Friday, 9 December 2022
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Michigan hunting surprises: 6 strange (but true) stories – Detroit Free Press

You never know what will happen during hunting season in Michigan.

You’ve heard of “man bites dog”? One year, the headline was “wolf bites dog.”

Or how about the time one Michigan hunter vowed to bag a moose? So what if his plane crashed along the way − nothing was going to stop him.

A deer.

With deer firearms season in the state under way, let’s look back through the years at some strange stories from Michigan’s hunting experience.

Wolf bites hunting dog

Beware wild animals. Hunters accept some risk with their favored pastime. But this time, the victim wasn’t a person. Instead, a new hunting dog sparked the ambush. The owner, getting ready for the next season, took him out for training in Marquette this past spring. Full of energy, the canine yapped at a nearby rabbit. Little did he know, greater threats loomed in the surrounding forest. Soon, a wolf pounced upon the dog, biting his hind leg. Quite a scare for the new recruit.

Hogs on the run

Ever seen a wild hog in your backyard? That was the jarring reality for many Michigan residents in 2008. From farms to suburbs, the creatures wreaked havoc across the state. It seemed no place was safe from their reach. How did this disaster start? It turns out the hogs escaped from hunting preserves. Better keep a closer eye on your swine.

Odd-antlered deer

Ever seen a buck in the wild? Well, how about one with three antlers? An amateur photographer captured the rare sighting in the U.P. in 2019. Steve Lindberg, a former state representative, spotted the buck in the woods of Marquette.

Man vs. bear

Winner takes all. How many wrestling competitions have you seen between a man and a bear? Well, former Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli wrestled a bear during the summer of 1966 while attending Rosemead High School in Rosemead, Calif. His friends recounted the tale during a ceremony to rename the high school’s football field Marinelli Stadium in June 2007. It was a good fight, but the bear won out. Marinelli lost to the bear, and he led the Lions to lose too. Under his leadership, the team went winless the whole year.

Unexpected guest joins lakefront party

Sand, sunshine, and waves. A leisurely rest or invigorating swim. Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? Families pack snacks, beach towels, and toys, preparing for a fun getaway. What almost no one plans for is encountering wildlife at the shoreside. Summer tourists at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park beach in 2019 got a big surprise from their weekend visitor. A buck walked along the busy lakefront and even into the water.

Competition from poachers

Waiting for a catch on the line isn’t the only concern for Michigan fishers. They also have to deal with outsiders sneaking in and snaring their trophy game. Trouble began with fishermen in town from Colorado this fall. Desperate for a catch, the men slid past state fishing laws. They reeled in over 460 pounds of salmon, a hefty load. But the fun wouldn’t last long. Before they could enjoy their prize, it got swept away by state officials. The game became dinner for local families. Turns out the cheaters lose in the end.


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