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Most dangerous dog in the world: Top 5

Humanity has brought out a vast number of different breeds of dogs, and each of them has its specific characteristics. While there is a list of the most benevolent breeds, there are also the most dangerous dogs that aggressively treat the whole surrounding world, including people. Aggression was cultivated in some breeds purposefully – after all, a soft and complaisant dog will not become a good hunter or guard. the most dangerous dog in the world!

Most dangerous dog in the world

Is the dog really a man’s friend?

Have you ever thought about what are the most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world today? After all, on the streets, we see daily a variety of domestic and stray dogs, whose intentions cannot be foreseen. It just so happens that some of the four-legged friends of man have great potential for causing serious harm to life or health. We bring to your attention the most dangerous and aggressive breeds of dogs in the Top-5 ranking, but only one is the most dangerous.

Top 5 world’s most dangerous dogs

Is a dog really a man’s friend? Of course, there are many different factors that can irritate any dog: poor upbringing, trauma, aggressive behaviour of a human, irritation, hunger, etc. However, there are breeds that were selected not for friendship. It is better to be aware of what breed of dogs can be potentially dangerous.

5. Chow-chow

  • Country of origin: China
  • Height: 45-55 cm
  • Weight: 20-35 kg

The Chow-chow has the appearance of fluffy “teddy bears,” are pretty and cute. But their character is quite complex and full of nuances. By their nature, the chow-chow melancholy behaves in a measured and alienated manner. Dogs of this breed recognize only members of the family and don`t trust strangers and unfamiliar people. When an outsider tries to cuddle, attracted by a funny dog ​​with a blue tongue, anger and aggression.

The Chow-chow often show hostility to smaller animals. In rare cases, the attacks on owners have been observed, due to a lack of regular exercise or boredom due to the lack of daily physical activity. Chow-chow is also contraindicated for families with young children because they don`t take children’s pranks well and sometimes react very aggressively.

The Chow Chow feature is a blue tongue

Chow-chow is a dog with a deceptive appearance, photo from pets4homes.co.uk

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4. Canary Mastiff

  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Height: 56-68 cm
  • Weight: 45-60 kg

The Canary Mastiff initially acted as a shepherd and watchman of cattle, and in our days has turned into an ordinary pet, capable of responsibly guarding the territory entrusted. With a strong constitution, powerful limbs, menacing appearance and high strength, this dog is not particularly inclined to aggression.

Canary Mastiffs love their masters and their family but are incredibly intolerant of outsiders. By itself, the dog is phlegmatic and not prone to fights, but in the event of an immediate threat to the owner, it rushes violently to the defense. is the excessive attachment and boundless love of dogs of this breed to their master that turns them into a powerful weapon in the hands of a mentally unstable person.

This dog is a powerful weapon in the hands of a mentally unstable person

Canary Mastiff is an animal with congenital aggression, photo from cloudfront.net

3. German Shepherd

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Height: 55-65 cm
  • Weight: 22-40 kg

The German Shepherds are intelligent, strong, physically developed, and fearless. These dogs need an active lifestyle, walks, and games. Thanks to the ability to find a common language with several hosts, German Shepherds are perfect as service dogs. They are excellent companions and guards.

This dog is very smart because it can determine the real danger in situations where nothing is threatening the life and health of its family members. This dog will be subordinated only to a spirit-strong person who will be the leader.

The mind, aggressiveness, vigilance, and fearlessness made the Shepherds the best guard and police dog. Despite the high level of intelligence and balanced nature, German Shepherds also belong to the category of the most dangerous dogs, because in a rage they can cause serious injury to a person. The most common reasons for the inadequate behavior of dogs of this breed are poor training and lack of socialization.

This dog will be subordinated only to a spirit-strong person who will be the leader

German Shepherd is a dog that can be well trained, photo from cloudfront.net

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2. Rottweiler

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Height: 56-68 cm
  • Weight: 42-50 kg

The breed is prevalent and widespread all over the world. Rottweiler is a large, superbly built, energetic, bold animal with a strong jaw. A large dog, which was previously intended for protection. By nature they are dominant. They are very faithful only to a single master. They are ready to do everything possible to protect him/her and destroy the object of danger.

Since Rottweilers are primarily advocates, they tend to establish contact and obey only one person, all other dogs rank as outsiders and treat them with high suspicion. Such a dog, in case of real or imaginary danger, becomes wicked, aggressive and can inflict severe wounds and injuries during an attack. Rottweilers have a powerful bite, and without proper training and appropriate socialization, these dogs are dangerous for society. According to statistics, most Rottweiler attacks occurred due to the negligence of their owners.

The peculiarity of the animal is that the Rottweiler is not able to distinguish, where is comic and game aggression, and where is the real

Rottweiler is the beauty that kills, photo from cloudfront.net

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Height: 40-49 cm
  • Weight: 14-36 kg

The most dangerous breed of dogs in the world, and not without reason, is the American pit bull terrier. This is a real killer, on account of which 295 deaths and 2110 injuries. Already the very history of the breed says a lot: the pit bulls brought bulls and bears for bullying, and later they began to fight each other out in clandestine battles.

Pit bull is prone to aggression at the genetic level, quickly rages, and in the fight goes to the end. The breed is banned in most countries of the European Union, and in the rest is kept according to a specially created string of strict rules. This is not the most successful dog for an inexperienced owner, but the perfect guardian of any private property, capable of protecting it from encroachments on life and death.

Pit bull is a dominant, hardy, brave, and aggressive dog, and without proper training, it is also the most malicious. These dogs need extensive and regular practice to curb aggression. Pit bull can attack a child even without provocation. With proper training, the pit bull turns into a calm, cheerful dog, faithful, and playful.

These dogs were bred for dogfights

American pit bull terrier is a dog that cannot be defeated, photo from cloudfront.net

Pit Bull in the heat of the fight with the enemy is practically insensitive to pain: in its elastic skin, like a shark or crocodile, there are few nerve endings. Because of their aggressiveness, pit bulls became very popular in the underworld. Gangsters attract them for various kinds of criminal “showdowns” with rival gangs, and robbers and racketeers to attack their victims. It is enough to point out the victim and say “Bite!” – and then nothing will save the person, and the fact of the attack can be presented in court as an accident.

They only need care

With proper education, the pit bull turns into a calm, cheerful dog, faithful and playful, photo from traweh.us

Finally, having these breed ins this rating doesn’t yet give each of them the status of the most aggressive dog in the world. Very often, improper training and cruelty can turn a small mongrel into a malicious monster, and the patient master, with the help of love and training, will raise from an angry dog to a reliable companion. Therefore, choosing a four-legged friend, remember the genetically inherent features of the dog and adequately assess your strengths and abilities in its upbringing.

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