Monday, 10 December 2018
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Marlow author brings old New Hampshire farmhouse to life – The Keene Sentinel

“The Abridged Field Guide to North American House Creatures”

Presented by Jaime McGuigan

Troy Book Makers

72 pages, $19.95

Fortunately, grandmothers follow a long tradition of being the first in a family to bestow grandchildren their first book. This parental tradition fulfills its secret goals of opening worlds to their older grand boys and grand girls. They also inspire the secrets of rhyme or reason and love of the written word — poetry itself.

This season an extraordinarily creative book has surfaced in the Monadnock Region — “The Abridged Field Guide to North American House Creatures,” presented by Jaime McGuigan of Marlow and from Holly and Willard Williams of The Toadstool Bookshop.

Although McGuigan, author and illustrator, may reveal a firsthand predilection to live her life young at heart, she does remain thoroughly watchful.

She also writes of her extraordinary life as an author/illustrator, and botanist-turned-chemist, wishing she never had to sleep.

She lives, she writes, “in a rattling, clattering old farmhouse in New Hampshire, surrounded by lovely but unruly gardens.” There, she says, “she has taken up with two very stubborn dogs, two terribly moody cats and one perfectly lovely husband.”

She points out that “certain tiny experiences in this house of hers that have accumulated over the years.” For instance, former residents include a children’s etiquette writer from the 17th century. McGuigan says she also encountered a lovelorn and slightly mad inventor from the late 1800s and a female oil company geologist who went on to become a champion of the environmental movement in the 1970s.

McGuigan dedicates her book “To Micah. You’ll do, Always.” And: “To my mom, for having to raise a daughter who didn’t actually realize why until finishing my first book at 40 years old. To Kristin Stephanie, Emily and Marlon.”

McGuigan explains she doesn’t exactly see faces from the past in the wood grain of the walls when goes through the rooms. But “The Abridged Field Guide to North American House Creatures” contains her breakthrough research of certain visiting house creatures, which have finally been catalogued with astonishing ingenuity.

Her exotic illustrations and narratives are designed, evidently, to save humanity from itself before McGuigan gets her turn. Nevertheless, she has researched these house visitors, and includes a few samples of the following curious little-known house visitor species:

The Thing in the Corner of Your eye. Oculosangui sanctus

The Thing in the Corner That Cats Stare at. Solum attushoroma

The Thing That Lives in the Junk Drawer. Habitatoar quiciconportant

The Thing That Clogs the Sink Drain. Ehauricbat implete

The Thing that Lives in the Oven. Dracoa. dustusfornax

The Other Thing That Lives down the Drain. Aurugo spatiator

The Thing That Eats One sock. Pedue comedenti

The Thing That lives in the Wood Grain. Lignum vivusgtano

The Thing That Makes the Doors Creak. Aerugino ausaut Aerugino causautfaciam

The Thing That Lives in the Closet. Cathedrariu monsttum

The Thing that Lives Under the Bed. Blua subtectuque

The Thing That Ties Knots in Your Hair. Ambagesque textor


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