Thursday, 13 December 2018
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Little Dog Stuck in Pipe For Nearly 24 Hours, Video Shows Rescue and Dramatic Reunion With Owners

What to Know

  • A mini long-haired dachshund got stuck about 54 inches in a pipe in a Secaucus park

  • The dog, named Khaleesi, got stuck Saturday afternoon and remained in the pipe overnight until she was freed almost 24 hours later

  • Video captured the happy reunion of Khaleesi and her owner

A little dog was stuck in a pipe in New Jersey for nearly 24 hours before firefighters rescued her Saturday and the emotional reunion with her owner was captured on video. 

Khaleesi, a miniature long-haired dachshund, became stuck about 56 inches in a pipe when she was chasing a rabbit in a Secaucus park, according to officials and the dog’s owner, Emilio Ramos. 

Ramos had been training her in the park Saturday when she ran off, he told NBC 4 New York. She was wearing a transmitter collar so he was able to find her location by using the receiver. 

“Once I got near, I started hearing her bark,” Ramos said. “After a while, that bark turned into a crying noise.”

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The long, skinny dog was stuck in a 6-inch pipe against a wall of an old building, he said. But night was falling, and the rescue had to be postponed until daybreak. 

“It was gut-wrenching,” Ramos said. “It actually broke our hearts to have to leave her” overnight.

Ramos and his wife, Kristie Ann Ramos, returned Sunday at first light. They taped an iPhone onto a PVC pipe, then used an Apple watch to view the video, he said. 

That technological hack showed that Khaleesi was stuck nearly 6 feet in the pipe in a vertical position. She had climbed up, but became stuck and couldn’t back down with her long spine. 

Firefighters arrived about 30 minutes after the couple and dug out a hole around the area, Ramos said. The rescue drew a crowd, including the mayor, a council member, police, sheriff’s deputies, and representatives from public works and animal control. 

Shortly after 2 p.m., nearly 24 hours after she became lodged in the pipe, firefighters pulled her out. 


Video shows the year-and-a-half-old pooch pulled from the pipe and handed to Kristie Ann Ramos, who has tears in her eyes as she embraces her wayward pet. 

Some firefighters had tears in their eyes, too, Emilio Ramos said. 

“It just totally surprised me, what a predicament she got herself into,” Ramos said. “At the same time, it made us realize that there’s still good in a lot of people” who rescued the dog and supported them. 


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