time with your cat. 


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